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Product Reviews
Dura-Bib - Stage 2

DEX Products Dura-Bib - Stage 2 - Large Reviews

by DEX Products
Average rating: rating (34 reviews)
Parents are raving about the Dura-Bib from DEX. A handy "Catch-All" pocket prevents typical messes. The pocket unsnaps and the bib folds down flat, so it wipes off easily for quick clean up. Available in four fun patterns. Age: 6 months... read more »
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rating Submitted By: ABC   Date: 07/02/2014
Only bib that I have found that the pocket actually works as it should to collect crumbs. Easy to clean and lasts very well
rating Submitted By: Dar Vande Voort from Eldora, IA   Date: 01/07/2014
My daughter used to buy these at Walmart, but I couldn't find them there anymore. These are absolutely the best bibs for protecting baby's clothes and catching dropped food in the bib pocket. They are worth every penny and more!
rating Submitted By: Anita from Ohio   Date: 11/20/2010
This is a very nice bib that does a good job catching crumbs. It is easy to wash off but you must take care to let it dry properly so it doesn't stink. I use a bib drying rack.
rating Submitted By: Heather   Date: 07/26/2010
These bibs great quality that will last long time. They are easy to clean and big enough to capture the crumbs and spills.
rating Submitted By: neatfreakmom   Date: 09/17/2009
love this bib! we received one as a gift when our daughter was born and it's still in great shape 15 months later. very durable and easy to clean. the pocket is well designed - catches much more than other pocket bibs. this is our favorite bib by far!
rating Submitted By: Jamie from St. Paul   Date: 07/22/2009
Here's what I love about these bibs: They catch everything (solid and liquid) and can be handwashed in the sink after every meal and occasionally thrown in with the laundry. Very durable.
rating Submitted By: Josie from Lander, WY   Date: 07/09/2009
I love these bibs! They snap up to make a pocket for spills and then unsnap for easy clean up. The durable rubber is so easy to clean. You can even run them right through the dishwasher. They're great - highly recommended!
rating Submitted By: Maru   Date: 06/23/2009
I bought these bibs after getting frustrated with my son who likes to tear off his bib as his way of telling me he is done with dinner. These bibs stay on no matter how hard he pulls. My only complaint with them is that they take a long time to dry after cleaning. You have to make sure to let them dry completely and throw them in the washing machine every once in a while, because they can get funky smelling- especially around the neck.
rating Submitted By: Mamatocooper   Date: 05/29/2009
I am a former nanny, now mom, and I'd used these bibs in the past with the children I'd nannied for. They are wonderful and the best bibs you will ever find. However, the dex bibs I'd used before were machine washable and dishwasher safe, and made of a much higher quality material. The website advertises that this is what they are selling. Unfortunetly that is not what I recieved. I recieved a lesser quality product that has to be wiped clean. It is still a great bib, because the pocket catches everything, and stays open unlike some other pocket bibs. It keeps everything off babies clothes, and really contains the mess. I'm just disapointed that I did not recieve what was advertised, and I could have gotten them much cheaper somewhere else, had I known this is what I would recieve. I thought I was paying for the higher quality version of this product. Overall still a good product, though not quite as "great" as the other version. From BabyEarth: Thank you for your feedback. We have spoken with the manufacturer regarding this matter and their official position is that the bibs themselves have not changed. The manufacturer chose to change the cleaning instructions based on customer feedback regarding the bibs' durability in the washing machine.
rating Submitted By: Charmaine Schultz from Pittsburgh, Pa.   Date: 05/05/2009
My granddaughter is 19 mo. old and she makes a mess when eating. These bibs are large enough and have a pocket to catch most all the food that misses her mouth. They are really great!
