Question about lead and pthalates

This crib says that it is lead and phthalate safe. Is it free of lead and phthalates, though? Also, is there any MDT in the construction and if so, what parts? Thank you.

Asked 9 months ago
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Thank you for the reply. However, your reply does not answer my question. Meeting or exceeding safety standards is not the same as disclosing how much lead or pthalates is in a product. The reason that so many people ask is that there is significant evidence to show that the current safety standards are not adequate. It is the right of a consumer to make up their own minds, and I don't mind doing the research. However, it is frustrating when we ask a question with specifics in it and get a answer that is vague and does not address the question at all. Again, 1) does the product contain lead, phthalates or formaldehyde? 2) is there any mdf used in it's construction, and if so, where? Parents may be okay with varying answers to this, but vague answers only serve to make a company look as though they are evading. Thank you, Kate (original poster)

Answered 8 months ago

The Million Dollar Baby (MDB) family of brands includes Babyletto, the maker of the Modo Nursery Collection, including the 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Rail, the 3 Drawer Changer Dresser and the 5 Drawer Dresser. MDB takes pride in their assertion that their products surpass the safety standards imposed by ASTM/CPSC. For a comparison of the safety standards and testing of MDB products, we direct you to http://www.milliondollarbaby.com/safety.

Answered 8 months ago
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