what materials is it made from?

i wondered if this mat is made of natural or synthetic materials? is it made from anything toxic?

Asked 4 years ago
Answers (2)

I just want to say that the answer to the above question did not concern the arms reach mat that the person was asking about. I have the very same question about the toxicity of this product, as my grandson would be sleeping on it.

Answered 3 years ago

PlanToys® products are made from replenishable rubberwood which is preservative free and naturally processed. No harmful additives or colorings are used and their water based paints are safety certified. You can always feel confident with PlanToys® because their wood is non-chemically treated and they use water-based colors that are safe for children of all ages. Their research teams have developed non-formaldehyde glue, which is non-toxic and totally free from unhealthy formaldehyde emissions.

Answered 4 years ago
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