rating Submitted By: Melanie from Fairbanks, AK   Date: 04/30/2009
This is our favorite for our 13 month old. We use it all the time. The pocket catches much of what used to end up in the chair part of the high chair, reducing waste and mess. It's easy to clean because of the plastic surface and the snap-open pocket, and much easier than the cloth ones that have to go in the laundry. Now we just use one bib instead of a whole stack of cloth ones. She finds it comfortable, can't tear it off or slip it over her head, and it's easy for us to put on her. Finally, it uses the less toxic plastic products, so I don't feel as bad about having the plastic around.
rating Submitted By: Lauren from Texas   Date: 02/19/2009
We had tried numerous bibs, before these. My 13m old daughter would either manage to pull them off - flinging food across the kitchen or they would fall to pieces after a few weeks of scrubbing them clean. She tried to get this bib off the first few times, but it snaps instead of velcros - so she can't get it off. It cleans up so easily! I've recommended them to all of my friends with messy eaters. :)
rating Submitted By: Shauna from Agawam, MA   Date: 02/13/2009
I first purchased one of the durabibs in a store when my son was just getting started with solid foods. I loved it! Then I took it on a trip and inadvertently left it behind. Rather than buy the same bib again I tried a few other brands. At the end I broke down and bought two more of these. Nothing comes close to ease of clean up and efficiency of catching fallen food as these.
rating Submitted By: Kat from Coatesville, PA   Date: 01/27/2009
These bibs are the best! They clean up so easily and the pocket is perfect for catching food and drink, or for putting snacks in. My 1 year old daughter loves when I put one of these bibs on her and put Goldfish or Cheerios in the pocket so she can snack neatly while she plays.
rating Submitted By: Stephanie from Portland, OR   Date: 12/30/2008
I love the dura-bib... I now own 3 and have tossed all my others away. The durabib is durable and so easy to clean. The way it snaps together makes a pocket that actually catches falling food! The snap closure is 10x better than velcro(which I have found really loses its grip in short order). Sizing is a bit big on the stage2. My daughter is a fairly petite 13 month old and the stage1 fits her so much better but the stage2 still works just find. I have had other plastic coated bibs actually start losing their coating altogether but my durabib is still like new.
rating Submitted By: Nicole from Valrico, FL   Date: 12/27/2008
I bought 3 of these and I love them. I like the snap closure and that I can throw them in the washer. Highly recommend.
rating Submitted By: Emma   Date: 12/19/2008
I wondered if they would fit my 3yr old twins when I ordered them but when they arrived they were just what I needed. They are great quality, large sizing, worth every $.
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 11/17/2008
This is a great product! The bib is a good size for my 10-month-old, but still large enough on her that we'll be able to use it for a long time. The surface wipes clean and the pocket catches dropped food. I especially love that the pocket unsnaps for easy cleaning. No reaching in to scrape food out of the pocket crease.
rating Submitted By: Naomi from Chula Vista, CA   Date: 11/15/2008
I started using these bibs when my daughter was 8 months old. Now I'm using the larger size (she's 14 mos) and it's just as good. The snaps keep it on when velcro tabs have ceased to be effective on other bibs. The colorful graphics are a plus and the snap-style catcher has saved many an outfit! My favorite bib by far, and it's easy to clean and store.
rating Submitted By: NFGrams from Niagara Falls, NY   Date: 11/14/2008
...says my daughter who uses them for her daughter. The snap, she says, is the key.
rating Submitted By: Ann from Austin, TX   Date: 10/24/2008
These are the only bibs that I can keep on my son! He can pull off anything with velcro. It is also very easy to clean. I just wipe it off after each meal, and then throw it in the wash at the end of the day. The pocket is also great for catching everything that doesn't make it to his mouth. It has also saved us when he has had sippy cup malfunctions. These are the only bibs that I use now!
rating Submitted By: Joanna from Fort Bragg, NC   Date: 10/17/2008
love this bib i have had other plastic bibs but this is much better. this one actually catches the food!!
