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rating Submitted By: Katy from Texas   Date: 12/29/2013
This is our second britax boulevard. Our first is still in great condition after 2.5yrs of daily abuse. We bought this one for my youngest. Works rear facing and forward. Perfect and will continue to buy. And I love this zebra print!
rating Submitted By: mary from Washington DC   Date: 04/23/2013
We love the design of this convertible carseat - compact, sturdy (true side protection impact). We transitioned our little one from the Britax Chaperone infant carseat to another Britax product because of the sturdy and well-designed Britax product line.
rating Submitted By: CL from New York, NY   Date: 11/16/2012
We bought this car seat for our 20-month old, since he was about to outgrow his infant car seat, and after doing quite a bit of research. The priority for us was safety (and ease of installation, which we view as part of safety, considering that car seats are frequently installed improperly), for which this car seat was highly rated. Some friends had also told us of their positive experiences with it. We have used it in our minivan and Prius--it fits into the Prius without a problem. Last week, we bought another Britax Boulevard so that we don't have to move it between our 2 vehicles (and also because we have a 2nd child on the way who will likely use 1 of them). The only "cons" are that it is heavy and rather expensive, but since our paramount concern was safety, this car seat was the obvious choice for us, and these relative disadvantages did not really influence our decision. Overall, we have been very happy with this car seat.
rating Submitted By: Christine from Iowa   Date: 10/21/2012
Wonderful carseat- high quality, looks great, fits perfect. I feel safe driving with my daughter in it. I will buy a second one for our other vehicle.
rating Submitted By: AA'smom   Date: 01/30/2011
This is a great carseat if you have a large car. My son loves this seat and rarely fusses when he he gets in. However, it is huge! You really need a mid-size sedan/SUV/van for this.
rating Submitted By: Iris from Houston, Texas   Date: 01/13/2011
This carseat was the perfect choice for our family. It is not as big and bulky as i though it would be.It fits perfectly in my ford edge, and I can still have my front passenger seat back. My daughter looks like she's real comfortable in it, she falls asleep every time she's in it. I has deep sides and head support on each side. It gives me peace of mind to know she is safe, it is worth every penny.
rating Submitted By: Mommy from New York, New York   Date: 12/11/2010
Great seat! Easy to install with LATCH system. Fits perfectly in our Honda Accord without taking up too much space. My 7 month old is so much happier now with the extra room compared to her infant seat.
rating Submitted By: Laura from Eldon, MO   Date: 12/06/2010
I love this car seat. It was easy to install and is easy to use. My two year old preemie, who finally got to turn around, loves to see outside and drive her daddy crazy asking questions about everything she finally gets to see. We got the paisley one and she likes to count the "flowers". 1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13! (She refuses to say the number 5)
rating Submitted By: Bella from NY NY   Date: 11/21/2010
I have been looking for months for the "BEST" car seat for my daughter that just turn One.By the way i found it.Months of research and this wonderful car seat was the easiest car seat to install. As soon as I put my angel into it she didn't fuss around and just sat in it like a queen. after 20 mins on the road she feel asleep. It seems like every time we go out she falls asleep in it .. She loves it and she looks very comfy in it too. i love it and recommend it to my friends and family. I have seen people complain about the Cost, but you CANT put a price on you children ,they are worth each penny ...BEST CARE SEAT AROUND!!!
rating Submitted By: Sharon Haines from Keyser,WV   Date: 11/19/2010
I bought my granddaughter the Britax Boulevard 70 for her 1st birthday. Her parents really liked it and said they would need to get another for their other car, so Iordered my son's daughter another one. The second one was to be for Christmas, but they both are in cars already. I have two Britax car seats in my car for my other two granddaughters, and my daughter has bought five Britax car seats in the last five years for her two children for mulitiple cars.
rating Submitted By: Sharon Haines from Keyser,WV   Date: 11/04/2010
This is the third Britax Boulevard I have bought for my three granddaughters. My oldest, five years, is still in hers. She likes being high enough to see out. I have never had any problems. My daughter has bought five over the years for herself and her mother-in-law, who baby sits for her. Everyone who sees mine always asks about it because they think it looks so good, as well as safe.
rating Submitted By: Em from Houston, Texas   Date: 10/14/2010
We have 2 of these Britax Boulavard 70 Convertible Carseats - one for each car. We feel they are safe and secure, adding peace of mind. So much better quality, safety and comfort than our previous Graco car seat. Our daughter seems to like them and looks comfy when she falls asleep in them. Highly recommend!
