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Tackling Your Baby’s First Cold

Cold season is back in full-swing and with the bitter cold looming in our near future, you may find your baby will have to brave his/her first cold this winter.  Unfortunately, your pediatrician cannot prescribe anything to make that cold go away any more quickly. That runny nose simply has to run its course. It’s heartbreaking to hear their sweet little bodies struggling so here are a few of strategies you can use to make your little one more comfortable:

Humidifier – If your baby is congested, a humidifier in the nursery can help break up that congestion and help your little one breathe more easily. Choose a cool-mist humidifier, as these humidifiers are less likely to collect mold than warm humidifiers. Try a Drop Shape or Adorable Animal humidifier by Crane.  Turn it on before your baby’s bedtime to get the room comfortable for your little one. Keep it near the baby’s crib but not within his or her reach. Clean the humidifier and filter every morning. If you don’t want to invest in a humidifier, turn on a hot shower, and let the steam fill the bathroom. Let your baby breathe in the moist air.

Nasal Relief – Other tricks for dealing with your baby’s congestion include saline nasal drops and a bulb syringe. The saline drops can help break up any mucous that is causing congestion. Since your baby has most likely not yet perfected the art of blowing his or her nose, the bulb syringe helps you suck out the mucous, making breathing easier for your little one. He or she might not like the process, but the results will be worth it. Finally, you can find saline tissues, which can clear out your baby’s nose with one quick wipe.

Breastfeeding – If you breastfeed, you are helping your baby fight off the cold. Breast milk contains important antibodies to help eliminate colds. Even more, breast milk changes its makeup depending on what your baby needs, so it will include extra antibodies when your baby has a cold. Your baby might have a harder time breastfeeding if he or she is congested because he or she might be breathing more through the mouth. So, breastfeeding might be a bit more challenging, but continue to do it to help rid your baby of the cold.

Cold medicine and babies don’t mix, so you have to rely on at-home treatments to help your baby recover. If your little one comes down with a cold this winter, combine these suggested treatments with some cuddle time to help your baby get through his/her first cold.

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