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Product Reviews
Beco Gemini 4-in-1 Carrier

Beco Gemini 4-in-1 Carrier Reviews

by Beco Baby Carrier
Average rating: rating (14 reviews)
The 4-in-1 Gemini Carrier is the newest edition to the Beco family! Carry your baby facing inward, outward, on your hip, or on your back, whichever way suits you best! Features: 4-in-1 lets you wear your baby facing inward, outward, on your hip, or on your back Great for nursing Direct contact intuitive baby carrier Foldable head rest Adjustable base to accommodate small babies and to allow for outward... read more »
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rating Submitted By: T from The Woodlands, TX   Date: 02/18/2015
We purchased this carrier for our three month old and our main feedback is as follows: Pros: -does not require infant insert (major pro) -holds baby in a comfortable position -supports most of the weight on your hips while wearing Cons: -straps are very long and can drag on the ground -takes a long time to dry after washing -buckles are tricky to undo with baby in the carrier Would recommend overall.
rating Submitted By: Anonymous   Date: 12/28/2014
It is quite comfortable to carry an infant. The waist belt may be too long if you are petite. It is not easy to put on with one person, The secure tri-lock buckles make it hard to unload the baby. Even the brown color will attract and show lints easily.
rating Submitted By: Meagan from Pineville, LA   Date: 06/19/2014
The coloring on this carrier is perfect! My husband was very excited to get this gift for Father's Day. He was very impressed with the military style buckles with the safety release. I like that baby can front face if necessary. I have a boba and she tries so hard to see behind her.
rating Submitted By: Becky from Indiana   Date: 03/24/2014
I have the Ergo and Katan wrap. I like my Ergo but love the Gemini. It seems more comfortable, my back seems to like it better too. The forward facing position is what made me try it, and my 5 month old loves it. My only complaint is that it needs to come with a teething/ drooling attachment. With the forward facing my son sucks and chews on the fabric leaving it all wet. The 2 hand release isnt as bad as I thought. I would recommend it to any mama!
rating Submitted By: Sara   Date: 03/19/2014
I researched many different carriers and picked the beco Gemini. I am glad I did and just upset I didn't buy it sooner to use for my older child! I currently use it on a 3 month old and he falls asleep in it every time! It makes it easy to walk over to my kids school and pick them up!!
rating Submitted By: Hilary Frazier from Maine   Date: 02/04/2014
I'll just start by saying I've had a Mei Tai, Baby Bjorn, and Ergo. I love the Beco Gemini more than all of them!! I love that my baby girl can be carried in 4 different positions! Also, it is great that you don't need to purchase any sort of insert. I have a small baby (11.5 lbs at 4 months), and the Ergo is just too big for her. This is a great carrier for small babies, and will also be nice as she grows because the base can be made wider. Comfort wise it is perfect! It never hurts my back or shoulders. It's also very comfortable for my baby. If she gets tired of facing me, I like the option that she can face out. The only thing that I would change would be to have a better hood cover (like the Ergo) for breast feeding. The head rest on the Gemini isn't very discrete... Other than that, I can't think of anything! Great carrier!!!
rating Submitted By: Lori Hulse   Date: 12/10/2012
The beco gemini is lightweight, easy to use, and durable. I performed a tremendous amount of research and would highly recommend this carrier.
rating Submitted By: Jane   Date: 10/31/2012
I'm very happy with my Beco Gemini. My son is 12 pounds at the moment and I don't have any back or neck pain carrying him in the Beco, due to the waist belt. I love that we can eventually have him front facing in the front or carry him on our backs as well. Also, I'm thrilled that it's made with organic cotton, as many baby products out there don't have that option.
rating Submitted By: Sarah from OAK PARK, IL   Date: 10/06/2012
My husband and I received the Gemini carrier as a gift before our daughter was born. We had already received a hand me down Baby Bjorn and Ergo baby carrier as well as a Moby wrap and the New Native sling. Both of us love carrying our daughter in the Gemini. I never felt comfortable with the Baby Bjorn because of the way my daughter's legs would dangle out of the bottom and I read that it puts a lot of stress on the baby's spine. The Ergo worked for me, by my husband always felt that it was more difficult to put on and left our daughter less secure than the Gemini. I agree that she definitely feels more snug in the Gemini carrier compared to the Ergo. There's no infant insert required for the Gemini and we were placing her in it as soon as she was born. I preferred the moby wrap when she was little, but my husband has always preferred the Gemini, even now that she is almost 16 months. It's nice that she can face in if she is going to take a nap or face out if she wants to see what's going on. The buckles are a little tricky to undo, but with some practice I have been able to undo them with one hand. I'm glad they're tricky because I don't have to worry about a curious one year old trying to undo the buckles while she's in the carrier. I don't have any complaints in regards to this carrier my husband only has one: we have the black design with the grey flowers and he is convinced that it's too feminine to wear in public so he always turns it inside out so it will be all black. I think it's silly, but the carrier still works fine! Overall, this is my favorite carrier. It's so comfortable, even compared to the moby. I feel like there's nothing there when I have her on my front or back. It's really great at distributing the weight. I would recommend it to anyone thinking about a backpack-type carrier.
