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Product Reviews
Joovy Room2 Playard

Joovy Room2 Playard Reviews

by joovy
Average rating: rating (20 reviews)
The Joovy Room². Bigger. Better. With over 10 square feet of floor space, the Room² provides your child with almost 50% more living space than traditional playards, so your toddler will be happier and play longer. The Room² also accommodates all of your existing accessories like play gym mats. The large mesh windows provide a great view so your child does not feel confined.... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Toni Fox   Date: 10/02/2012
Love this playard! Roomy and sturdy and the color is bright and cheery. Did not have the smell problem that others have complained about so maybe they have fixed this issue (I got the one in red). If I have any complaint it's that I can't close it completely for storing and carrying but I really haven't sat down and read the instructions completely yet either. All in all I'm very satisfied with this.
rating Submitted By: Nancy Taylor   Date: 09/25/2012
This is a beautiful, sturdy and well-built playpen--roomy, too. I think it's the roomiest one available. It has been worth every penny!
rating Submitted By: virginia from phoenix   Date: 06/30/2012
very well made. the sheet is super soft and the mattress is velcro-fastened to the base and is very safe. high quality and great colors. my son is cruising in it and takes naps in it.
rating Submitted By: [email protected] from [email protected]   Date: 03/26/2011
I decided we needed something for the baby at our house. As they live an hour away. I didn't want them to have to transport anything but a diaper bag and clothing. As a father of four boys been there done that!! Waste too much time packing. After researching products I decided the Joovy Room2 playard would meet our needs.Your prices are Great. The Joovy arrived yesterday after opening it to make sure nothing was damaged.I put it up very sturdy product well constructed,has a well padded floor. Excellent price point $139.95 well worth the money. Although the sheets are very costly at $29.99 each. Joovy just waiting for action!!! Grandmas very pleased...Sure we will be ordering more products...
rating Submitted By: AAsMom from CA   Date: 01/30/2011
This is really large (compared to other playpens). This is not meant for a small space. That being said, it is a great playpen. It is very sturdy and my son has lots of room to play.
rating Submitted By: Tina   Date: 01/12/2011
Our 6 months old son who just started crawling loves his Joovy Room2 Playard. It is large enough for him to crawl around a bit and he is not squeezed. The quality is great. The play yard is light enough for us to move it from the play room into the living room, etc.. Our son – and us – love the Joovy Room2 Playard.
rating Submitted By: tausha from kansas   Date: 10/25/2010
I'm a stay at home grandma of three. a 20 mo and the other two are like having twins{ their a mo apart] the play yard is big enough for two. It's so easy to put up and take down. [ love love love that! know wrestling. I also really like the sheets, they are so soft worth the money. In my opinion it's the best on the market. The quality is great. I WELL SHOP BABYEARTH AGIAN. FAST SERVICE AND ON TIME. TAUSHA FROM KS.
rating Submitted By: Beth M.   Date: 10/14/2010
This is a great option for grandma and grampas house. It's a great size and should carry our little one through several years of sleep and play. We opened it up right away and the "plastic" smell people have reported went away quickly and wasn't a problem at all.
rating Submitted By: Diane Packer   Date: 09/17/2010
I bought a Pack and Play by Graco and am very happy with it. When my grandson got to 14 months and was coming for a visit, I decided I would get a bigger "bed" for him to sleep in, so when I found the Joovy I was grateful! It is a great size and gives him extra room to move. I like the sheet that comes with it and it fit great after I washed it. We can still take it with us when we travel. I am very pleased with it!!
rating Submitted By: Cecily   Date: 09/15/2010
I purchased his for my son as he began to cruise so I had a safe place to set him down for a few minutes to prep his meals or where he could play independently. I love the size of this playyard - much larger than others. My son has room to move about and play with his toys. The mattress secures safely to the bottom. The washable sheet is very practical. The mesh sides alow me to supervise my son and allows for us to interact (singing songs, making faces, etc.). My only slight complaint is that I have a little difficulty getting it to collapse all the way to fit into the carrier. But, truth be told, it's pretty much a stationary fixture so it is not much of a concern. I wanted a roomy, safe, practical playyard without the extra bulk and clutter of a changing tray and other things my son had outgrown or that I didn't need. This is exactly what I was looking for.
rating Submitted By: Sandra Laura from NYC   Date: 08/06/2010
We are very happy with the Joovy Room 2 ... it is very spacious, sturdy, of good quality and folds up nicely in it's own carry case. The cotton jersey sheet it comes with is very soft and of great quality as well. Compared to the rectangular pack-and-plays on the market, this one gives baby a lot of room to play in, crawl around and explore. Just be sure you have the room for it as it takes up quite a bit of space. Although we are in a "small" apartment, I especially made the extra room for it before it arrived. I think it's great and baby loves it too. I would highly recommend this product! And Baby Earth had the best price around, including free shipping and no sales tax :)
rating Submitted By: Gigi from Austin, TX   Date: 07/20/2010
We purchased this for our 4 month old as she was starting to roll quite a bit. It's very spacious and a square, not a rectangle as most other play yards. This is good as it gives her ample room to roll w/o hitting a side. It was easy to set up and is quite sturdy.
rating Submitted By: Donna T. from Spangle, WA   Date: 07/01/2010
I bought the Joovy for my 11 month old grandson. He loves being able to see out the mesh sides and there is plenty of room for him and his toys. Very easy to set up and take down.This playard is a quality built product.
rating Submitted By: Susanna from Dallas, TX   Date: 04/15/2010
We love that this playpen has so much space for our 5 month old to practice her rolling skills...and she loves it too! It feels very sturdy and secure in spite of its large size, and is easy to set up and take down.
rating Submitted By: M   Date: 03/01/2010
This is everything positive I expected, EXCEPT it smelled horrible, like vomit, even after airing it out outside for almost a week. I called Joovy and they're going to send a replacement, but they weren't very nice about it and made me feel like some kind of criminal . . . we'll see if the replacement is better
rating Submitted By: California mama   Date: 11/26/2009
Simply designed, roomy, and large. Designed nice and simple, unlike many other pack'n plays. The only downside features are that the playard's mattress sheet is a bit small to cover the mattress and that the playard is a bit heavy to lug around to other destinations (e.g., overnight visits to grandma's house, etc.). The bright colors are a highlight as well - love the red playard.
rating Submitted By: Mariah from Aspen, CO   Date: 09/23/2009
I have a very active 6 month old and this ply yard allows her room to move around and when she is trying to climb out and gets wobbely, it has a nicely padded base. Sturdy construction and spacious play area.
rating Submitted By: Bill Carson from Ohio   Date: 09/15/2009
Did a lot of searching, looking for durability and mobility along with some room for our baby to move around in and the Room2 is the perfect solution. She can take her naps in there and have lots of toys to keep her busy while she is awake. This is a MUST for anyone with a small baby - - GREAT product with the best pricing we found ! ! !
rating Submitted By: CY ONEILL from NYC, NY   Date: 08/26/2009
I bought this for my nephew and he absolutely loves it. Great space for him to play, rest and roll around in. Easy to pack and travel around with too.
rating Submitted By: Nana   Date: 06/23/2009
Bought this for my active 13 month-old grandson to keep him safe and secure while Mom & Dad are busy in the kitchen or while getting his bath ready. He can have fun in there while still being able to see through the mesh sides. Everything about it is great (except for the price!).
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