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rating Submitted By: Jo   Date: 12/25/2013
I've only been using it for two days since my baby was born a few days ago, but it has already been such a help. It helps us get sleep and not worry as much about the baby's schedule. It also helps us interpret his cries. The nightlight feature it has works well very well for us too, especially when it's feeding time late at night. Love this product, so glad I bought it!
rating Submitted By: Rebecca from Fort Madison, IA   Date: 02/24/2012
I was happy to get this ITZBEEN as a baby gift and hoped we'd get use out of it. I have definitely gotten use out of it - especially in the most fatigued first weeks/months. I breastfeed and it's great to see how long baby has nursed on each side, which side I nursed from last, and how long ITZBEEN between feedings. I write it down, but often used ITZBEEN then went back and documented when my arms were more free. It's also great for us cloth diaper families to remind us when to check/change baby's diaper as it's easy to lose track of how long ITZBEEN since the last diaper change & cloth doesn't give the tell-tale sag that sposies do. I also love using it for how long baby's been asleep or awake. ITZBEEN has been a stress reducer for me. Other ways I've used ITZBEEN: timing medication (for anyone from parents to kids!), great for potty training at timed intervals, even cooking. Be creative & think out of the box - it's uses are endless. :)
rating Submitted By: Sharon from Tennessee   Date: 12/09/2010
"How long ITZBEEN since we fed him?" We were asking this Over and Over.....no problem now! Bought a second one as a shower gift!!
rating Submitted By: Chris   Date: 08/04/2010
Has helped through the first month! Great product! When your so busy doing everything it's so easy to refer to the timer to find out what your baby might need. The alarm feature is great too
rating Submitted By: Erin from SLC, UT   Date: 08/01/2010
I honestly don't know what I would do without my itzbeen. My daughter would be sitting in a dirty diaper, starving because I have absolutely no sense of time passage since she was born. This thing is so incredibly useful. This will definitely be the gift I choose for my friends when they have children.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer from Fort Worth, TX   Date: 06/02/2010
I purchased the Itzbeen about 2 weeks ago, when my baby was 2 weeks old and it has been so helpful. It is also convenient to take around the house and throw in the diaper bag when you are on the go so you know how long it has been since baby has last eaten, etc. I really only use it for the feeding and sleeping timers and the left and right side switch. I love this little gadget and would recommend it to all of my friends. I will actually be purchasing it for shower gifts for about 4 of my friends that are all expecting in the next few months.
rating Submitted By: Ana   Date: 05/14/2010
This seemed like a great idea when I bought it before my baby was born. It has great features, however, I found that once my baby was born, I was too busy and tired to think about carrying this device around and pushing the button when needed. While it sounds like it would be really easy to do, I didn't have time for it. Also, I figured out my baby's patterns within just a few days. Again, great idea in theory, not so practical for me.
rating Submitted By: Pamcake from New York   Date: 03/19/2010
One of the best inventions ever made! I swear by this product.
rating Submitted By: Marina from NJ   Date: 01/06/2010
This is just what's needed for the new mom. The first days are usually very frustrating, you are sleep-deprived and extremely forgetful, that's where the ITZBEEN Baby Care Timer comes in for help. You can clock everything in and it will remind you, when the next feeding should be, which breast to use, when the diapers have been changed and when the baby slept and for how long. I would highly recommend it, especially for the first couple of weeks/months.
rating Submitted By: kyrsten   Date: 12/01/2009
This timer/clock/stopwatch/nightlight was my constant companion in my daughters first months. I could easily keep track of her feeding and diapers in the dark and without a paper or pen. I gave the one I purchased here as a gift.
rating Submitted By: AS   Date: 12/01/2009
Great for the first few weeks for feeding and later on for giving medicine, sleep training, and even as a regular night light.
rating Submitted By: Colleen from Seattle, WA   Date: 10/26/2009
I didn't know how great this gadget would be until I had my baby and my brain went to mush. I wondered why all the reviews treated this little timer like it was a life saver. But then I found out - the itzbeen was seriously my brain for a few weeks. When did he eat last? What side do I need to nurse on? When did I change his diaper last? No messing around with clocks and notes, it's all there on your little timer! There are so many handy things about this and it's so simple. I get it for all my friends now and everyone loves it. It also helps you start to understand baby's pattern and go with it. I was attached to mine for the first 8 months. Just buy it - you'll be glad you did!
rating Submitted By: Cori   Date: 10/22/2009
Love this for breastfeeding in the middle of the night. As my son gets older I look forward to tracking his sleep as well.
rating Submitted By: Danielle   Date: 10/01/2009
This easy to use timer has been of great help, especially when we venture out of the house. It is easy to lose track of the time when caring for a newborn, but this helps keep me on "schedule." It is also an easy way to communicate care needs between caregivers--I can hand the Itzbeen off to my husband and he knows how long since the last feeding, changing, etc. The little flashlight feature is an added bonus during night feedings when you don't want to turn on the lights.
rating Submitted By: brandi   Date: 08/12/2009
This timer is so easy to use and will definitely come in very handy. I love the built in nightlight and that it has an alarm option. A definite for sleep deprived moms! Some people said it was not necessary but I have to disagree. My husband thinks its very neat also. There is also a miscellaneous timer that you can use for dinner!
rating Submitted By: erin from ri   Date: 07/10/2009
Fantastic to use when baby first comes home and at least for the next few months. I thought it would be a cool but not needed item and after reading reviews online thought i'd get it to see. turns out everyone was right. VERY helpful! especially in the middle of the night where you sleep for what feels like 15 minutes and you look down and it's been almost an hour and a half! i've also found the flashlight part helpful while trying to get my baby to latch without turning on the bright lights to hurt his eyes. fantastic product! in fact i've bought this for two other people's baby showers as gifts.
