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Product Reviews
Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System

Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 Travel System Reviews

by Chicco
Average rating: rating (27 reviews)
  The Chicco Cortina KeyFit 30 is a top selling travel system, and it's easy to see why. Italian-based Chicco matches its tricked-out Cortina stroller with the renowned KeyFit 30 rear-facing infant car seat to create the ultimate blend of style, convenience, and value. With an expanded weight rating, Chicco's KeyFit 30 allows your child to stay rear-facing up to 30 pounds, which is one of... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Ann Tidwell from Round Rock TX   Date: 07/29/2014
I recently read that Consumer Reports named Chicco baby products at the top of many lists. I love the price for this very swanky travel system and know my friend's baby will love it!
rating Submitted By: Roger   Date: 06/22/2014
Not bad at all Love it the best in the world I recommend to others Good stuf buy it I did
rating Submitted By: Jaimie from California   Date: 01/20/2014
I wanted a full travel system that was 1) affordable, 2) Safe and 3) Non toxic. This system met all of those requirements. They safety ratings are high and it tested out moderate to low in toxicitiy. A lot of car seats are covered with anti flame retardents, which is great for obvious reasons but not so good for your baby's health. I found this system and brand to be the best options, versus buying an Orbit for 3x's the price! When it arrived, it was easy to put together, it's light weight and very functional. The product feels sturdy and made well. It also came with the light weight stroller add on for a lighter option stroller for the seat to plug into directly, which is great for airplanes/vacation. I love this system!
rating Submitted By: Nichole   Date: 10/31/2013
Loved the colors. We aren't finding out the sex, so was very neutral and fun. Pretty easy to assemble. Was happy with the quality and feel of the product. Did not feel cheap. Really like the click on car seat base and knowing it's secured. Also, easy to remove from base as well. Would recommend this travel system.
rating Submitted By: Sarrah from Maine   Date: 06/20/2013
We've been using this stroller & car seat for 5 weeks now and I am very pleased with it. The stroller has nice features and seems sturdy and as if it will last well into my daughter's toddler years. The car seat is simple to use (it's easy to strap her in and to take it in and out of the base in the car is a snap). The only issue I could mention is that both things are on the large side. This is our first child so maybe this is just how all car seats and nice strollers are but both take up a lot of space in the car. The passenger front seat needs to be really far forward for the car seat to fit in the back so it's kind of uncomfortable to sit in. The stroller is big enough that it's hard to pack it in the car when we're also bringing other things (like luggage for a trip and/or our dog). But we've managed fine and it's not really a big deal. I'd definitely recommend this product!
rating Submitted By: Sean Hawkey from Denver, CO   Date: 01/25/2013
For something so large as the KeyFit 30 travel system it was delivered amazingly fast! Came in good shape and everything was there. Very happy!
rating Submitted By: Charlotte from Louisiana   Date: 11/11/2012
I love the Endless color/pattern. Perfect for a boy or girl. I haven't used the stroller yet but I love the car seat. I did however put the stroller together by myself which was rather simple. The stroller folds up really well and easy. Word to the wise...be careful when cutting the zip ties on the stroller when unpacking it. I accidentally cut one of the harness straps on the stroller but I did call Chicco and they replaced the harness free of charge.
rating Submitted By: Amanda from Austin, TX   Date: 10/25/2012
I'll confess: This is the only travel system I've ever owned. I don't have anything to compare it to as far as ownership goes, but I have used and observed people using other travel systems with friends' and family's kids and by comparison the Chicco feels much sturdier and much more secure. Because of how strong and sturdy the seat feels, I trust that it is safe and feel completely comfortable putting my son in the infant car seat whether it's locked in to the car or riding around in the stroller. I love the way the stroller moves, it's smooth and sturdy and easy to maneuver. I love the convenience of picking the car seat up out of the base and clicking it right in to the stroller without having to deal with an adapter. I also love that the seat has an audible "click" noise when it's locked in to either the base or the stroller so I am sure that it's secure. My son seems very happy in the car and in the stroller so I assume it's comfortable. The car seat itself is a bit heavy but I associate that with it being strong and well made so it is not a drawback for me. I'm not sure that I will ever use all three cup holders (plus an extra spot for keys, phone, etc.) that this stroller offers but hey, at least they're there! Folding and storing is a snap, I can literally unload my son and have the stroller folded and stuffed in the trunk of my car in less than a minute. It DID take me a few times to get used to folding the stroller and finding the right way to click the car seat in to it but once you do it a few times it's like second nature. I hope this travel system lasts until our next baby but if it doesn't I fully intend to buy another just like it.
