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‘The Parent Rap’: A Lyrical Success

“The Parent Rap”, via Bluefish TV, has gained virality as of late for its witty parenting humor and juvenile musicality. Though the duo may not be musical geniuses ready to take on the likes of Jay Z or Eminem, they certainly come close to lyrical masterminds in their rap of all things parenthood. Whether boasting of their sandwich-making capabilities or asserting “mom and dad[‘s] need to clean da house”, this song is sure to resonate with parents worldwide.

With over a million views, “The Parent Rap” is definitely a success in humorously capturing the essence of parenthood. Personally, I have to say I enjoyed watching mom “make it rain” with coupons and the reference to the terrible tie collection that every father gains throughout the years from their loving kiddos.  Sorry, Dad.

We want to hear from you! What do you think about “The Parent Rap”?

When to Get Baby Involved in Activites

From the time you bring your little bundle home from the hospital, your life will never be the same.  Day by day you will notice little things that are different, and as your baby grows, you will start to see parts of the world through his/her eyes.  As soon as I found out I was pregnant last year, I knew I wanted to put our baby in baby swim classes as early as they would let me.  I wanted to get our child used to the water so she would be confident, even if the water depths stretched farther than her toes.  I asked friends and someone suggested checking the YMCA, and a phone call and one swim class later, I am so glad I did.

Knowing when to put your baby into activities isn’t a given.  A number of factors come into play, like where you live and what activities you personally enjoy. Once you have some ideas, then you have to find the activities in your area—I highly recommend checking your local YMCA, as that is where I found my daughter’s “Shrimp Swim” classes.  The minimum age for these is six months, and it just so happened that our little one hit her six-month birthday a mere week before the fall session started.

If public pools aren’t your thing, you can also find a variety of other baby activities to enjoy.  Ask your pediatrician or look online for Mommy & Me music classes, tumbling, and groups hosting play dates for babies and their moms (or even dads!).  The music classes work out wonderfully for babies of any age, while the tumbling sessions may be better suited for toddlers.  Check for “Meetups” in your area as well–these popular networking groups keep popping up all over the country, making it easy to keep your baby socially active from as early as birth, if you want.

When in doubt, give your pediatrician a call to discuss how much activity your baby can handle at a certain age, or ask at your next appointment.  Our daughter is currently allowed about 20 minutes in the pool, but we constantly monitor her lips and skin for indicators that we should take her out sooner.  She enjoys it so much I wish I could take her every day!

Putting together a social schedule for your baby or toddler is a truly enriching experience.  It introduces them to a new part of the world, encourages socialization, and builds confidence–plus, it’s fun!  What activities do your little ones currently enjoy?

Hug A Bear Day

Need a hug?  You’re in luck!  Today, November 7th,  is “Hug A Bear Day“.  Now, I”m not suggesting you go out and hug an actual bear, but a stuffed bear or even a big bear hug will do!  Speaking of those stuffed bears your kids like to drag on the floor and dig their cute little faces into, did you know there are organic options available as well?  Consider that eco-friendly tip to be a virtual bear hug from us to you and yours.

Now grab the kids (and teddy bears) and start hugging!

Need a Laugh? Check Out These Pregancy Photos!

Okay, so these may not be most helpful if you’re looking for ideas for your pregnancy photoshoot, but these photos are sure worth a look.

Brace yourselves for all the glorious-ness that awaits you here.


“Mom Cars” have Swag

We all know what I’m talking about.  The “mom car” stereotype has been around for ages, and it hasn’t always been pretty.  However, the modern mom has plenty of decent car options, particularly as the SUV has finally come to the rescue of every mom trapped behind the wheel of a clunky van.  But just for kicks, let’s go back a bit…

As a young child, my siblings and I would pile into a beat up gray station wagon with wood trim along the side (oh yes, it really was that ugly beautiful).  I vividly remember fighting for the back seat because you could face the rear of the car.  Not only was it an entirely different riding experience to face the back, but I was able to squish my face and stick out my tongue at the innocent drivers behind us-arguably the best form of entertainment for any child while riding in a car.  Then came the caravan and minivan in my household.  Pilot seats were covetable; but as the youngest, I was lucky to graze my leg past it on the way to the backseat…

I have so many memories in those “mom cars” and when I saw this video campaign for Toyota featuring “The Sienna Family” a couple years back, I couldn’t help but laugh.  With over 11 million views, “Swagger Wagon” is hard to miss.  But if for some unknown reason you missed this viral video or need a reminder/laugh, check it out.

Pure awesome.

What is your favorite “mom car” memory?  What swag do you drive now?

Baking with Mommy

Let’s face it, family bonding time typically revolves around the dinner table, if not only at the dinner table.  With limited time already and the holidays quickly approaching, you might find yourself in the kitchen a bit more than you’d like-whether that’s because you are whipping up the next best thing since Aunt Joanie’s sugar cookie or snagging one from the cupboard, that’s up to you, no judgment here!  Regardless, more time spent in the kitchen means less time with your family so why not have them join you in the kitchen?

This apron is the perfect eco-friendly adornment to keep your little chef clean.  Don’t trust they can sift flour or crack eggs without you spending an extra couple hours in the kitchen cleaning up the mess?  Try this adorable cupcake set!  It’s the perfect way to get them involved while maintaining your recipe…and sanity!