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Product Reviews
Clek Oobr Booster Seat

Clek Oobr Booster Seat Reviews

by Clek Boosters
Average rating: rating (9 reviews)
oobr™ is a clek™ full back booster seat that provides superior protection for your child without sacrificing comfort, convenience or style. Designed with a removable back, oobr easily converts to a backless booster to grow with your child. Engineered for comfort, it includes an additional layer of cushioning, a reclineable back, adustable headrest, and soft-touch arm rests. And,... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Heather from Vermont   Date: 08/17/2010
We are so happy with this car seat. We love the way that it latches in place. We feel that our child is so safe when he is riding in the car. It is definitely high quality and definitely worth buying!!!!!
rating Submitted By: Malene from Henderson   Date: 07/18/2010
Was so happy with the first one I bought, that we got a second one for dad's car.
rating Submitted By: Malene from Henderson, NV   Date: 05/27/2010
Great seat - Price a little high, but so far worth it.
rating Submitted By: sophia from austin, texas   Date: 04/26/2010
We recently switched our toddler from Britax carseats to Clek Oobr Booster Seats. We had the Britax Marathon and the Britax Boulevard, and while both were great while he fit them, I am trilled to be using the Clek seats now. Not only do they install so easily!!!, they are fast to buckle him in, and they look fantastic. My husband was a bit apprehensive of the fact that they are not 5 point harness, but so got over that when he saw how secure our son was in the seat. We ordered one and loved it so much, we ordered a second one for the other car. The fabric is great, my son already dropped is gum on the seat and after it dried, it just scrapped off. Plus, if you need to clean it, the cover comes off easily! That would have never happened with the Britax! Mostly, I love it because we travel often and it installs so quickly in rental cars and taxis. The Britax was so difficult to install properly. It was never quick! My son loves it and wants to show everyone his new carseat!!
rating Submitted By: lisa from California   Date: 02/16/2010
Nice looking seat but pretty heavy and a bit difficult to thread and remove seatbelt through shoulder strap area. Recline feature is good.
rating Submitted By: christie   Date: 02/09/2010
There are no other LATCH and padded seat options on the market. I LOVE the LATCH high Back Booster padded seat concept and hope that other manufactures follow in this path. I wish that for the very HIGH cost it had a few less drawbacks: The Oobr is HARD to recline. It takes me using 2 hands and really straining to adjust the seat. Impossible when a kid falls asleep on the road. I do love that it is an option since our vehicle seat does not recline, I just wish it could be done with 1 hand or without stopping and getting out to go adjust the seat. The headrest gives my daughters long hair so much static that she actually cries. Even with a ponytail or clip, her hair ends up in her face. It also hinders buckling her in as the static gets her hair into the belt guides and gives painful hair pulls!!!! I hope this improves after Winter. Pulling the seat belt through the guide takes a bit of muscle and my daughter cannot do it herself. Besides she needs a hand keeping her hair clear if the belt. I am spoiled to her baby seat with the clip up over her not on the inside seat side. I have to climb up, in and reach over her all the way to the seat to make sure she is buckled. I am getting better at it but an easier design might allow the child to do the buckling since they are already up there in the seat. Then the parent could check the fit without climbing in and over. A single drink thingy is just not enough. There really needs to be a little clip on compartment for small toys or even snacks. Maybe a trash pocket for the armrest or something. I would rather have something from the manufacturer than just add stuff to safety equipment. Yes I would buy this seat again but only because no one else offers the LATCH and Padded seat. If the options become widely available I would recommend trying a few displays before purchasing so you will get the best seat for your money.
rating Submitted By: S   Date: 01/26/2010
When it comes to purchasing new products for my daughter, I do a lot of research, especially when it involves safety. The Clek Oobr is ranked very highly by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, listed as a "best bet". I like that it offers extra stability in the event of a side impact collision too. It installs quickly, has a very streamlined shape, and seems sturdy. Plus, my daughter loves the hot pink fabric! The only negative is that in my car (Lexus RX350), you can't install it in the center seat because the center latch hooks are too close together, so it must sit to one side or the other. The Clek Oobr's high safety ratings give me peace of mind though, even with the seat to one side.
rating Submitted By: willo Levin from Boston's North Shore   Date: 01/26/2010
The Clek seats (I've also owned an Ozzi backless) have unusual, modern designs and very high quality materials. Oobr feels as sturdy and nicely made as my car's own seats. The only part of it that feels like your usual plastic kids' item is the Drink Thing-y (cupholder) that comes with it and can be attached either left or right of the seat. I often see reviews proclaiming the ease of "installing" a booster over the younger child's car seat. Boosters aren't really installed. Some, like this one, offer the convenience feature of attaching to the vehicle seat with LATCH. There may be some protective value to this (I think the research is ongoing), but, primarily, this is to prevent the UNOCCUPIED booster from becoming a projectile in a crash and injuring the adult driver. A booster seat's function is to position the child properly so that the vehicle seat belt restrains him or her properly. The tight install necessary for a baby-toddler safety seat serves a different purpose. My son says this booster is very comfortable. It compares favorably to our Britax Parkway SG, in his opinion, although I prefer the lap-belt-positioning Slide Guard that comes with the Britax. (Note: If the Parkway SG had LATCH attachment, I'd have bought a second one of those for the other car!) Oobr beats the Parkway SG in its heft and elegance of design and manufacture, plus, on the Dec. 2009 IIHS review of booster seats, Oobr was a Best Bet and the Parkway SG was only a Good Bet. I know my son is well-fitted into his Parkway SG, but, for carpool and my less-carseat-savvy husband's car, it's nice having a seat MOST likely to fit a child properly. The Drink Thing-y is my son's favorite aspect of this expensive seat. For Mom and Dad, the best thing about this seat is the LATCH attachment so that our forgetful son doesn't leave his less-used booster unbuckled from his dad's seat thus endangering poor Daddy's life in an accident. The recline feature of Oobr is also very cool, and something my son enjoys. As food for thought, my son (age 6, 47#, 45" tall, short-torso) actually prefers his Graco Nautilus harnessed seat (converts to a booster) for comfort and on long driving trips. He likes the "big kid" cool of his boosters, though. They are all excellent seats.
rating Submitted By: Melissa from Houston, TX   Date: 01/07/2010
Installs so much easier than the Britax my daughter just outgrew. Working off the updated list of boosters with backs from the Institute for Highway Safety this was the best bet in my opinion (despite the price). Love/need the latch system in any/all of my carseats, boosters, etc.
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