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A New Year: Parenting Resolutions Simplified

At the start of each new year I try to come up with very specific resolutions that I convince  myself I’m going to follow through with, however as most of us can attest, more than most of them never get accomplished. For the record, my 2012 resolution of working out three times a week was achieved for a solid three and a half weeks, so that’s pretty awesome. Anyways, I’ve decided that setting specific goals isn’t really my thing.

This year, I am going with a more simplified approach. Instead of setting specific resolutions like “I’m cutting out dessert entirely” or “I’m only allowing myself to mentally break down once a week”, let’s all try to shoot for being all-around better people/parents/friends/etc. I’ve come up with a list of three simplified resolutions to help shape us into happier people, and hopefully they will be easier to stick to!

For me, I want to improve on three things this year and they are as follows: reflection, progression, and positivity.

Reflect. We cannot learn from our experiences if we don’t take a step back every once in awhile and reflect on how we reacted, why we reacted the way that we did, and how we can improve those actions the next time around. For parents, reflection is crucial. Take time to rehash the day. Did you dish out empty threats when a simple no would have sufficed? Did you overreact? Under-react? Take time to reflect, not just on your parenting techniques, but on everything. A moment of time taken out of your day designated solely for you is important in your overall happiness.

Progression. In relation to reflection, progression is the next step. Sure, you can think about things all day, but that’s not going to change anything unless you put those thoughts into action. Let’s all strive to progress, to learn, to move forward, and to be the best we can be.

Positivity. Pretty self-explanatory. My goal here is to simply possess positivity, in all capacities. I want to be positive, I want to think/speak positive, I want others to feel positive when I’m around, and most importantly I want to be positive that I am doing all I can for others. Now, when your two year old is screaming at the top of their tiny little lungs in a quiet store, it may be harder to hold on to that distant strand of positivity, but take a deep breath, and fight through it!  We can’t always be positive, but I would wager to say 9 times out of 10, it’s all about mind over matter.

Watch out 2013, I’m coming for you! ;)


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