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Product Reviews
Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat & Base

Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant Car Seat & Base Reviews

by Chicco
Average rating: rating (20 reviews)
Absolutely the easiest car seat to install! Now available for infants up to 30 lbs. KeyFit® 30 Infant Car Seat Seat interior lined with "EPS" energy absorbing foam for improved impact protection Newborn infant insert provides substantial padding for improved fit and comfort for smaller babies from 4-11 lbs 5-point harness with one-hand center pull adjustment Ergonomically designed... read more »
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rating Submitted By: KFields   Date: 09/11/2013
Comes in a variety of patterns for the everyday fashionista and also safe for your baby. Easy to install. Fabric is easy to keep clean.
rating Submitted By: Mindy from Indiana   Date: 06/28/2013
Just recently purchased this car seat and could be happier. It arrived promptly after purchasing it and was able to take it right out of the box and install in the car without any trouble. However with this car seat I would look for a stroller that works with this type of seat if your looking to purchase. I needed a double stroller for my 19 month old and 3 week old and there is only a few options with this seat. The car seat is padded well and I feel it's one of the safer seats out there. Just make sure to do your research on what works for your family needs.
rating Submitted By: Liz from Washington   Date: 06/18/2013
We have not yet had a chance to use the car seat but so far so good. The seat shipped promptly and arrived in perfect condition. We got the Graphica pattern and love it. The instructions were easy and it fits perfectly in our baby jogger citi mini GT with the adapter. Seems easy to get in and out of the base and stroller.
rating Submitted By: Emily from Bloomington, IL   Date: 02/15/2013
So easy to adjust the straps. It was a little hard to get the hang of how it works with the base, but now it's no problem. I love the color we got - Graphica. It's fairly light for a carrier. I would recommend this to others.
rating Submitted By: Anna Kana from Austin, TX   Date: 11/13/2012
It is easy to use and my son seems very comfortable in it - the car seat has been his favorite place to nap since he was a newborn. It works great with the chicco keyfit caddy.
rating Submitted By: Brenda   Date: 10/11/2012
We had this same carseat (different color) for our son when he was born. We loved it so much, we bought the same one for our daughter who will be joining our little family soon!
rating Submitted By: Jessica from Denver, CO   Date: 09/20/2012
My husband and I had a difficult time searching for a car seat that would fit in my VW GTI. We found the Chicco KeyFit 30 in a blog for VW owners stating that it is one of only a handful of car seats that will fit. Once we started looking into it, it had the best reviews of the options. It is also so easy to get in and out of the back seat of my car. Our baby is due in a month and I'm excited to start using the seat!
rating Submitted By: Heather from Hagerstown, MD   Date: 02/15/2012
I work in a NICU and this is the seat we all love! Even the premies pass the car seat test in this one! It is heavier than other seats, but it is safe and my little guy loves it. He is 12 months and 21 lbs now and is still fitting in it with no problems. We even bought an extra bast for our other car. Spend the money, it's worth it! I have the matching stroller and although it's cute, it's a little too bulky. I used it more when my son was little than I do now.
rating Submitted By: Hannah from Sioux Falls, SD   Date: 12/09/2011
I bought this car seat before my son was born. Much to my surprise, he was born two months early and weighed only 4lbs 12 ounces. When he came home from the hospital, he had to do a car seat test to make sure he was able to breathe ok in his seat. He passed with flying colors although he was only 5 lbs at the time. I am thankful I bought this 4-30lb car seat other wise my son would have had to stay in the hospital longer, or I would have had to purchase a different seat. Also, when my son was 7 months old, someone ran a red light and totaled my car with him in the back seat in this car seat. When I took him out of the car, he was giggling and not hurt at all. That is a sign of a good car seat if I've ever seen one. Since our first seat was totaled, I am going to be purchasing a new one because we are expecting another baby. I love this seat!
rating Submitted By: gking   Date: 12/18/2010
We have this car seat and the stroller to match. I love the car seat. I have a 2 door VW GTI and I can get this in and out of the car ok. I wouldn't say it is super easy but it still works without my baby getting all jostled around. I am betting not a lot of car seats are narrow enough to squeeze into a 2 door. The latch installation is very simple and the seat pops right in with 2 clicks. The car seat itself seems comfortable for my baby. The seatbelt adjuster is in the front so it is very easy to get the belts tight or loose as needed. Overall a great seat. I have never used another seat before this one but have heard this is one of the best seats around. You will not be disappointed.
rating Submitted By: Candice from Texas   Date: 11/01/2010
I love this car seat for our daughter. She was only 5 lbs when she was born and the car seat fits her perfectly. I use this car seat with a car seat carrier stroller (snap n' go) and it fits like a champ. I am so glad we got this seat it fits our needs perfectly and was shipped to us extremely fast. Thank you Baby Earth for such a great product!