rating Submitted By: Kaitlin from Corbett, Oregon   Date: 10/07/2010
My 21 month loves his new cow seat!! He is big for his age and it fits him like a glove!! It sits up high so he can see out the window better... We got him a new seat because we have a little one on the way and so we're moving him to the side and I thought he should have great side impact protection... I'll get the same seat for our new little one around the beginning of the year... Very pleased with seat!! Only thing that I don't love... I live out in the country and lots of crazy whindy roads... I drive a Jeep Grande Cherokee... The seat sits up higher than my last seat & it does make it hard to see around creating a little of a blind spot... I just have to strain my neck alittle more than usual... Not too bad.
rating Submitted By: Becky   Date: 10/06/2010
My 3 year old daughter "graduated" from the Britax Roundabout to the Britax Boulevard. It fits her much bigger for her height at this age now, and we let our 4 month old baby use the old Britax Roundabout. These two seats fit our Toyota Highlander rather well (one on each side in the back seat). We favored the Boulevard 70 over Boulevard CS because we didn't think we need the extra seat belt tightness indicator feature of the Boulevard CS. (We figured even with the indicator, we would still manually do it the right way, so didn't think we need that feature). We also favored the Boulevard over the Advocate because the extra padding seems bulky to us. We absolutely love the Britax Boulevard. We have a Graco carseat in our backup car, and that seat just can NOT compare to the Boulevard. The Boulevard has a lot more padding and feels a lot sturdier!
rating Submitted By: Helen from Florida   Date: 09/28/2010
I was very impressed by the steel structure and the absolute safest features for my daughter. This car seat is well worth the money. The design is great, the material is soft where it counts - on your baby, but durable and easily cleaned in the main seating area.
rating Submitted By: Tami from Seattle, WA   Date: 09/08/2010
Most of the reviews under the Boulevard 70 are not for the new 70 version. They are for the older model. Then model was not out when the reviews were written. I find this misleaning. I have the Boulevard 70 and love it.
rating Submitted By: Mandy   Date: 09/08/2010
We bought this car seat for our 11 month old. We bought it in cowmooflage and paisley and like both colors. We've only used it for a few weeks but our daughter likes it a lot better than the previous one (screaming has stopped). I think this is becuase she is more comfortable and can sleep easier in it. Rear facing it does not recline much in my husbands car but it does in mine. The directions say you can put something under it to get a better recline though. Overall we are satisfied with our purchase and would recommend to other people.
rating Submitted By: CaliforniaMom   Date: 09/06/2010
This carseat feels very comfortable and the safety features are great. Would think twice before buying if you have a compact car. This takes up a lot of space in your backseat.
rating Submitted By: YYs_mom   Date: 09/06/2010
This is a great carseat to graduate to. My son loves the plushness and he seems to not fuss as much (as compared to his infant seat). The only downside is the size - it is tall and wide. I have a large sedan but, it is still quite bulky. It wouldn't be a good carseat for those with compact cars.
rating Submitted By: Satisfied Mama from North Central Idaho   Date: 07/15/2010
After a lot of research on convertible car seats, there was not a doubt in my mind that I would purchase anything but a Britax. I decided on the Boulevard Convertible. Its a great seat and my 5 month old is sooo happy in it, much happier than in her infant seat. I have peace of mind knowing that she is safe in that seat. Its a great seat and I highly recommend one!!! Worth every penny!!!
rating Submitted By: Shopping Tarheel   Date: 06/12/2010
Britax is great! The safest car seat around and you can feel it by the sturdiness and padding especially for the head (the most important)
rating Submitted By: K   Date: 05/31/2010
We were worried about fitting this into our car, because we have a Honda Civic. So we were excited to find that it fits in the center seat! It's tight on the sides though - only very thin people would be able to comfortably sit next to it. There's also more than enough room to move the front seats back for us (5'6" - 5'9" range). Installation instructions are not the most clear but there are videos on the Britax website that shows how to install, which really helped.
rating Submitted By: Puttur from Columbia, Mo   Date: 05/28/2010
Nice and comfortable even for summer. Easy to install, manual needs some improvement.
rating Submitted By: Anna from Cromwell, CT   Date: 05/19/2010
I just bought this car seat for my 8 month old daughter and it's truly the best car seat ever made. My daughter has so much more room than the infant carrier. The Britax car seat is so sturdy and I feel very safe having my daughter in it. Excellent car seat!
rating Submitted By: Pat K, from California   Date: 05/18/2010
We love this carseat and bought three! Two fr. BabyEarth, fast shipping. We are very pleased with the purchase. Britax Boulevard is the one to go, no regret.
