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Product Reviews
Muslin Swaddling Blankets - 4 pk

aden + anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets - 4 pk Reviews

by Aden + Anais
Average rating: rating (43 reviews)
Snuggle up! Mom and baby can sleep peacefully with this wonderful Australian swaddle. Plenty of cool, breathable fabric to get just the right fit. These stretchy muslin swaddles are so versatile they can also be used as a lightweight blanket, stroller cover, burp cloth or nursing shield. Makes a great gift too! Muslin has a light, open weave that allows air to flow seamlessly through the material.... read more »
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rating Submitted By: EB from Ohio   Date: 05/06/2015
I absolutely love these swaddling blankets, the fabric is high quality and I love how large they are too. Can't get enough of them!
rating Submitted By: Marcie from Oregon   Date: 09/20/2013
My son is so addicted to these blankets. We have to keep one in each car at daycare at work and several thought the house. They are do light weight and soft. Also come in SOOO many FuN prints !!
rating Submitted By: Eve   Date: 07/27/2012
This product is amazing! Soft and quality made. When washed becomes even softer! The print is very lovely, animals on the print are just adorable! Highly recommend !
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 11/01/2011
These blankets are the best. I give them as shower gifts to everyone. They are soft, huge, lightweight, and come in great prints. Perfect for any baby, but summer babies especially. My two year old still loves hers.
rating Submitted By: NEMom   Date: 10/04/2011
While I know many who love these for swaddling, our child does well with sleep sacks. So our favorite use for these is as blankets for the stroller and car seat, to keep baby warm or to keep out the sun. They're especially good for throwing over an infant seat (we use the infant seat and adapter for our stroller, too) to keep out sun, as they are breathable--the large size, with blanket folded in half, makes a perfect "roof" for the stroller, and if necessary, a second blanket can block sun from the side, while still giving baby plenty of views of the world. Bonus: we have a different design, but baby loves the patterns and will entertain self by looking at or playing with the blankets.
rating Submitted By: Dianne from Los Angeles, CA   Date: 03/17/2011
This is the best and only blanket you will ever use. It is soft, breathable, and the perfect size. I use them as my nursing cover since it is long enough to tuck a corner behind my back against the seat so that my sons flaying arms cant uncover us. And when he was little it was the only blanket large enought to swaddle him. We also use it to cover the car seat from the sun and since it breaths he doesnt get too hot.
rating Submitted By: New York from New York   Date: 12/12/2010
These blankets are great - all purposes and light / breathable. However, they are too big to use to swaddle a new born. I'm sure they will be great once he's bigger.
rating Submitted By: Nidia   Date: 12/05/2010
This is the fourth set I have purchased. My baby is 9 months old and I still swaddle him. As long as he lets me swaddle him I'll probably use them another 6 months. The quality is excellent and the colors and patterns are baby appropriate. Would absolutely buy more.
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 12/04/2010
We got these for our daughter, who was born in the springtime. She is 19 months old and we still love them. They are lightweight and huge and perfect for swaddling summer babies. She still uses them for naps. I give them to everyone for baby showers. Highly recommend.
rating Submitted By: nicole from ct   Date: 11/10/2010
I had heard about these after I had my first born but didn't get them because he didn't tolerate swaddling. Naturally, I waited until I found if my second would tolerate it before purchasing but had been loaned one to try. I felt badly how much I was using & washing my friend's blanket so I finally purchased my own. Love them! Love the rich color of the Princess Posie. I was hesitant because I'm not a very girly-girl person but the Princess Posie has a rich pink, deep, almost a little red. These blankets are now my official go-to baby gift!
rating Submitted By: Sandra from San Francisco, CA   Date: 10/02/2010
We have a lot of blankets for our baby daughter, but this one is by far the one we use the most. Great quality and very soft. It keeps her warm without overheating her, and it's perfect for all climates. I've used it to cover her from the sun, and have also used it as a nursing cover. We used it to swaddle her when she was a newborn and it was great for that purpose too. Definitely recommend for all babies. I've purchased a lot of them for friends.
rating Submitted By: Emily from Shirley, NY   Date: 09/15/2010
Love these swaddle blankets. They are such a light material they are perfect for any weather. They are very large so they can be used for pretty much anything - swaddling, nursing cover, sun shade, or just a blanket. The colors and prints are awesome! Very breathable material that makes it comfortable for baby. I got the SUPER STAR print. Only thing I was a little disappointed about was the RED one. The Red looks almost pink- or just really, really faded, like it's been washed a bunch of times. I can deal with that though. They are expensive, but I think they are very durable and worth the money.
