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Incredible Photo of Newborn Grabbing Doctor’s Finger During C-Section Delivery

“A picture is worth a thousand words” and though that may be true, this picture left me completely speechless.

A Classic Pin-Up/Facebook
A Classic Pin-Up/Facebook

According to, a  routine C-section that took place in October at an Arizona hospital would have been like any other until the tiny little newborn grasped onto the doctor’s finger while still inside the mother’s womb. This incredible photo was quickly snapped by the proud father, Randy Atkins, when his daughter, Nevaeh (Heaven spelled backwards), made quite the memorable entrance into the world.

For fear that the picture might leave a few friends squeamish, the Atkins’ originally planned to keep the photo private. However, once the photo was uploaded to Facebook, the photo went viral with more than 7,000 likes and 4,000 shares.

What a remarkably beautiful photo!


The Final Elf Sighting: December 21st

As this is the last day in the office for many of us who are looking forward to some quality time with family and friends for the upcoming holiday, we braced ourselves to find Beartha one last time before she officially heads back up to the North Pole for the year. Low and behold, Beartha decided to go out with a leap. She bungee jumped with Christmas lights off of some of our cubicles!

And even left us a little note! :)

We’ll miss her. I guess we’ll find out if we made the naughty or nice list pretty soon… (fingers crossed).

From all of us at BabyEarth, Happy Holidays! Enjoy time with your family and snap lots of photos to always remember  these precious moments.

Spider-Man Snags President Obama at the White House

This photo posted on Barack Obama’s Facebook page has been liked and shared like wildfire across the Internet within the last 24 hours – and understandably so. We all need a bit of comedic relief after this past week, and this definitely put a smile on my face. According to Yahoo, the miniature Spider-Man is believed to be a son of a White House staff member.

Spider-man issues a sneak attack on President Obama. Pete Souza/The White House. Photo originally shared via Barack Obama’s Facebook page.
Spider-man issues a sneak attack on President Obama. Pete Souza/The White House. Photo originally shared via Barack Obama’s Facebook page.

All politics aside, you have to respect a man who will play along with the ill wills of an imaginative tyke superhero . From the looks of it, this little Spider-Man has mean accuracy!

Elf Sighting: December 20th

We were searching all over for Beartha this morning and could not find her. It wasn’t until we opened the fridge and found her all bundled up with the disappearing chocolates from yesterday!

Apparently she has a sweet tooth and is missing the cold from home. Unfortunately for us, she’ll be reunited with the brisk cold sooner rather than later; tomorrow is our last day in the office before spending time with our families for the holidays!

Elf Sighting: December 19th

Beartha made a snow angel this morning!

Elf Sighting: December 18th

Beartha reminded us at the office today that there is only one week until Christmas with her cute little chain-link Christmas Countdown!! I think someone is excited…

Oh, and to be clear, that someone isn’t me. Not yet at least. Her countdown is a frantic reminder that I have MUCH shopping left to do! Eek.

Are you all done with your Christmas shopping?

Elf Sighting: December 17th

Beartha was found working on her fitness today. Here she is on an aerobics step – sweatbands and all!

Stretching is a vital part of any workout…

What has your elf been up to?

Elf Sighting: December 14th

Beartha was zip-lining along our office holiday decorations today! Happy Friday, indeed!

How can you be mad at that face?!

Elf Sighting: December 13th

I came into work this morning to discover our office had transformed into the Middle Ages! It’s not everyday you see an organic rhino and elephant participating in a joust with an elf and piggy. ;)

Elf Sighting: December 12th

Today on Wednesday, 12-12-12 (sorry, couldn’t resist putting that in writing!), I found Beartha in the Customer Service department! Apparently she was taking phone calls throughout the night. If you did happen to talk to Beartha, give us a call back, the message may not have been clearly received. ;)

Where has your elf been lately?!