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Product Reviews
Swimmi Swim Pants

Bummis Swimmi Swim Pants Reviews

by Bummis
Average rating: rating (18 reviews)
Baby fashion will never be the same. From the Riviera to the neighbourhood kiddie pool, your baby will have the cutest bum around! And rest assured - nobody will ever have to empty the pool because of your baby! Fashion and peace of mind - what better combination can there be in a baby swimsuit. Features: A trim and attractive design that has a terrific fit on any baby Interior polyester mesh for... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Kara   Date: 06/26/2011
These are so adorable and very easy to clean. My 3 month old wore these when he got in the pool the very first time. Definitely wear it over a diaper though because it is very thin material.
rating Submitted By: Lynn from St. Louis, MO   Date: 10/06/2010
These swimmi pants appear to be well-made and the fabric design is impressive. I chose the TURTLES style for our six month old and love the print. They are true to size and although he hasn't spent much time "swimming" I have not purchased any disposable swimmers. I don't know why anyone would use disposables over these cloth pants. They are easy to clean as well.
rating Submitted By: Cheska from Burton, TX   Date: 07/08/2010
These are the only swim diapers I have tried. However, I really like these and feel no need to try others. They hold in solids very well. And are clearly much easier to get off and on than pull on swim diapers. There is no pretty way to get those off when there is solids in them:( They work perfect for my son's short chunky legs and my daughter's long slim legs:)
rating Submitted By: Rebecca from Ft. Madison, IA   Date: 07/07/2010
Our son is 32-mo-old (2-3/4 yr) and weighs about 29-lbs. He just started swim lessons twice a week. We got the fishies print in size Large. It fits and works great - even under swim trunks. The fishies print is even nicer looking in person than the picture. We'll be using these swim diapers for our baby-to-be as well. I'm glad I don't have to keep searching for a better swim diaper. :)
rating Submitted By: Christy from Illinois   Date: 06/21/2010
My 4 month old daughter is on the little side of the height/weight charts. I was having a huge problem trying to find swimming diapers in her size when all of them started out at size 3 (she wears a size 1 diaper). I bought a size small for her...she fits really good in them and they don't weigh her down when exiting the water. I haven't tried them underneath a suit yet (she is pants-only right now). She has only worn it 4 times but seems to enjoy them. My husband loves the design, the easiness of 'clean-ups' and the fact we won't be spending a small fortune in disposable swimming diapers. I plan on ordering one in the other sizes so she will always have one that fits. It is also a product I can use as a hand-me-down for her 'future siblings'.
rating Submitted By: Beverly from Colorado   Date: 06/08/2010
When our 7 month old grandson came to visit grammy, I bought a swimmi to use in our indoor pool. They are absolutely great. They are light weight and comfortable. I have experienced the swim diapers with our other grandkids and did not like them.
rating Submitted By: Jessica from California   Date: 05/26/2010
We live in the desert where it is hot hot hot, so we are in the water a lot. The disposable diapers are about a dollar a piece, that's at least $7 for us. A couple of these an the money is saved back easily. These are easy to use and if they don't get soiled, just rinse and dry. They seem to run true to size and hold up well. Just make sure to close the tabs in the wash or they will stick to everything.
rating Submitted By: Elisabeth   Date: 05/25/2010
These fit very well and stay secure. A great money-saving, re-usable product.
rating Submitted By: Jess from NC   Date: 05/19/2010
These are perfect for parents not wanting to use disposable diapers! Snug fit, cool designs, washable! Only small downside that they don't hold urine which is only a downside when your child is sitting in your lap. We used them both as a suit bottom or under another suit. They aren't bulky so your child can learn to kick easily in the water. I would highly recommend them except for extended wear for beach in/out of water because they don't hold urine.
rating Submitted By: Kathy from Round Rock, TX   Date: 05/13/2010
We used this swim diaper last summer when my daughter was 9 months old and I just bought two more for this summer. We enjoy the fact that it has velcro on the sides that will easily come off if you have a poopy diaper. The key to a reusable swim diaper is to watch your child's clues and get them out of the water before they poop, but if you don't make it this diaper is super easy to get off and clean up. We carry two for a just in case backup. MUCH better than the disposables as they are slim and trim and fit nicely under a suit or look sweet just by themselves!
rating Submitted By: Lisa from Munnsville, NY   Date: 04/20/2010
We have been using little swimmers for awhile now and were frustrated with the money we were spending and the waste. Swimmi's not only are washable, cheaper, and better for the world they work better too!
rating Submitted By: Kathy from Round rock, TX   Date: 03/26/2010
We used these swim pants last summer with my then 9mo daughter. We have two pairs in case we have a messy one, but if you know your childs cues you really don't have to worry about it. They are super easy to get in and out of and wash up for reuse. If you think about it, it's much cheaper than those disposables and much better for our world!
rating Submitted By: Kathy from Round Rock, TX   Date: 12/01/2009
We used this swim diaper ALL last summer and truly love it. It's easier to change with the velcro sides than the elastic top and legs. Even had a poop incident and clean up with a breeze!
rating Submitted By: Amy from DFW, TX   Date: 08/03/2009
We have used the swimmi all summer long. I love the way it fits. My chunky monkey can fit into a medium. It's very trim and fits under all of her swim suits. It is less bulky than other swim diapers we have tried. It washes well and it worth the price. After 3+ months of use ours still looks new.
rating Submitted By: Corina from Lubbock   Date: 07/07/2009
We normally use disposable diapers, but the swim diapers were just impractical. Not only were they expensive, but they were messy and bulky. I tried ths Swimmi and have been super pleased with it. They are really easy to put on and take off, and they hold everything in. They are amazingly absorbent, and aren't nearly as bulky as the disposables. We've been using ours for about a month now, and we have had no problems! We are definitely going to buy another - I may even consider cloth diapers for the next baby based on this experience!
rating Submitted By: Christina from NC   Date: 02/02/2009
We haven't used these much yet, but they worked really well for our first swim lesson. My son is 7 months old and the diapers were comfortable and fit well. No accidents in the pool! They washed well and were very cute. I will post another review if something goes madly awry in the future, but they seem to work very well. We haven't tried other products, so sorry, but I can't compare them.
rating Submitted By: katrina from everett, wa   Date: 11/07/2008
Very well fitted and comfortable. Works much better than the pull up kind. Great at containing. Would like more patterns though.
rating Submitted By: gymdixie from New Orleans, LA   Date: 08/04/2008
I am not a cloth diaper user normally, but in the past I have tried washable swim diapers that you pull down to get off. Those don't work! So I thought I would have to just use disposable swim diapers which never fit great but could rip at the sides to get off. Then I found the Swimmis which are very easy to get on and off, just like a regular disposable diaper. I only ordered one to begin with, but I am going to order a second one for our beach trip! It washes easily and is pretty soft considering it is a swim diaper. My child has not had a bowel movement in it yet, but I am confident that it will hold the contents. Great product--just wish they had some more color options like solid colors.
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