rating Submitted By: Baby G Mom from Austin, TX   Date: 09/14/2010
I loved these blankets for swaddling and also just for general purposes lightweight blanket in stroller or shade/privacy cover up, etc. They wash up wonderfully, I love how they get softer with wear but stay sturdy enough that I have them stored in case we need them in future!
rating Submitted By: Natalie from Atlanta, GA   Date: 09/06/2010
These blankets are so light and perfect for swaddling. They are also so handy the weather is just a bit cool and only something lightweight is needed. The designs are also adorable.
rating Submitted By: JK from Boston, MA   Date: 08/30/2010
We never leave the house without at least one of these swaddling blankets. They're soft and lightweight, and a great size for swaddling or using as a nursing cover. The patterns are adorable! These are one of the best purchases we've made for our baby.
rating Submitted By: Nidia from New York   Date: 08/12/2010
Already own 16 blankets. Alway give these out for baby showers. Mom's couldn't be happier.
rating Submitted By: Nidia from New York   Date: 08/09/2010
I currently own 4 4packs of Aden and Anais swaddlers. I absolutly love them. My son is now 5 months old and I still waddle him to sleep or just to calm him down. I love the unisex patters from jungle jam, superstar, alpha bits and mod baby. I currently give this to every new mom. I wash them first and them place them back into the box. At the hospital I surprise them with this package and let them know that they are already washed and the baby can be swaddled right away. Would recommend them to anyone. P.S. the other aden and anais swaddlers you find on other websites for $30 or less are NOT the same quality or size as these.
rating Submitted By: Christina   Date: 08/06/2010
These were recommended to me by a fellow new-mom who had trouble swaddling with other blankets because they were never quite big enough. The Aden & Anais blankets are plenty big and great for all kinds of swaddle configurations. They are also light-weight, which is useful for summer-swaddling. The fabric is gentle and stretchy. I highly recommend these!
rating Submitted By: Jennifer from Rocky Hill, CT   Date: 08/04/2010
These are by far the best swaddling blankets I've used. They are large and so soft! They are now my go-to shower gift for everyone!
rating Submitted By: Angela from WA   Date: 07/10/2010
We received these blankets as a gift and they are adorable. Not only are they adorable they are soft and quite large, perfect for swaddling or cuddling.
rating Submitted By: Brandi from Charleston, SC   Date: 07/07/2010
I purchased these when my little girl was outgrowing her Halo swaddle. I am very happy I did! They are large enough to give a good snug wrap (she is a Houdini), and they are light enough to keep her warm without overheating. They truly do get softer after each wash. I have not used them for anything other than swaddling, but I definitely plan on doing so. They will be nice for a light covering in the summer.
rating Submitted By: Elena   Date: 07/03/2010
I really like the Aden + Anais swaddling blankets. They are so soft, breathable, and a great size that lets you use them from birth through toddlerhood. I recommend these blankets for swaddling as they are stretchy and the size is just great. I like that they are breathable for my toddler.
rating Submitted By: F.Jones   Date: 06/19/2010
Between my daughter's home and mine we have eight of these blankets. They are perfect for this TX heat. Her son is a very "hot" baby and he loves being wrapped in one of these blankets. You can see him relax! I wish they made grown up blankets!! Great gift, fun and practical.
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 06/13/2010
We love these blankets! They are lightweight and huge, and perfect for summer babies. The sleep sacks are great too; we have only tried the single layer ones. I have been getting these blankets for all my friends having babies. They are top on my list of baby gear that I love. Highly recommend!
rating Submitted By: tara   Date: 06/07/2010
Multi uses make this the perfect swaddling blanket. Every mom should have one! a must have!!
rating Submitted By: Meredith from Oro Valley, AZ   Date: 06/03/2010
A friend gave me one of these and I looked everywhere for more and couldn't find them. Finally found them at Baby Earth and couldn't be happier. Some places have them cheaper but they are much smaller. I love the large size and designs of these! So many uses and oh so soft for baby! A genuine must have!
rating Submitted By: Noelle from chicago, il   Date: 06/02/2010
Wasn't sure these blankets would live up to the hype, but now I know why. Super soft, big and breathable - they have become our everyday blanket. Especially nice in the warmer weather. This will be my new shower gift for new moms.
rating Submitted By: Julie from PA   Date: 06/02/2010
...and that's coming from a mother of 3 boys. I have probably been given just about every kind of blanket over the years for my boys and I think that these are by-far the best. The size is great, the weight is great, everything about them is great!
