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rating Submitted By: GB LEE   Date: 02/19/2014
I and my wife have difficulty in sleeping with my baby. But Cloud b is very helpful for my baby sleeping.
rating Submitted By: Sherry from Mesa AZ   Date: 02/12/2014
I bought this for my grandchild at the advice of four other grandmother's who's grand babies love it!! My grand baby is due in April.
rating Submitted By: Cheryl   Date: 12/17/2013
Granddaughter has warn out 3 this will be her 4th she is 4yrs take Sheep everywhere. Quality is good, safe and transports easily.
rating Submitted By: Catherine from Los Angeles, CA   Date: 09/25/2013
Gentle and wonderful sound assistance for baby. Highly reccommend. Quality is great, can be a stuffed animal on it's own and sound machine as well. Has velcro to be able to sit on the outside of the crib. Plush and soft.
rating Submitted By: Tiffany Strong from Mattituck, NY   Date: 05/03/2013
This little sleep sheep is a wonderful item to have!! It has a few different sounds to play to lull baby to sleep. The continuous sound is great background noise to keep baby sleeping. I do wish it would run longer than the times 20 or 45 minutes options, but you can always press the button again if necessary. Great product! Baby loves it.
rating Submitted By: Joan   Date: 05/01/2013
I've purchased this lamb for two different infants. The first was for a client's newborn. My client is still raving about how fabulous the lamb is and how it helped put his child to sleep. The different sounds are really great; doesn't get boring and really does the job. You can't go wrong with the Cloud B Sleep Sheep.
rating Submitted By: JMM from Cambridge, MA   Date: 04/14/2013
The Sleep Sheep is a great buy for newborns. The soothing noises and the soft material are great to have nearby a baby sleeping (just not inside a crib or bassinet).
rating Submitted By: Hannah from Silver Spring, MD   Date: 10/15/2012
First, yes, this sheep is adorable, and the sounds are so soothing, sometimes I like to put it on when I'm taking a nap by myself. That said, there are only two settings: 25 minutes, and 45 minutes. Which means that if your infant, like mine, needs some white noise to help keep him asleep, then you have to keep running into their room every (at best) 45 minutes to reset the stupid sheep. I wish I had known that before. I just downloaded sounds of the ocean onto my ipod and play that. The sheep, however, is quite soft and lovely on baby skin, and you can take out the sound box... so it might be worth it mostly for the stuffed animal.
rating Submitted By: Rebecca Rettke from Washington, IL   Date: 07/01/2012
I purchased this lamb for my great niece and it worked wonders for her. This lamb was purchased for my first grandbaby due in July.... I'm sure she/he will love it as well.
rating Submitted By: jill from Plymouth Meeting PA   Date: 06/27/2012
I bought both The Sleep Sheep and the Sleep Giraffe one for each grand daughter - the sounds are very soothing and there is adjustable volume for all sounds. The material is very soft and cushy. I continue to purchase this as shower gifts.
rating Submitted By: RVAmama   Date: 06/05/2012
We used this every night for the first few months - had it strapped to the bassinet next to our bed. Was soothing for both baby and us tired parents. :) I don't care for the "heart beat" sound. But the others are great. Recommended. Bought one for a friend too.
rating Submitted By: Leah from Salt Lake City   Date: 12/20/2010
I have been using the sleep sheep since we brought our baby home. The sounds options are great and even I am addicted to it when using before the napping time for my baby.
rating Submitted By: justagal   Date: 12/18/2010
This Lamb is so soft and BIG! What I love most about this is long after it has been used for sleep, it can be used as a snuggle lamb. My only complaint, and why I didn't give it 5 stars, is the ocean setting has the sounds of whales in the background. It is very soothing for the first 10 secs and then you hear the whale calls. I am hoping this is more relaxing for our little guy than it would be for us.
rating Submitted By: Katy from Encinitas, CA   Date: 12/15/2010
I bought this as a gift for a friend's baby shower. She registered for it and is super excited about it, so that's great. She immediately took it out of the box to check it out, and although it is very cute and the sounds are very soothing, I personally didn't think it was the best noise machine out there. We have one that has way better sounds and even has a light that shoots stars on the ceiling. I'm glad my friend likes it, but I wasn't too thrilled with the music options.
