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Product Reviews
Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go

Cloud b Sleep Sheep On The Go Reviews

by Cloud b
Average rating: rating (26 reviews)
Soothing Sounds For Life On The Go! From the award-winning Sleep Sheep & Friends Collection, this adorable travel companion brings its comforting sleep time sounds with you when you are away from home. Similar to the Original Sleep Sheep, this compact version (8" tall), has four soothing sounds to help your child sleep easier. Features: Four nature sounds, including new Gentle Stream... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Adina   Date: 07/11/2014
This is a great product, it helps calm my little boy and it's also such a pretty toy. I recommend to all parents.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer from Los Angeles, CA   Date: 07/01/2014
Great quality item that we bought for my baby daughter to help her fall asleep. The lamb is a great size and is able to travel anywhere with us. We have 1 at daycare and 1 at home. The white noise helps my baby fall asleep...she primarily likes the ocean sound. The only thing I wish it would have is a fan or heartbeat sound instead of either the stream or the rain since they sound similar. Great buy that I would recommend to any new parent!
rating Submitted By: Emily   Date: 05/29/2014
My Grandson loves his Sleep Sheep! All 4 settings are soothing, and the volume control makes it quite versatile. I bought this for my house so he never has to be without it!
rating Submitted By: kg   Date: 05/28/2014
I have one for myself and have given one as a gift. PROS: Both my kids loved it, and it lasted through both children using it. A quality product with good stitching and good texture (it doesn't feel cheap). This travel size has enough sound choices to be useful (4 choices), so I didn't feel like I needed to purchase the bigger sleep sheep (which has more sound options). Volume knob can go as loud as I need it to without much sound distortion. The sounds are also nice quality, not like some toys that sound tinny or overly fake. Batteries seem to last a long time. It is nice to have if your kids (like mine) like a fan/background noise, but there is no fan around. CONS Timer is for 25 or 45 mins. Personally wish it had a longer option, but thats just my preference.
rating Submitted By: Erinn from Eden Prairie, MN   Date: 05/02/2014
I've bought these for quite a few first time mom's and everyone ends up using this item daily.
rating Submitted By: Jasmine from Cincinnati OH   Date: 04/23/2014
My baby has always had trouble getting his naps in when were out for the day. Now we just use the Velcro strap to attach the sheep to the car seat or stroller and he can sleep even in a busy environment. I also love how easy to clean it is. Just remove the electronics and wash!
rating Submitted By: Diana from FL - Florida   Date: 04/23/2014
This item was a gift, mom loved it, and the baby seems to too. soft, sweet seems to be made very well
rating Submitted By: Adam   Date: 03/26/2014
Great product, helps soothe the baby when ready to sleep. Easy to use, multiple sounds to choose from. Size makes it perfect to carry when going out.
rating Submitted By: Eve   Date: 03/08/2014
I love this little guy!!! I have a very fussy newborn who would take 10-15 minute naps throughout the day, not giving us much of a break :( I ordered the sleep sheep and got it the next day, and it really was a life saver! My son started sleeping for hours at a time!!!! I really like the "on the go version" because it's just the right size and can be attached to the car seat easily, giving my baby the ability to sleep almost anywhere. It has 4 different sounds, all of which are very soothing. Plus it's super cute and soft, and washable. I don't know if I could've kept my sanity without it.
rating Submitted By: Karina   Date: 02/18/2014
I bought the sheep because I previously bought the giraffe for my first born and the mothers heartbeat worked wonders. The problem with the sheep is that it does not have the mothers heartbeat. It has other sounds that don't seem to do anything for my newborn. It's a beautiful stuffed animal but I don't use the sounds because it did not have the sounds I expected.
rating Submitted By: Larissa   Date: 02/17/2014
It's a Great soother. Obviously very Cute also! Took it everywhere with us! I used it with all my 3 kids.
rating Submitted By: Tom   Date: 02/13/2014
This sheep is awesome and gets our now 2 year-old son to settle down quickly. He has been sleeping by himself since he was 3 months old. We take it with us everywhere we go and it provides comfort in new environments. Battery lasts quite a quile. HIghly recommended if your baby has a hard time settling down with noises. We like it so much, we just bought a second as a gift for a newborn.