rating Submitted By: Dara Combes   Date: 10/20/2012
Since this is my first travel system, and have nothing to compare it to, I gave it 5 stars. Overall, I found the Cortina KeyFit30 easy to use, from removing the carseat from the base and attaching it to the stroller, and visa versa. The stroller itself is also easy to assemble/dissemble, huge but not too heavy. The stroller fits perfectly in my Jetta wagon, with room for 2 bags of groceries. The quality of the material is fairly nice, but the "ride' is not as smooth as I've seen with other strollers. I think it's worth the price.
rating Submitted By: chrissy from washington   Date: 09/19/2012
I love my Chicco Travel system. Ordered from Baby Earth as I could not find the color and style I wanted in any local stores. Found the one on Baby Earth and after shopping around online they had the best prices. I ordered it and when it came was a little nervous because the box was pretty beat up, prior to opening I called their customer support people to see if I should take pictures first or send in back, thought for sure it was going to be damaged. They were very helpful and said no if there is a problem they would resolve the issues. Opened the box and it was in perfect condition well packed and not a scratch. Product is so easy to fold up and put in back of car. I have struggled with some other strollers as I have hand issues. But this one is so easy. Love the look of the fabric as well. Highly recommend this system, as it was highly recommended to me!
rating Submitted By: Deborah Cookson from Glenburn, ME   Date: 08/06/2012
This is such a smart product to move baby from one place to another without much bother. I love having extra car seat bases to move freely from one auto to another without any extra work with seat belts.
rating Submitted By: Deborah Cookson from Glenburn, ME   Date: 07/10/2012
This is just what she ordered. A simple transition from car to stroller to home.
rating Submitted By: Helisha   Date: 12/16/2011
I am a first time mom and was too overwhelmed by different stroller brands. Did some research and went for this and I am very happy with my choice. Not only was the shipping fast but the assembly was super easy. Had this put together in no time. Cant get to the basket that well when reclined but that is no big deal. Everything snaps together and unsnaps so easily and I am a small girl; 115 lbs and can lift the car seat around with no problem.
rating Submitted By: Stephanie V.   Date: 06/27/2011
As a first time mom I felt a bit overwhelmed by all of the different stroller options out there. We decided on this one for our registry and received it as a gift. This combo is great for ease in and out of the car - the snap in cradle is wonderful! The stroller is very sturdy but a bit heavy. I love how it folds up with one squeeze - very handy! The colors are nice too. All in all a great stroller and car seat combo. Also, our child is off the charts for her age so we are very glad we got the Key 30 to accommodate her for a longer period of time. She is only six months and I can't imagine having to purchase a new car seat soon.
rating Submitted By: First Time Mom from MD   Date: 03/16/2011
I really like this stroller. It is lightweight and the car seat has really high ratings. I am disappointed though that it is extremely hard to access the bottom basket when the infant seat is in the stroller b/c the stroller needs to be reclined all the way. In order to get my bag out I have to first take out the infant seat, then move the reclined seat up and then I can access the bag. I wish this was not the case and envy parents that don't have to deal with this hassel. And as any travel system of course it is bulky even when folded. We love it anyhow though. Not sure I would make the same decision again though.
