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rating Submitted By: Kelly   Date: 12/18/2012
Easy transition from the born free bottles to the sippy cup. Parts are similar to the bottle and easy to use.
rating Submitted By: Angela from Lighthouse Point, FL   Date: 07/22/2011
It doesn't leak at all if you remember to put the vent apparatus in before screwing the top on.
rating Submitted By: Angie from DFW, TX   Date: 04/11/2011
These cups don't work unless you bite the nipple. I tried and tried to suck something out of both of my daughter's cups and got nothing out of either unless I bit on the nipple. No wonder my daughter was drinking out of her Nuk and Tommee Tippee cups but the Born Free cups were always full. Poor baby! She was thirsty and wasn't able to get anything to drink, or to tell me something was wrong. Perhaps all of the reviewers complaining of their kids chewing on the nipples are having the same problems and that's the only way the kids can get anything out.
rating Submitted By: Heather from Mission BC   Date: 11/06/2010
well I will admit it is leak proof, I tried EVERYTHING to get liquid out of this cup with no success, I almost passed out trying, and my son was really not impressed either, he didn't even want to bother chewing on the spout he just hit it repeatedly on the floor trying to get the liquid to spill out.
rating Submitted By: J from Kansas   Date: 01/14/2010
Like a few other reviewers, I really wanted to like this sippy. Unfortunately, my kids quickly chewed on the spouts which ruined them and made them unusable. We used the BornFree bottles and loved them, so this was a disappointment.
rating Submitted By: Trish from Austin, TX   Date: 10/27/2009
I'm a huge fan of the BornFree bottles, which have helped my son with his reflux. I thought that the sippy cup would be just as good, but was somewhat disappointed. The design is great - the handles were wonderful help to my son. However, he had the hardest time with the mouthpiece. Every time he tried the sippy cup, all he would do is chew on the mouth piece. He actually figured out had to use a traditional sippy cup (with hard mouthpiece) first, which was much less expensive. Eventually, he was able to use the BornFree cup, but he still likes to use the mouthpiece as a teether.
rating Submitted By: Bridget   Date: 09/07/2009
I liked how easy it was for my little one to hang on to. It does leak more than other sippys we've tried, but I would use it for my next baby's first sippy.
rating Submitted By: K from Austin, TX   Date: 08/18/2009
I have tried just about every sippy and bottle out there, and this has been one of my absolute favorites! TRULY LEAK-PROOF. Parts are readily available, and I love that there is a graduation between a really soft sippy part to a harder one, which makes it easier for babies who are just leaving their bottles. I wish they made a straw option! No insulation, but I believe they have an insulated variety available now. Also love that you can use with or without the handles. A must for every baby! I am very happy this was one of the few companies with entirely BPA-free products before the big "BPA is bad" revelation that made other companies change their ways.
rating Submitted By: stephanie from north bergen, nj   Date: 05/21/2009
The bottle is pretty cute I got it in blue for my 6 1/2 month old son. He has been using the born free bottles and pacifiers and loves them. I thought he might be ready to start with this cup . He holds it just fine and puts it in his mouth without a problem. Only thing is he sucks and sucks and nothing comes out. I had it with some water and I tried squeezing it with my fingers and it was hard to come out. I'm not sure if maybe he just isn't quite ready or if this is too hard. So ill just continue trying. Overall its a good quality and looks really cute :)
rating Submitted By: Charmaine Schultz from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania   Date: 02/04/2009
I have tried many different sippy cups and never really liked any of them for one reason or another. I began to think that no matter what type I bought I would have a problem, so instead I started looking for one not made in China. I found the BabyEarth site and liked the looks of the BornFree Trainer Cup. I liked many things about it. You can use it with or without the handles, it is easy to clean, it is made in a very sturdy manner and it doesn't leak. My 16mo. old granddaughter doesn't choke while using this cup like she did on many others. I's perfect! Thank you for making quality items such as these.