rating Submitted By: jeff from florida   Date: 10/15/2010
super plush. baby loves to fall asleep to the whales.
rating Submitted By: Andrea from Manito IL   Date: 06/26/2010
My brother in law purchased this for our baby daughter and now at 5 months old she has not only the cloud b sheep but the twilight turtle and the gentle giraffe. I love these products. I feel safer knowing that they strap secure to the crib so she cannot put them over her face while sleeping or resting in her crib. The turtle sits on her dresser as it is a night light not a toy as such....just a side note! Soft to the touch and the sounds are great. Not only that, they are just very cute. a very enjoyable product.
rating Submitted By: Amber from Austin, TX   Date: 06/15/2010
This makes very soothing sounds and was easy to put the batteries in and hang to the crib. Easy to figure out how to use it as well. It doesn't get TOTALLY loud though; not sure how loud our baby will need it once he/she comes!
rating Submitted By: Nick's Mom from Dublin, Ohio   Date: 03/29/2010
Love the Sleep Sheep! We use it with the ocean setting for nap time (with consistency in napping with the same white noise setting, it lulls him to sleep with the familiar sound). Then at night we use the whale sounds, and it's easy to attach to any crib. The best thing is that it's portable, and when we stay at a hotel or our parents house for a weekend, he can have consistent sounds to lull him to sleep day or night. Our son is 4 months old and loves it! Great purchase to help you ease your baby to sleep.
rating Submitted By: Tanya Woodruff from Sanford, Florida   Date: 03/28/2010
Can't say enough good things about this. I have thanked the person who gave this to me as a gift for my shower several times. My son's favorite to calm him is the gentle stream. Works every time. A little story to ease your mind. We had a boy, so my husband wanted him circumsized and by chance we wanted it done by the pediatrician we had chosen out, not at the hospital, so it was done in his office which he had done many times. They informed me he would cry and be upset yet they would make sure before we left the doctor's office that he was calm and ok. Well, instinct told me to bring the sheep with me on our appointment. When they came to get him for the procedure, I gave them the sheep and told them how to use it. When they brought him back shortly thereafter, to their amazement he was sleeping. The nurse carried him in and the doctor asked where I got the sheep and that they were buying one for the office for just that reason to calm the babies when needed.
rating Submitted By: Donna from Longwood, FL   Date: 02/16/2010
That heading may sound dramatic, but this sheep has made a HUGE difference in the way my day with my 5 week old plays out. I received this sheep when my baby was about 3 weeks old. He has very fussy mornings and evenings, and the various sounds are soothing and distracting to him, sometimes seemingly putting him in a 'trance'. The first time I used it, I played the hearttones for him, and he calmed (like he hadn't ever done before)..... the rain and ocean tracks are great for relaxation and creating 'white noise'. Initially I thought the whale sounds were a little 'odd', and did not play them for at least a week since I had the sleep sheep. And then out of desperation one morning, I tried it and my screaming baby practically stopped crying immediately and tuned in to the sounds, allowing him to calm and remain calm for a while after wards. Now the whale sounds are one of my favorites and I find them very soothing! One of the great things about this 'toy' is that the sound box easily is removed from the sheep - that is essentially how we are using it now. It is small, and extremely portable and I bring it in the car, in the stroller, and sometimes even in my pocket as I wear my baby around the house! I find this product truly indispensible now! I just bought one for a friend who's son was born 2 weeks before mine. Highly recommended!
rating Submitted By: Mandy from Round Rock, TX   Date: 02/12/2010
The Cloud B line is great! I love all the Cloud B products but the Sleep Sheep is so wonderful I have purchased it for gifts over and over. My son and his Crib mates use the Sleep Sheep and friend at daycare and since they have been using them they sleep so much better! The best feature is teh automatic shut off for either 24 minutes or 45 minutes. The sounds are all very soothing and the fabric super soft.