rating Submitted By: dd   Date: 05/31/2009
works good. a little hard to set and doesn't have a shut off button
rating Submitted By: Kristy from Ann Arbor, MI   Date: 04/17/2009
At first I thought this was the best invention ever, until I put it to use. We were writing everything down for the 1st couple days and then decided to use the itzbeen timer. Really the only function I use on this timer is the feeding timer. Other then that the other timers don't really matter. It would be great if it could tally how many dirty diapers and feedings were completed over the day.
rating Submitted By: Emily from Montauk, NY   Date: 04/01/2009
This little thing is the brain pregnancy robbed me of. Especially in those early days just home from the hospital, when paranoia and sleep deprivation reign, the Itzbeen is a sanity saver. It's very reassuring to know for sure when the last feeding or dose of medicine was--its as simple as touching a little button. Brilliant! The best baby product I use, and the one I'd be lost without.
rating Submitted By: Anne DiGiacomo from Spring City, PA   Date: 01/06/2009
This timer has been great! It's really helpful when more than one person is taking care of the baby, as long as you both remember to start the timer. It's great for helping me estimate if I have enough time left to get something done before the next round of feeding and changing because I always forget to check the clock for the time of the last feeding and changing. The light is really helpful at night to check on the baby without waking her.
rating Submitted By: katrina from everett, wa   Date: 11/07/2008
I thought newborns slept all the time and it would be a great vaca from work. Yeah right. I can't remember anything in my current state. Now I don't have to wear that stupid saftey pin or yell at the clock. Works great for communicating with my husband and the nanny thinks it will maker her log book easier too. I just wish it kept a back log so I could go back to track feedings and changings and the back light wasn't so blinding at night. Now if I could just remember to push the buttons...
rating Submitted By: Elizabeth from Kansas   Date: 10/30/2008
I don't know how we made it without the itzbeen with our first two kids. We love this thing. The most notable benefits are that my husband is not constantly asking, "Is he hungry?" every time the baby cries (he goes for the itzbeen instead) and the little light is perfect for getting the baby latched on during middle-of-the-night feedings. I am buying one for every new mom I know.
rating Submitted By: Marina from Nipomo, CA   Date: 09/22/2008
I was very excited about this product. I read many great reviews and was in need of something like this. I purchased it and was very disappointed when the digital display was defective displaying only parts of numbers making the screen illegible. I contacted customer service and was issued a replacement. Unfortunately, the second ITZBEEN had the same defect. Not one of the four timers could be read legibly or programed correctly. Poor manufacturing, makes this product a waste of money. what a disappointment.
rating Submitted By: Mandy from Dallas, TX   Date: 07/29/2008
I actually just bought a replacement for my first ItzBeen which I dropped one too many times. It's so handy and lets dads, grandparents and babysitters know when the next feeding is due. It was especially useful in the first few months (in the middle of the night) when it's hard to keep up with the every 2 or 3 hour feedings.
rating Submitted By: Megan Sommer from Kaufman, TX   Date: 06/27/2008
LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT! I do wish they would have made the timer/alert settings in every 15min intervals instead of every 30 min
rating Submitted By: Katie, mom of 4 from Suburban St Louis, MO   Date: 05/08/2008
I just had my 4th baby and this product has been my crutch. Yes, I lived without it for the first 3 but this time my brain is completely fried and I can't remember what day of the week it is sometimes. I originally thought this was something that first time moms would buy b/c that's when you think you have to have everything (diaper wipes warmer, pacifier sanitizer etc...). I bought it and find that I use it daily. My baby is now 3 months old and this hasn't left my side since! I use the switch on the bottom to track which side I fed her last on. The night light helps me get her latched on at night while we are feeding in bed. I was also able to use the clip on hook on the back to fasten the unit to my shirt or bra strap when I changed her diaper in the middle of the night. It provided just enough light to let me see what kind of mess I was changing! The timer for the diaper change is nice b/c with 4 kids running around (2 in diapers) it's hard to remember who has been changed and when. The feeding timer is nice b/c I get so busy with my other 3 kids that when she starts to fuss and I think "I just fed you, you can't seriously be hungry", I look down at the timer and see that ItzBeen about 2.5 hours. I know it really is time to feed her! I don't really use the sleep timer to track sleep but I use it to track other things. I use the miscellaneous timer to track when was the last time I pumped alot. The backlit feature is great. Bright enough and long enough for me to read the information I need. After about 3 months of use though I dropped it one too many times and the backlit button kind of sunk back into the unit, but I can still push it. I've used this thing so much the icons on the buttons are starting to wear off. The key pad lock on the side is nice too. I just wish it would lock the night light as well. When it gets tossed and squished in my diaper bag I often find it with the night light on. I've changed the batteries once in 3 months. This has definitely been worth my $$$!
rating Submitted By: Ted from San Bernardino, CA   Date: 12/16/2007
Every parent needs this. I for one am a gadget guy, but this one my wife fell in love with too! Instead of boring you with more of the same from the description, I'd rather add to it with my experience with it. Number one, it's quite durable. I've dropped it numerous times on our tile, and it keeps going. The light is soft, yet bright enough to get around. In fact, the backing light (which is triggered by a button) is harsher than the flashlight. The lock is indispensable as you can inadvertently hit the buttons in transit. And honestly, it comes down to have a much better idea of how long the baby has slept, been fed, and diaper changed; instead of having to guess or always check the clock.
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