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Product Reviews
Bob Revolution SE Stroller - Duallie

Bob Revolution SE Stroller - Duallie Reviews

by BOB Gear Strollers
Average rating: rating (11 reviews)
Take the tilt out of your life with the BOB Revolution stroller. The Revolution's revolutionary pivoting front wheel swivels for quick, easy, all-wheels-on-the-ground turning. It's as easy as steering your bike. Plus it can be locked forward for maximum stability for running and straight-ahead walking. Features: Tough, welded frame; durable fabric; quality construction. It's totally together, and... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Kourtney Bailey from Tacoma, WA   Date: 07/29/2013
This is the best stroller - absolutely love it! We have a single and it functions exactly the same as the single - easy to use and the kids love it. Best strollers I have ever purchased!
rating Submitted By: Amy from Central Coast, CA   Date: 03/27/2013
I have a 3.5 and 8 month old. (2y11m apart) My 3 year old does not stay by us, so she needs to be in a stroller. We bought the City Select double and LOVE it...just a few adjustments I'd make on that stroller, but this review is not about that stroller. I just recently began jogging and my husband is a runner. At first, I wasn't sure about spending the money as I was able to jog with the City Select. I am so glad we purchased this stroller! It is a BEAST :), but the difference makes it worth it! It is very easy to push, smooth ride, and easy to steer while jogging. I feel like it drives itself. It has a huge sunshade, so I don't worry about sun exposure. The shoulder and waist straps are very easy to adjust to ensure a snug fit.
rating Submitted By: Meghan from Pittsburgh, PA   Date: 10/09/2012
We live in a very walkable old town, and use a stroller for our primary means of local transportation-- to the library, the Y, the arts center for the kids' activities, and even to the local market for small grocery trips. For a year, I had been using a double non-jogging stroller. When I came to a bump in the sidewalk, I'd push down on the handlebar to lift the front end over the bump. After a year of this, the handlebar broke off. This time, I decided not to mess around, and get the best double out there. Have not been disappointed in the least. Easily glides over bumpy sidewalks. Only downside: for taller kids, the canopy is kind of low-- my 3 year old's head touches the top.
rating Submitted By: Rachel   Date: 08/22/2012
Yes, its expensive. But we absolutely love our Bob. Nothing beats it. The quality is fantastic, and I love the features on the new version.
rating Submitted By: Amy from MI   Date: 08/17/2012
I bought this stroller because I heard great reviews about it and I needed a double stroller that was versatile. I have a 4 year old and a 9 month old who love riding in this stroller. Its easy to push and folds u easily. we have an Escape and it well, and allows a little space for a few more items. Allow we have to take the front wheel off, its very simple and quick to do so. We recently took this stroller to Mackinaw Island and it worked great. We were able to walk around the entire island and the stroller was light and easy to navigate. Overall its a great stroller. Only con on this stroller is the fact that it doesn't have a handle brake which would be a nice addition for hills which is the reason for the 4 star and not the 5 star rating. I would recommend this stroller to anyone who needs a double stroller and likes to walk/run a lot.
rating Submitted By: Susy from Cedar Park, TX   Date: 07/24/2012
I previously owned a fixed wheel single BOB sports utility stroller and though it kept me active after I had my baby, the slighest turns around my neighborhood became very annoying after a couple of years. I am pregnant with our second child and I have had my Revolution Duallie stroller for several weeks now. I really miss the stopping break the sports model has (especially for hills) but I would not go back to a fixed wheel for anything! I do a lot of walking and running around my neighborhood and being able to turn without any extra effort is so worth it! I have yet to push 2 children in the stroller but so far, it does not feel too bulky or heavy. My 3 year old is very comfortable in her seat and the extra long canopy is great because we inevitably are facing the sun for half our excursion. The BOB is essential for any active mom who wants to stay active!