rating Submitted By: Cami from Ut   Date: 02/11/2014
The sleep sheep is an excellent product. Unfortunately, I have a stubborn baby so we don't use it. My niece absolutely loves it and it helps her sleep through the night.
rating Submitted By: Jane Ferris from Wisconsin   Date: 01/20/2014
I purchased a Sleep Sheep for my first grandchild and he loved it. It goes everywhere with him, on the car seat and on the Bob, on the port-a-crib and on the crib. It times out after 45 minutes so it's the perfect soother for going to sleep. Since that purchase I have purchased a Sleep Sheep for every new mom on my list and they have all loved it. I think I'm on my 11th or 12th sheep gift and it has been an all around favorite. Grandchild #2 is coming and she will most definitely be getting one:)
rating Submitted By: Sarah S. from Bellingham, WA   Date: 01/20/2014
My son is four weeks and loves the ocean sounds, puts him to sleep every time. I like that you can attach it to the railing on the crib/bassinet, so its out of reach and not a hazard to the baby. Wish it had a white noise or heartbeat setting, but it works well still.
rating Submitted By: Barbara from Camano Island   Date: 01/15/2014
This little lamb calmed our little 3-week old grandson. Can't live without it now. There isn't anything we would change.
rating Submitted By: Nicole from Buffalo, NY   Date: 01/15/2014
We kept the on the go sleep sheep at daycare because it is small. It works great and totally helped my baby, who hates to nap, sleep at daycare!
rating Submitted By: Ashley Fernandez from Miami, fl   Date: 01/13/2014
I bought this for a friend who is expecting in feb. it was recommended by another friend that says her newborn absolutely loves it!
rating Submitted By: Cheryl from Poway   Date: 12/10/2013
I gave this to my cousin as a baby gift for her newborn. Her feedback has been very positive. She said she uses it frequently to lull the baby to sleep both at home and when traveling. I just bought a second one for another cousin's new baby, but I have not received any feedback yet.
rating Submitted By: Daniela from Jamaica Plain   Date: 12/09/2013
This is a very high quality product and a great size for taking out and about! The product is very soft but durable.
rating Submitted By: vie   Date: 05/13/2010
We're expecting our first baby in a couple of weeks and I just rceived our Sleep Sheep. It is super soft and cuddly. My hubby had it on his chest and set on the ocean sound to tested it out and fell asleep in 5 mins ~ seriously!! We can't wait to use it on the baby!
rating Submitted By: Heather from FL   Date: 03/24/2010
as was described - very soothing. Excellent little tool for the PLEASE SLEEP toolbox.
rating Submitted By: Lindsey from NC   Date: 01/19/2010
We got one of these as a gift for our son and always take it with us on trips to Grandma's house. It also makes a great "second child" gift for those parents who may already have a sound machine, but not one that's so easy transportable.
rating Submitted By: megan   Date: 12/28/2009
We've had this in our baby girl's crib from the get-go... it is wonderful, relaxing, both for us and the baby!!!
rating Submitted By: Sharon from Westport, CT   Date: 09/04/2009
I bought this for my son because he loves his full size sleep sheep so much we have to take it when ever we travel. The travel size is easier to carry but has the same quality of sound. My son has been sleeping with the sleep sheep since he was born. The sounds really help create a relaxing evironment when we are doing our night time or nap time routine. He knows when he hears the ocean waves its time to go to bed. We have been taking the large sheep on every vacation and it really helps him settle down in a strange room. Since it feels like home with the sheep and of course his favorite stuffed animal, he goes down with out a fuss.
rating Submitted By: Carly   Date: 07/29/2008
Was great when my daughter was a newborn and slept in our room. She would wake up every time I rolled over. When we put the rain sound on, we all slept more soundly, Now she sleeps with it every night and comes in most handy when we are on vacation, she sleeps like she is at home because of the familiar sounds. A must have!
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