rating Submitted By: Chen Chen   Date: 05/11/2010
I bought 2 packs of this, intending to use them for my baby. Besides serving as a wonder swaddling cloth, it is also a great towel (big, wraps around the baby well, and dries rapidly!). Before the packaged arrived, I found out that three friends were expecting, so the wraps made lovely gifts for their baby showers (I gave one wrap to each - it was too precious to give away both boxes!). They loved it so much I think they are going to be ordering extras for themselves!
rating Submitted By: Kris from Houston, TX   Date: 04/28/2010
Living in Houston TX requires you to have a lightweight quality blanket for swaddling, sun shade and everything in between. My little girl and I love the weight and quality of these blankets and they've also made great baby shower gifts!
rating Submitted By: Karen Lencioni   Date: 04/13/2010
These blankets are perfect for swaddling, especially in warm weather! They are incredibly soft and the slight stretch helps to swaddle easier than a standard receiving blanket. They did shed in the dryer during the first wash pretty well, but otherwise, the color doesn't seem to fade, and they stay really soft. We use them to swaddle, as burp cloths and as gentle layers for warm nights!
rating Submitted By: Jane from Oakland, CA   Date: 04/12/2010
Perfect weight for just about everything. My baby never gets overheated in these. They clean up messes, double as a nursing cover, shield him from the sun in his stroller, the works. I just bought two more sets to give as gifts at baby showers this spring.
rating Submitted By: Ashley from Georgia   Date: 03/15/2010
We received every blanket imaginable as baby gifts. These are by far our favorite blanket. We use them for everything...stroller cover, tummy time, burp cloth, nursing cover,etc. Now, we own 5 of these and they are all we use.
rating Submitted By: AS   Date: 12/01/2009
These make the perfect blankets, esp in the hot and humid summer months, but also work well as nursing covers. My baby hates being under the Bebe Au Lait.
rating Submitted By: Jill from Gainesville, FL   Date: 12/01/2009
I received a 4 pack of the muslin swaddling blankets as a baby shower gift - they were the first blanket I wrapped my lil bundle up in and don't want to use anything else. These blankets are so wonderful - they're huge first of all which is really nice and they're such a great lightweight fabric - I had to buy another set of 4. Highly recommend them. Will probably buy another 4 pack I love them so much and so does my son. :)
rating Submitted By: Megan from Bronx, NY   Date: 11/25/2009
These blankets top the list of things I would want for my newborn. We swaddled her in them from birth, and are still using them. Perfect for breastfeeding, for covering her carseat/stroller from bright sunlight, etc.
rating Submitted By: Arlene   Date: 11/01/2009
I love these blankets! They're perfect for the summer humidity and also great as nursing cover doubles.
rating Submitted By: Marek from UT   Date: 10/29/2009
These specific Aden & Anais blankets are their thinnest ones, a single layer of muslin. These are my absolute favorite swaddling blanket for warmer weather. My baby is perfectly content and doesn't overheat in these. I LOVE THEM. I hear comments all the time from other mothers asking me where I found my muslin, and I don't recommend any other kind than Aden & Anais. Aden & Anais swaddling blankets can be found in various thicknesses that are appropriate for different weather/temperature situations. These are perfect for hot summer months. They are such a great all around blanket. My baby loves blankets, but she won't overheat with these ones!
rating Submitted By: Myisha Hakes from San Mateo, CA   Date: 10/06/2009
I love these blankets. They are large and great for multiple uses, swaddling, blocking sun, can be doubled for thicker blanket. I recommend them to everyone and get them for gifts all the time.
rating Submitted By: Tara from Colorado   Date: 08/26/2009
These are the best swaddle blankets because of their size. The muslin fabric is so lightweight, has plenty of give so you can get the swaddle tight, and gets softer with each washing. I use them on the carrier to offer shade to the baby. My baby is very sensitive to direct light and does not like to be hot - these blankets are the perfect solution. The designs are so great looking too - I get so many compliments on mine everywhere I go.
rating Submitted By: carrie from Austin, TX   Date: 08/20/2009
These blankets are great for swaddling or use as a normal blanket. I live in Texas, so I love how light weight these are. Super soft, too!
rating Submitted By: Katherine from Nashville TN   Date: 08/06/2009
These blankets are the best for swaddeling and any other blanket need. I could not have survived without these and they are super cute!
rating Submitted By: KCL from Austin, Tx   Date: 07/27/2009
My little one came out hot natured & the Tx heat didn't help! I had been wrapping her in flour sack towels because all my blankets were kept her too warm, but they didn't really fit around her. Then I found these & they are perfect because you can swaddle and the material breaths. Love love love these & will purchase again especially for others!
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