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The Great Diaper Debacle: Disposable vs. Organic Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers have come a long way from when my siblings and I were born.  I remember my mom had stacks of white cloth diapers and a bunch of diaper pins, some with duckies on them and some without.  I remember the plastic pants, and the awful smell of the diaper pail. I cannot imagine how she ever got done washing cloth diapers and still had any energy left to deal with us.  I know my daughter goes through about eight or so diapers a day now, but when she was a newborn it was more like a full dozen.  How do you keep up with that pace?

As my husband and I were recently watching the hit TV show Shark Tank, we saw a woman, Tereson Dupuy, presenting her cloth diaper line, FuzziBunz®.  Part of her shtick relied on a huge pile of garbage bags allegedly filled with the amount of disposable diapers (roughly $2,500 worth, according to some studies!) that it would take to diaper a child until potty training was successfully achieved.  The number of trash bags and the overwhelming amount of space it took up in the studio was astounding!

According to a study by the Women’s Environmental Network, disposable diapers account for the third largest single consumer item to fill up our planet’s landfills.  With the number of births every year, it seems only a matter of time until our planet is overcome by consumer waste.

Organic cloth diapers offer many benefits to consumers, their infants, and the planet in general.  Diaper rash, leakage, and consumer waste all diminish with the use of cloth diapers.  Though seemingly pricey at first, parents also find great cost savings, as disposable diapers can cost as much as $25 a week or more per family.  Organic cloth diapers also do not expose your baby’s delicate bottom to any chemicals, such as artificial fragrances, deodorizers, and wetness indicators.  Cloth diapering also allows you to stay on top of your baby’s diapering needs without having to run out to the store to buy another pack or box of diapers.  If you’re looking for organic options, check out our store for diapers and accessories.

Of course, this does mean you may have to do the laundry a little more often…but won’t it be worth it knowing you are saving the planet and your baby’s bum, all in one shot?  To keep your organic cloth diapers the cleanest they can be, check out bumGenius Diaper Sprayer or Rockin’ Green’s laundry detergent.



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