rating Submitted By: Tacia   Date: 01/14/2009
I'm thrilled that the cup is BPA free but there are a lot of new products that are on this same quest now. This cup leaks as if there were no top on at all. Free flow indeed. I would not recommend this if you don't want spilled milk. TK Tucson, AZ
rating Submitted By: M from North Carolina   Date: 10/24/2008
I did NOT like this product at all, it leaks all over the place! I really LOVED the Born Free baby bottles but this cup is no good. Would NOT recommend.
rating Submitted By: Andrea from New York   Date: 08/29/2008
I wanted to love this sippy cup. It seemed like a great idea, especially with the low-vacuum valve, etc. However, my son is teething and just chewed on the spout, which caused the milk to end up all over his shirt. Just chewing causes the milk to come out; a big problem if your baby is in the "chew everything" stage, as mine is. I thought about replacing the softer spouts with the harder, "drinking cup" spouts, but saw that they were still chewable and would have the same result.
rating Submitted By: Tiffany from Austin,Tx   Date: 08/01/2008
Finally found a BPA free trainer cup small enough for a baby to use. So many of them are 10-12oz. We have several larger ones, but they were just frustrating. He loves doing it himself now!
rating Submitted By: Christin from Fort Myers, fl   Date: 07/25/2008
Just knowing that it is bpa free would have been enough for me, but this really is a great cup. The colors are great, and it is pretty spill proff. Take it from me, my son nocks it off his high chair all the time and nothing comes out. Love it.
rating Submitted By: Happy Mom in AZ   Date: 07/09/2008
The BornFree Sippy Cups are the best cups I've purchased. They are not only BPA free but also easy for my son to use. I like that I can just purchase new spouts when he's ready for the regular drinking cup. This is by far the best cup I've purchased.
rating Submitted By: Miranda Woodin from CA   Date: 07/09/2008
My daughter is now 16 months old and has been using the Born Free bottles at daycare. We chose Born Free because they are BPA Free and we had been using Dr. Brown's. When she turned 1, we tried to switch her to a sippy cup. I wanted BPA Free cups, but never got around to trying the Born Free ones. I tried numerous sippy cups, but she would only drink out of them if they contained water. She wanted milk only in her bottles. After reading several reviews stating that the Born Free sippy cups were the only ones that worked for their children, I decided to give it a try. Needless to say, she took to it the first time and has been using it ever since. It only leaks when I don't screw the cap on tight enough and when she turns it over and presses on the spout. Yes there are a few components to it, but I'm used to it because it's the same as the Born Free bottles. I would highly recommend these sippy cups!
rating Submitted By: Melissa from NJ   Date: 07/02/2008
There are lots of pros and one con for this cup. Of course I love that it's BPA and phthalate free. The cup design is good for little hands to grip even without the handles, which are easy to use or remove as you wish. My daughter adjusted to the spout immediately, and seemed comfortable drinking from the cup, unlike others which she rejected because they were hard to get liquid out of, or they were uncomfortable to drink from. The hard drinking spouts can be used with these cups, once you are ready to switch over, which is nice, because you can get more use out of it that way. The valve system really does seem to reduce the vacuum and also the amount of gas going into my little one. Which leads me to the one con - there are a lot of pieces to take apart for cleaning and reassemble for use. Still, it's a great cup, and I would recommend it!
rating Submitted By: Amanda   Date: 05/29/2008
I purchased the Bpa free, bornfree trainer cup because I don't want to give my baby her beverage in a toxic cup. I'm thankful for the companies that offer a product that isn't harmful to my baby's health. Its price is comparable to the other trainer cups that aren't safe. I think any mother would want the same for their baby.
rating Submitted By: Nicole from Palm Desert, California   Date: 03/22/2008
I bought these sippies because they were BPA Free. My 11 month old daughter took about three weeks to get used to holding the handles, but now she is a pro. This sippy does leak just a teeny tiny bit, but what sippy cup doesn't??? I liked them enough to buy more so there you go!!!
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