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Nursery Décor: Wall Decals

Designing a nursery is one of the most exciting steps to check off on the pregnancy to-do list. You get to channel your inner interior designer, the project can potentially take your mind off of the pregnancy pains (maybe, it’s all about positive thinking, right?), and it allows for you and the hubby to truly gear up for the bundle of joy headed your way very shortly. That said, where do you start? Generally, most couples wait to discover the gender before diving in (or choose a neutral color if it’s a surprise!), then it goes to choosing a color scheme, the crib bedding, the crib and so on.

My brothers and I had the most amazing rooms when we were little. As far as I can tell from pictures, we had THE coolest rooms. In short, my dad is an artistic mastermind, and he had hand-painted beautiful murals on the walls of our rooms. I’d like to pause right there and say my mom is equally crafty and wonderful, assisting me in slathering glitter all over my wall when I was a pre-teen. Oh yes, I had spectacular taste. But that is a totally different topic…

Anyways, the most memorable mural for me was in my brothers’ room. It was adorned with a rainbow of every relevant Disney character at the time. Literally. It was awesome. I remember that being an intricate part of the room. We would stare at it in awe and learn the characters and animals that way. Not only did the mural add to the décor, the inclusion of art and/or visual stimulus was extremely important to our cognitive growth. In short, designing a nursery can be fun, but don’t underestimate the power you hold in helping your baby learn and grow as well.

Granted, not everyone is so artistically-inclined, I get that, which is why wall decals are the next best option, if not the best option, in spicing up a nursery. Even if you are quite the artist, wall decals are great because they can be removed at any time! Not to mention, they are inexpensive so there is no need to commission an artist and break the bank.  Though especially ideal for apartment living, they are equally as wonderful for in-home use as well. When your little tyke gets older (faster than you’d might like), it will be time to graduate to a bigger bed with different bedding and inevitably, the decal may not fit with the overall theme any longer. That’s not a problem, as you can take it off without damaging the walls and having to repaint.  For those of you who are keeping the nursery gender-neutral, the wall decal can be the perfect addition to personalize the room even more once the baby arrives.

Whether you choose zoo animals, Thomas & Friends choo-choo trains, or a beautiful tree, wall decals are the perfect décor addition to any nursery. For a full listing of our wall decals, visit