rating Submitted By: Caron   Date: 10/10/2008
This is a nice bib. Its large and I love the fact that the pocket can open to make cleaning easier. The only problem I have with this product is the material on the back of the bib...its NOT plastic and so cannot be wiped off like the front. So, if food gets on it I have to wash it and then wait for it to dry. Plus, my baby loves pasta, so the outside of the pouch is all stained with pasta sauce. They should have made the entire bib from the same material...back and front.
rating Submitted By: Meg from VA   Date: 10/06/2008
This is the bib to get. If I'd known about these, I wouldn't have bought anything else. Wipe clean, catch food, protect the clothes!
rating Submitted By: Rachel from Kingwood, TX   Date: 08/15/2008
I have 4 bibs in both sizes...we have yet to grow into the large ones. They clean easy, are easily packed into a diaper bag and you don't have to worry about stains setting in if they get mess all over them before laundry day. When I heard that these are the bibs that Kate from "Jon and Kate plus 8" used, I knew they were for me. I am almost as anal as she is!
rating Submitted By: Lisa Meirose from Burleson, Texas   Date: 08/12/2008
This is the best bib by far!! I used these with my youngest and loved them. We recently became foster parents and I went back to Babies-R-Us to buy some, but couldn't find them. Bought another type and have hated them since. I am SO glad I found them online!!!
rating Submitted By: Twin Mom   Date: 07/15/2008
My twin daughters are 17 months old, and I wish I had purchased these bibs months ago! I love them, they collect everything, are easy to clean, and best of all, it cuts way back on laundry.
rating Submitted By: morgan from el cajon, ca   Date: 06/18/2008
I love these, The first time I have bought these I order 2 of ever style that I liked. That way my kids would not fight over who had what bib. The are by far the best bib I have ever owned. Wet things don't soak threw and food fall right in the pouch. I run them under warm water and they rinse right off. The I just hang to dry. I will so buy these again, want more styles.
rating Submitted By: Kerry from Minnesota   Date: 06/11/2008
I bought this bib a few weeks ago and it has been my fav so far. I originally came online looking for the Sassy bib with the detachable crumb catcher because Babies r Us wasn't selling it anymore. Then I found that it wasn't available online either. So, I chanced it and bought one of these and I'm planning to buy more. They clean up very easily and appear to be made with very durable materials to last a long time. I still use a bib for my 4 year old boy that has autism, and this one fits him well and catches all of the food he drops, making my life much easier.
rating Submitted By: Danette from MKE WI   Date: 06/11/2008
This is the shower gift I will buy forever! It catches everything...I never have to clean up the high chair seat and cleanup is "rinse and hang dry"! Wow! Saves clothing from spaghetti, strawberries and cherries and chocolate cake! I wish I would have know about it for my other 3...
rating Submitted By: Stacy   Date: 06/04/2008
Before finding one packed away from my son's high chair days 5 years ago, I had tried cloth & other pocket bibs. But with my daughter in full teething mode she chewed HOLES in the cheaper pocket bibs. The Dura Bib fits like a painting smock, safely covering any clothes underneath. Sometimes my daughter enjoys a 2nd round with all the food she finds in the pocket. And cleaning the bib is SO easy. Now that I've stocked up, I've thrown all the other bibs away...
rating Submitted By: Michelle from Phoenix, AZ   Date: 04/19/2008
I have been looking for a bib that has snaps. This is it. The durabib has no velcro to get tangled in the wash or to get tangled with my child's hair. This bib has it all. It's plenty big, with a nice gusset pocket that snaps together. It washes easily and drys easily on the line (no dryer!).
rating Submitted By: SaraShay from Baltimore, MD   Date: 02/21/2008
These bibs are the best, they wipe clean very easily. They also wash in the washing machine! These are the first bibs i've used that do not get smelly and slimey after some use. I highly recomend these bibs!!!
rating Submitted By: mom2one   Date: 12/08/2007
These bibs are the BEST. Wipe clean, easy open pocket, cute designs, my son loves them and so do I
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