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The Importance of Reading to Your Baby

Happy National Young Reader’s Day!

Thank goodness for Hallmark’s Ultimate Holiday Site for shedding light on this wonderful holiday!  November 9th marks a day of celebration for our future scholars and encourages the importance of reading at a young age.

Reading at any age is important and beneficial, but encouraging your children to read at a very young age is crucial to their growth.  In fact, it is never too early.  Reading to your baby improves their understanding of the world around them, increases their cognitive development, and builds their communication skills.  For more information on the benefits of reading to your baby, read “Reading Books to Babies” by KidsHealth or check out the dos and don’ts as outlined by Scholastic.

If you have older kids as well, encourage them to snuggle up on the couch and read with you today.  Happy Reading!

What’s your favorite book to read with the kids? Share your book suggestions below!

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