rating Submitted By: mpfanny from Alta Loma, CA   Date: 05/14/2010
We bought this seat for our 9 1/2 month old to replace her infant carrier. She weighs 16 1/2 lbs and could still technically use the carrier, but she was getting cramped in it. The seat was very easy (for me) to install rear facing in our Nissan Murano. We put it in the very middle, but it could have easily been placed on either side. My husband didn't quite read the directions correctly, so I took a look at it and reinstalled it myself. The only problem we had is that there is no designated anchor point on the floor to use with the Versa Tether when the seat is rear-facing. Since it is optional when using rear-facing, it wasn't a big deal. I wasn't comfortable using the "over-the-head" method, so we chose to use where the passenger seat is bolted to the floor as our tether point, which was described in the manual. Once you have the LATCH system tight and the Versa Tether tight, that seat DOESN'T MOVE! Our daughter is super comfortable in the seat. I think she's happy to be riding higher up and sit "big girl" style. She hasn't cried in the car since we started putting her in it. We did remove the HUGS chest pads (which is allowed for rear facing) because our daughter is so short that they were covering most of her torso when she was sitting. I am really happy with our purchase and will recommend this seat to everyone!
rating Submitted By: Lara from Austin, TX   Date: 02/11/2010
I started using this seat when my baby was 5 months old and she loved it. It is spacious, yet cozy. It also sits up quite high so that my baby can enjoy looking out of the car windows. Functionally, it is very sturdy and it is easy to tighten and loosen the straps.
rating Submitted By: Marek from UT   Date: 10/05/2009
This is the safest carseat out there. The price may be discouraging, but think about how long your child will use this carseat. It figures to $60/year over 5 years. This is side-impact tested and it's the safest carseat I could ever imagine putting my kid in. Several features make it an exceptional buy. Tired of worrying about whether the chest straps are too tight or tight enough? Pull a strap that comes out the bottom of the seat and it makes an audible clicking sound when you've pulled the chest straps tight enough for your baby. There's also a knob on the side that you can turn to move where the chest straps come to your baby...so you can perfect whether they come just below baby's shoulders or at level. (Instructions tell you how you know where they need to be.) With the chest straps, the side cushions by the head move as well, so that baby's neck and head is completely procted from a side-impact car accident. There is an infant insert you can remove once your baby is big enough, as well. This is the only brand of carseat I'll ever buy again.
rating Submitted By: Stephanie from Austin, TX   Date: 11/05/2008
Love this seat. The adjustable head rest is great, and the velcro on the sides to hold the straps in place while you seat your child in the seat is a great idea too; so they don't end up sitting on them.
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 06/07/2008
Previously had the Britax Companion infant seats for my twins. Now have two of these Boulevards. I set one facing forward and one backward since one of my 1year old's is >20# and the other wasn't quite at the time I purchased these. Both set ups were easier than I thought they'd be, even "swapping" sides on the latch straps was just like the instructions said. I like: 1. chest buckle (vice the plastic non-buckle thing that the companion had) 2. the main buckle will click in one side at a time (unlike the Companion where you had to have both pieces inserted for the buckle to lock) 3. same system of strap adjustment as Companion 4. The instruction book is secured to th seat, seems inconvenient but you don't lose it! 5. something other than black fabric--I got Huntington (or something like that)(tan with little spirals, you don't see those on the picture but they are cool), and Shannon (with flower pattern)! The only downside I can see fr the near future is that they are heavy and we'll be flying soon. I have wheels for them but carrying them down the aisles--well, it was nearly impossible with the Companion! However, it probably doesn't weigh that much more than comparable convertible seats. Even though it takes 5-65 pounds, and even if my babies would have been ovr 5 pounds at birth, I still would have done the infant seat first, the Companion has the thicker head pillow around the top to keep their head stable; even with the extra removable cushion, you'd need even more than the usual additional stuff to keep a baby's head straight with this seat.
rating Submitted By: Cathy   Date: 05/23/2008
I LOVE this car seat. Jacob is 16 months old now & the best thing about it is the side "wings" in the head area. He leans his head against them when he falls asleep so no head "bobbing" or strained neck. The base is quite large but I can fit 2 seats in the back of my SUV and still fit one smaller sized passenger next to them.
rating Submitted By: Happy Mom from Georgia   Date: 03/05/2008
So EASY to install. Love the padding for all that comfort!! I bought it for my 11 month old and it is the best seat. We love it!! Price means nothing compared to comfort and safety!!
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