Are Dino and Sunshine Kid the same company?

I am interested in the convertible car seat made by Sunshine Kids Radian XTSL but noticed that Sunshine Kids is replaced by Dino. If so, is the car seat made with the same specifications as the Sunshine Kids' car seats? Also, under the Dino brand, the model changed from XTSL to RXT...are they one the same?

Asked 3 years ago
Answers (2)

The Radian carseats were previosuly made by Sunshine Kids however, Diono is now the manufacturer of the Radian car seats. The quality and design has remained; only the branding has changed. The previous Radian XTSL and the current Radian RXT are pretty much the same car seat. The only change you may notice is that the new Radian RXT has head wings that are slightly more substantial with 2 more positions and expandable sides.

Answered 3 years ago

Sunshine Kids changed its name to DIONO to make it (somehow) seem more global and I guess serious. Same company.

Answered 2 years ago
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