rating Submitted By: virginia from phoenix   Date: 07/05/2012
i have to say i prefer the ergo and here is why: it is easier to put on and take off the ergo because there are less clasps and the clasps require one hand to unsnap. this means a lot when removing a sleeping baby. it is also easier to put on the ergo because the straps are connected to the main body of the carrier. the gemini's straps drag on the ground so i have to sit in the backseat of my car while moving my baby from carseat to my lap and putting him in while sitting because i don't want to get the carrier dirty. seems to be more difficult to get comfortable in the gemini. overall the gemini is not that much less bulky than the ergo. i DO like that a newborn can go into the gemini without an insert. i don't consider the facing out position a benefit of the gemini since this position is bad for baby's spine. gemini does come in cuter patterns. it is a good carrier but once you've had the best (ergo), its hard to be totally satisfied with this.
rating Submitted By: Jessica   Date: 03/09/2012
I have had every carrier out there: Bjorn, Moby, and the Ergo. This is by far the best out there. The Bjorn is easy to put on, however, after 30 min my back is killing me. I love the Moby, but it's timely to put on and if you are out in public, it drags on the ground if you are trying to wrap it. The Ergo was just not for me. It had the back support, but my daughter hated being in it. The infant insert was too bulky and her poor little legs had to be spread far apart. She would literally scream when I put her in it. After finding the Beco, I was so pleased with all the features. No infant insert is needed. My daughter fell asleep in it the first time she was in it. Also, it has the back support the Bjorn lacks, and you can face your baby outward unlike the Ergo. I'm very happy with my purchase!
rating Submitted By: meredith from chicago, il   Date: 01/10/2011
I really like the carrier because the baby can face out as well as face towards me. The only thing that is annoying are the facets. I think they made them to be stronger but you need two hnds to undo the carrier which makes it kind of difficult to take it off while holding a baby. But I do like it and it is comfortable to wear. We picked this one because my husband was not able to find a carrier that fit him comfortably (he is 6'2) and we can both wear this one with no problem.
rating Submitted By: Debra Sabah Press from Berkeley, CA   Date: 11/02/2010
We use several carriers including the Moby, a snugglewrap, a Serene Sling, and a Beco Butterfly 2. When our babies reach 15 pounds we will start using the Boba. Each carrier seems to have fill a different niche. The Gemini is straightforward and easy to use. I like that babies can be inward or outward facing. I miss certain features of the Butterfly, especially the ability to easily pass the baby to another wearer and the sun/rain hood. That said, this is a good, basic tool and it works especially well for our son (we have boy/girl twins) who is very long, but doesn't weigh enough for some of the other carriers. This carrier can only be used for babies weighing seven pounds or more. Since our babies were born early with very low birth weights, we initially relied much more heavily on the snugglewrap which provides lots of head and neck support and facilitates healthy breathing. The Serene Sling is wonderful for around the house, but is not ergonomic for hiking or strenuous walks. The Boba is probably the most ergonomic and has the best leg and foot support.
rating Submitted By: jenn from Maine   Date: 10/25/2010
I did a lot of research before purchasing a soft structured carrier, and finally decided on the Gemini. I just wasn't wacky about the Ergo, and I liked the fact that the Gemini has a forward-facing option. The Gemini is well-made, easy to use, easy to adjust (I'm 5'4" and my husband is 6'4" and we are both able to use it easily), and comfortable to wear. I haven't tried a back carry yet since my daughter is only 4 months old, but the front carries (both forward and inward) are comfortable for her. We have the Paige print and I would recommend washing it before use. The second time I wore it was in the rain and it did bleed a bit on my baby's clothes. All in all, it's a great carrier!
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