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Product Reviews
Cameleon 3 Base

Bugaboo Cameleon 3 Base Reviews

by bugaboo
Average rating: rating (7 reviews)
Base only! Must add a your choice of Tailored Fabric set for a complete stroller!!!   3rd generation of the iconic all-in-one stroller is even more versatile, stylish and functional than ever before. Light and compact, it's also easy to lift and store. Suitable for a newborn or toddler, the multi-terrain Bugaboo Cameleon 3 can seamlessly adapt to your journey – whether that's... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Susie   Date: 03/22/2015
We love this stroller! You can use it with the Nuna car seat, via the adaptor, which has been wonderful. We don't have to wake baby getting out of the car.. we just pop the car seat right on the stroller and have peaceful shopping trips. The stroller is lightweight and durable. It's an investment but I figure it will last for multiple kids. Would definitely buy it again!
rating Submitted By: Maria from Oregon   Date: 11/27/2012
We love our Bugaboo - it is so well built and really thought trough design. Growing up in Europe I have been used to prams all my life and was looking for something along these lines - this is a modern version of a pram/stroller and I am so glad we spent the extra money.
rating Submitted By: Daniel Zambrano from New York city   Date: 07/06/2012
Pros=. Can go on any terrain, easy to handle, maneuver ,one of the lightest full stroller in the market( aluminum chassis ) Very well made materials. And components, so far practical for an infant, in bassinet mode is spacious enough to change his dipper and for him to stretch out.. The brake system looks very secure. And the best part is that the bassinet turns to a seat, so that my child can used it for 3-4 year to come. Cons=. Small cargo area , difficult to reach when bassinet is in to place. The handle feels weak, ( but I guess is because is aluminum , and has to move every time to close stroller) Also, very difficult to close when cargo area is full.
rating Submitted By: Monica from Philadelphia, PA   Date: 01/15/2010
An excellent piece of kit! Great in city situations like public transport and overall walks to the shops, etc. Not great, however, for in and out of car assembly. I would love the accessibility of one of the cheaper models in that area, but overall a great stroller. My first daughter used it for 3 years and now my newborn is using for a second round.
rating Submitted By: Christopher Laskoski from Fort Worth, TX   Date: 07/25/2009
My wife and I just happened upon a sale at Neiman Marcus (when we were there on a spur of the moment decision) and lo and behold.......there it sat. The sales woman informed me that the orange color had been discontinued and so THAT was the reason for the more than $230 off the original $880. And THEN you take another 25%....... Interesting, I thought....ho hum.....like i was considering between two choices of sprinkles on a jelly donut. I had NEVER before in my life come close to considering strollers. Period. My wife is due to give birth in late October and this is our first child. So.....yeah........no, I've never considered strollers! But then I stared at it for a moment and let it sink in......I was hooked in about 30 seconds flat. I was sold.......done....cooked....baked. However my wife, looking at the pocket book a little more steadily than I, took some obvious convincing. WE ACTUALLY LEFT THE BUILDING WITHOUT THE STROLLER. But as soon as we left the parking lot, she had a realization - a brief out of body experience - as if my words from the prior 45 minutes of talking about it suddenly sprang upon her ear and at once in unison with the harmonics of a long lost age. We rang the sales woman who was more than glad, on commission, to put it in the back where no one else could see it. We picked it up later that night. This was last week. And every day that passes, I wake up to knowing that we did good. Not because of the price, which was incredible no doubt....but because we, in a fit of stupid luck, came to know and understand the difference between craftsmanship and junk when it comes to strollers. We purchase from babyearth all the time - for friends and family and now for ourselves. We look very much forward to more organic clothing and supplies for the next generation of human beings on this earth. Maintaining the health of all people is a priority and should be seen with a proactive mindset. This current American culture of greed, corporate favoritism, unconstitutional bailouts to foreign banks, compulsory education, and "big pharma" reactive western medicine has threatened everyone on earth and for long enough by now. It's time for a REAL change, not just in name only....but a REAL change. Buying the cameleon for your baby and then googling the following: "The Business of Being Born" , "Century of the Self" , "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth" , "END THE FED". It's all good. Let's make some serious change.....for our children and their' children's children. Buy for life. By organic. Buy things that will last. This stroller will. Buy locally when you can, but don't be afraid to buy from other countries. It just shouldn't be that we have EVERYTHING made in China or any other country. That's just ridiculous. Stop eating junk food. It's all around us! Look at the ingredients!! And if we hadn't found the bugaboo cameleon by chance in our home town.....we would've found it here......at babyearth.com!!!! Where REAL change is taking place. This stroller is worth very penny of the original asking price and then some! :)
rating Submitted By: Eric from Plainfield, IL   Date: 07/07/2009
Since our daughter won't be born until October, I'm writing this review as someone who has never used the stroller with an actual child inside. That being said, I did countless amounts of research both online and by talking to other parents and tried at least a dozen different strollers in a local baby store. I'm a gadget guy, and the bugaboo's modern materials and styling appealed to me along with the immaculate safety record. My wife, (7 months pregnant at the time of purchase) was blown away by the easy maneuverability of the stroller. No other product from any other manufacturer came close in this area. Typically, my wife and I tend to pay a little more for a quality product that we know will last for the duration and from our research the Bugaboo Chameleon will certainly last for our long as our first child needs it and will very likely last even for our second child (though the canvas would need to be replaced I'm sure.) Compare that to the cost of potentially 4 Graco strollers during the stoller-age of two children and you see the Chameleon's value. We are also purchasing the Bee for a lighter weight stroller option.
rating Submitted By: Jen from MD   Date: 07/31/2008
Easy to push, rides like a dream, easy to put together! Well worth the money.
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