rating Submitted By: Jay K from Overland Park, KS   Date: 09/29/2011
A couple years ago, I poured over many reviews and ended up getting a lesser brand (InStep), which unfortunately wasted no time displaying all of the negative qualities that the reviews had warned me about. I figured all the people raving about the $650 strollers did so merely because they wanted to self-justify their decision to spend such an exhorbitant amount on a freakin stroller. So we tried in vain to make due with the tiny sunshades, seats that lean into each other, and the clunky, squeaking, rubbing, broken-grocery-cart-always-turning-left inferiority of the other brand. But now I'm convinced -- from my experience with the BOB, and from looking at the prices of other "premium" brands, a quality stroller just can't be made and sold new for less than about $250 for a single and $500 for a double. The metals are more solid, the design incorporates "real" parts that were designed to last, the shocks work well (our toddler fell asleep on the first walk with the Bob Duallie, the first time she'd fallen asleep on a walk for well over a year). The proof is in the pudding. Many other reviews on babyearth are stale, so take them with a grain of salt as the 2011 model has several improvements that you can find listed elsewhere. Also, a word about babyearth, who I found as a vendor on Amazon but ordered from directly for personal reasons -- BabeEarth.com sent me an immediate email to confirm order, then another email the next day with fedex tracking. Then the item arrived as described -- a perfect transaction. Thank you BabyEarth!
rating Submitted By: MOS from Arizona   Date: 07/02/2009
I bought this stroller based on the reviews, so I thought I should let everyone know how great it is as well. I, too, was slightly dissuaded by the cost, but you get what you pay for. So far, I am not disappointed. This stroller is great! Maneuverability couldn't be better, adjustable suspension is amazing, and I feel like I am pushing half the weight of what I am pushing. My kids are 30lbs and 22lbs and it evenly distributes the weight. I haven't found anything wrong with this stroller yet. I also bought the cup holder thing, which is very nice, but you could probably do without. In short, if you are debating between this and a $200 stroller anyway, go for this one because the quality and satisfaction can't be beat!
rating Submitted By: AD from Seattle, WA   Date: 02/24/2009
After using the single BOB Revolution stroller almost everyday last summer, we knew we need a double jogging stroller for our growing family. We ordered the BOB Revolution double and haven't regretted it so far. It's great for walking/jogging on paved trails and sidewalks. It's a bit too wide for indoors (shopping...no way!). It has become our home base while we're at the park or soccer field. The large storage areas are perfect for blankets and gear. The fact that the seat backs now recline to almost a flat position is plus too.
rating Submitted By: Cathy from Georgetown, TX   Date: 02/09/2009
BOB REvolution Duallie 2008- AWESOME double that fits a graco snugride carseat with adapter. I have a 2 y/o and 8 month old and we love our Bob and we love the helpful staff at babyearth in Round Rock TX! Best side by side that I found. We jog and walk with it- so smooth of a ride for parents & kids. Great coverage with the 2 separate canopies. Steers one-handed like a dream. I take it to the grocery store and push it with one hand and easily push a shopping cart. Only cons to the stroller as a whole are the width & weight & bulk in the trunk. Yes it fits through wheelchair access doors (which are most entry & store bathroom doors), but just barely- especially with the carseat in it. I have not had problems with that, but wanted to mention it. It is heavy... so are most good doubles. It takes up most of my SUV trunk... but it is worth it in my opinion. Please note that there are 2 folding positions (it took me 3 months to realize that). The first position folds the seats down, the second position makes it much more compact- red rubber "pull handle" located in the middle of the base of back of seats. For INFANTS: You have to order the carseat adapter separately but it is worth it. the only con to the carseat adapter is there is a styrofoam block that you need to put on the seat to help stabilize the carseat- works great but I lost mine... Carseat still fits fine with my chunky 20lb boy, but it tilts forward a little without the block. The canopy fits VERY SNUG around the car seat- you may even think you are stretching it as you pull it over the carseat but it is fine & it covers him COMPLETELY. FYI - I am now in search of a tandem for shopping trips since my BOB takes up most of my trunk, and I want the boys to be able to face each other so they can entertain if my shopping trip lasts longer than expected...
rating Submitted By: Betty Fulbright   Date: 05/08/2008
My husband and I are avid joggers and we really love the BOB strollers. We have two kids to tote with us and this stroller lets us do that easily. The suspension is great and we find that it's pretty easy to navigate, even on bumpy paths. For a rather large stroller, it's very easy to fold up too.
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