rating Submitted By: Missy   Date: 01/19/2010
This toy really helped my newborn sleep. It's sounds were so soothing! The baby would be so fussy and this did the trick everytime.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer   Date: 12/03/2009
This sheep is so soft and precious we are so excited to use it. And if baby doesn't like it then Daddy and I will!
rating Submitted By: Aidan's Mom   Date: 10/11/2009
Initially I loved the sleep sheep. It is adorable and I love that it attaches to the crib rails. My problem with it is: the auto shut-off- as soon as it cuts off my son wakes up. Perhaps if it faded out instead of going from nice peaceful white noise to dead silence it wouldn't be such a wakeful shock. I have had better results using it on the changing table when he needs a distraction or for car rides. I recently got a sleep sound generator from hammacher-schlemmer and that thing is a miracle worker. my advice- spend the extra money and get a good machine that doesn't shut itself off!
rating Submitted By: Nan from Baltimore, MD   Date: 09/16/2009
I bought one of these for my first grandchild. She loves it so much that I bought one to keep at my house, definitely helps her fall asleep here. Am expecting another grand baby so picked up one for my other daughter. This is now my favorite baby gift for friends who are expecting. Everyone loves it!
rating Submitted By: Michi from Miami, FL   Date: 09/16/2009
We love this sleep sheep! There are large one and small one on the market, and we got the small one for our baby shower. My son is 12 month old, and ever since he was born, he never went to bed without this sheep! We have kept the ocean whale sound to our tuck-in time ritual, and he knows it's time to go to bed as soon as he hears the sheep. It works for the nap time too.
rating Submitted By: mel from chicago, il   Date: 07/15/2009
I bought this before I visited my 2 month old niece for the first time last week, and she absolutely loves it. I knew that at two months her sleep schedule would begin to get more predictable, and the sheep's wonderful sounds put her to sleep very quickly. Mom and Dad love it too. This is an excellent product, and is easily washable when the sound-making component is removed.
rating Submitted By: LL from Chicago   Date: 04/23/2009
My son loves this toys. He especially loves the heartbeat version. It made the little cutie smile and giggle.
rating Submitted By: Katie   Date: 04/14/2009
The sleep sheep is by far the best product like it on the market right now. I have the regular sleep sheep attached to my daughter's crib and I take the travel sleep sheep with us on trips. When she was an infant she settled down to "shhh" sounds and the Sleep Sheep did the trick for helping her quiet down to sleep. She was also pretty colicky so anything that helped was a blessing. Now she's 16 months old and she will turn it on by herself, mimicking the sounds it makes. I have bought one for all of my friends who are expecting!
rating Submitted By: John from Silver Spring, MD   Date: 04/11/2009
The different sounds that you can choose from are not very distinct from one another and the sound quality is low. The idea is good but this Cloud Sleep Sheep, cute as it is, plays white noise (like static). You'd be better off to play soothing music in my opinion, and after some tries we don't even use this product.
rating Submitted By: stlmommy from Massachusetts   Date: 08/26/2008
We got this as a baby gift when we first had our daughter and I was skeptical. We ended up attaching it to her bassinet in our room and it lulled her to sleep. I use it on her crib now, and it is so wonderful. She likes that it is a sheep and I love the soothing sounds that get her to sleep. We just bought the on-the-go one to travel with. I thank my friend all of the time for sending us this wonderful sheep.
rating Submitted By: Tanya from san diego, ca   Date: 08/11/2008
My mom got me this for my baby shower (the baby has yet to arrive) The Sleep Sheep is very cuddly and soft, the sounds are very natural and southing.
rating Submitted By: Belinda   Date: 08/09/2008
The sleep sheep is a wonderful "toy" to have for the baby. The sheep it self is cute and the fabric is pretty soft to the touch. The sheep offers 4 different sounds: heartbeat,rain,whale, and ocean. The sounds are soothing and does a good job keeping the baby calm when awake and seems to help in sleeping too. Even an adult will find the sound soothing and peaceful. There is also a 15mins and 25mins time setting for the sounds to automaticallly shut off. I highly recommend the sleep sheep to new born babies.
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