rating Submitted By: Jessica from Atascadero, CA   Date: 02/23/2011
I like that I don't have to install the car seat every time I want to go somewhere. It just snaps in, no adjusting or anything. I also love the stroller. It is not too heavy, it fits into the trunk of my Kia, and it maneuvers well. I also like that the canopy is adjustable so I can keep the sun out of my little boy's eyes no matter where it is at.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer P   Date: 12/28/2010
I chose the Chicco Cortina because I loved the color and the company had the fewest government recalls than other baby brand names. I've had no problems with it - set up was not difficult, maneuverability is good, the car seat works well, been easy to fold up and load into my car, it's big but I have a small vehicle. Overall I am very pleased with my purchase and I expect it to last me a long time.
rating Submitted By: Lisa from Portland, OR   Date: 08/15/2010
We borrowed one of these from our friends to try out first. We loved it and ended up buying the exact same one for ourselves.
rating Submitted By: Jessica from Montana   Date: 08/11/2010
After lots of research, I choose this system for its safety standards and comfort. I absolutely love the travel system as a whole! The stroller is adjustable, easy to fold up, and has shocks for the bumpy roads. The carseat supports my sons neck (had since he was a newborn, he is now 3 months old) and is comfortable enough for long car trips. The only feature I wish the carseat had is that the handle could be lowered or raised using only one of the buttons. It's difficult to manuveuer while holding your child. Other than that, I would highly recommend the purchase of this travel system.
rating Submitted By: Diane from Fai   Date: 06/25/2010
My daughter had a baby in Feb. and she purchased the lowest priced system she could afford. I hated both the car seat and the snap and go stroller which was so bad on side walks that I worried about the impact on the baby just going over cracks. I did some heavy research and settled on this system. I could kick myself for not doing it when my granddaughter was a newborn and her little head was always in a very uncomfortable looking position in the cheap carseat. With the Chicco Keyfit that does not happen as her head is very well supported. The system is just great and I highly recommend it.
rating Submitted By: A. M. from GA   Date: 05/10/2010
I did sooo much research before choosing this stroller and what sold it for me were the safety features, the fact that it was a really great buy for what you are purchasing and I loved the print! I could not be happier with this purchase! Baby is not here yet but I can't wait until she gets here to try this travel system out. Thanks babyearth!
rating Submitted By: Annette-1st time Mom from PA   Date: 11/10/2009
After months of researching I chose Chicco and I am SO glad that I did. The real selling point for me were the safety features. Our little girl is 2 months old and I love this car seat! It was easy to install. It is so easy to use and lightweight. I feel good knowing our little girl is in the top safety rated car seat among consumer reports and consumers. I also appreciate the fact that there is only one base that is compatible with any Chicco car seat. The fact that it is a European product tested at European standards is what sets it apart from Graco.
rating Submitted By: Lily from Leander,Tx   Date: 10/27/2009
The Cortina Key fit set was very easy to put together. The adventure color scheme is sophisticated looking and keeps it color without showing dinginess.
rating Submitted By: Valerie   Date: 09/01/2009
This travel system was very easy to figure out. The stroller folds flat for easy transport in and out of the car. The only trouble we had was ensuring the car seat fit correctly. Apparently the latch does not work in volkswagons but securing it with the seatbelt works just fine. I like that neither the stroller nor the car seat are too heavy. Overall great product!
rating Submitted By: Lacy Kunkel from Texas   Date: 07/24/2009
I've been using all my chicco products for almost a year now. They are wonderful. I have not had any problems with anything I have such as the Chicco Splash highchair, travel system, car seats (I have 2) and pack and play. WONDERFUL!!
rating Submitted By: Laura from Sanford, NC   Date: 07/03/2009
Recieved this stroller and car seat combo last week. Our little one has yet to arrive but I know it will be great. It was very simple to put together and the car seat snapped right into the vehicle. The stroller itself has a great turning radius and seems to be well put together. We purchased it because of the great ratings it recieved but are happy with the style and function as well.
rating Submitted By: felipe from addison,il   Date: 11/04/2008
The car seat and stroller snap together with ease and the system is very light.
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