rating Submitted By: Leah from Salt Lake City   Date: 10/29/2010
I am expecting my daughter this Nov. and very happy to have her use this car seat. The Miro patten is even better in person and both my hubby and I love it. The installation is easy and we can't wait to see our little one in it.
rating Submitted By: christine   Date: 10/15/2010
this car seat is very safe and easy to install. my son is growing out of it because of his height not the weight but i would still highly recommend.
rating Submitted By: Christina from Cheyenne, Wyoming   Date: 06/01/2010
We have an '08 Chevy Trailblazer and did not want to have to get another vehicle for another car seat just so it would fit. This is our second child, the first is 19 months and sits in a ff safety 1st car seat. The car seat that we used for my first does not fit on the sides without having to push the seats up so far that no one can sit safely. You can put an infant seat in the center and have the ff on the side but my concern with that was my son may accidentally hurt the baby with a toy or something. I looked all over the place for a car seat that would fit behind the driver/passenger seat safely without decreasing the safety of the person sitting in the seat in front of it by having to push it up too far. When I bought this car seat I was scared it wouldn't fit, but because the handle rests against the top of the seat and doesn't hang away from the car seat when clicked back it fits! Most car seats the handle when clicked back for riding in the car (yes, you have to have the handle back when driving otherwise your baby will not be protected in the event of an accident) they take up extra room and make fitting in the car almost impossible especially if you have a small car/SUV. The other thing that is awesome about this car seat is that the latch system (if you choose to use it) is almost automatic. All you have to do is attach the latches to the latch system on both sides of the seat then put the belt that is built into the car seat base. Unlike other latch belts in other seats you don't have to fight and kill yourself just to get the seat tight and secure! I would defiantly recommend this car seat to anyone who needs a seat to fit in any car and is very easy to install. Yes it may be a little more that the other seats, but trust me it is so worth it!
rating Submitted By: Stephanie from Ft. Rucker, AL   Date: 06/01/2010
I bought two of these car seats for my twins. I had originally ordered two from Target but they failed to ship one and I couldn't reorder because they were out of stock. I got a better price and faster shipping from BabyEarth so I can't complain. There was a pretty large scuff mark on the canopy but it came off with a few swipes of the Magic Eraser so I won't take off points for that. Overall, its a very nice seat. My babies haven't been born yet so I can't say how they like it but it seems quite nice. Its very padded and I like that it comes with an insert for babies under 11 pounds. Now I don't have to buy two Snuzzlers. Seems like a nice seat that will last a long time.
rating Submitted By: J from Fargo, ND   Date: 05/05/2010
Ok, we have 2 kids and one on the way. We drive a small SUV and have a Britax marathon and a booster seat PLUS a car seat to add to the back seat. I did not even know it was possible to do so. However, after trying EVERY car seat into our car at the baby store, the Chicco is the only one we felt fit SAFELY with all three (others fit but had to be moved to awkward positions). I was not sold on the Miro pattern. In the pictures, it almost looks like a yellow orange? I did not like the pattern. I preferred the plain green and gray, but DH did not like it in the store. The Miro is wonderful in person though! It looks just fantastic! I am glad that we purchase the seat. It is rated as one of the safest out there, has a smaller base, and installation is 10 times easier than most other car seats!
rating Submitted By: Loutchi from Shelton, CT   Date: 03/21/2010
I bought this carseat in the fuego color and it's really nice.We haven't had our baby yet so we didn't get the chance to use it but it looks like a million bucks and i think it's the best of its kind out there.
rating Submitted By: marie from new york   Date: 03/18/2010
Good quality fabric and design. Easy to install and have a lots of paddings on the right places.
rating Submitted By: Kristi from Austin, TX   Date: 10/22/2009
This seat has been great for our son who started at 7.5 lbs and is now 8 months and still in the seat at 21 lbs. He would have outgrown most other seats by now. He napped all the time in this seat when he was little. It pops out of the car so quietly, we could keep him asleep when out. The seat was extremely easy to install and move between cars as we have a base in each of our cars. The Adventure color is timeless and neutral. The seat just looks nice too. Also, we used this seat in the Bob Revolution and Maclaren Techno XLR - using their respective infant car seat adapters.
rating Submitted By: Inga Gelishvili from Elmwood Park, NJ   Date: 04/06/2008
My son is 4 month old and over 18 lb. I had a Greco car seat but it was already too small for him, so I found Chicco Keyfit 30 infant car seat which is much bigger and softer, excellent fabric more solid, easy to use and very comfortable, my son loves. I highly recommend to everybody. FYI Babywise.com is the best web site I've ever experienced with. They ship the same day, and if even all the items I've purchased were from "Open Box" they were in best condition possible. Thank you "Babywise.com"
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