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Product Reviews
Nature Babycare Eco Jumbo Pack Diapers

Nature Babycare Eco Jumbo Pack Diapers Reviews

by Nature Babycare
Average rating: rating (14 reviews)
Nature Babycare diapers are 100% chlorine-free and keep oil-based plastics away from babies sensitive skin.  The absorbent pulp is from sustainably harvested Scandinavian forests and the unique design of the ultra-thin absorbent core creates a more comfortable fit for your baby while providing enhanced leak protection. Since Nature Babycare products are based on natural and renewable materials... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Lindsey from Spokane, WA   Date: 02/04/2014
I like how this diaper is natural. I also like the absorbency and fit. My daughter is very long and fit at the bottom weight guidelines. I like these diapers so much more than the Seventh Generation Diapers. I got far less leaks. This being said, they still leaked for us (not as much as the Seventh Generation Diapers which leaked almost every time- both pee and poo). My baby seems to leak out of everything though. We also tried the Huggies Leak Guard and while they did not leak as easily, they still leaked a few times. That being said my daughter has explosive breastfed poo still. I much prefer her bullet proof cloth diapers; however, this would be my first choice for a natural disposable diaper for those times when cloth just wont work.
rating Submitted By: Millicent Trader   Date: 01/01/2013
We've been using these for 2months. Baby girl has had blowouts but these diapers are very absorbent. We love them and will continue to use them because they are not filled with chemicals that I don't approve of for my baby skin. They are soft and natural and they do the job. love it
rating Submitted By: Katrina from Portland, OR   Date: 10/11/2011
My daughter who is 1 year old now has been wearing these since she was newborn. She has been in the 100% in height and weight since she was 8 weeks old. She is now 30lbs and 31 inches. She has been in a size 3 since she was 7 months old. They have totally grown w/ her body. They are thin, soft, snug and I have had zero leaks (only from poop blow-outs when she was a newborn). I never see any rashes or redness (and sensitive skin runs in our family). When very wet (like after a long over-night) they can easily disenegrate with one swipe of a thumb from a curious toddler- easily disenegration makes me feel better about disposing of them in general. They are also an attractive diaper w/o any silly characters on them etc. The only CON about these diapers are that they are a bit costly - but totally worth it!
rating Submitted By: Anya from CA   Date: 09/29/2011
We are a cloth diaper family but my twins have epic pee diapers at night causing them to wet through everything no matter how many times I changed them during the darkness. Not fun for a family who all sleeps together! I decided that adding a paper diaper at night is not the worst thing in the world if it helped us. I had a hard time finding a brand because the girls are very sensitive and get diaper rashes easily. These are by far my favorite. They have not leaked for us (other reviews said they leak) and my sensitive premies have not had a diaper rash from them. My girls are about 11 lbs now and are still wearing this size so I hope that gives you an idea of sizing. I highly recommend these diapers!
rating Submitted By: Jen from Miami, FL   Date: 07/15/2011
I have tried several eco-friendly and all natural disposable diapers and I find that these are my favorite. They do leak from time to time but so have all the other diapers I've tried. I find them to be very well made and softer on my babies tender skin than Seventh Generation Diapers. In my opinion, do buy with confidence that you will not go wrong.
rating Submitted By: LovaLavaLand from Hawaii   Date: 12/29/2010
These do leak from time to time, probably more because the sizing is a bit off (buy a higher size than it says). I like the eco-friendly angle and what other choice is there if you want a disposable eco-friendly option (for nights & traveling) except seventh generation (which I like a lot better but they are more expensive at our store, not online though).
rating Submitted By: Ashley from San Diego   Date: 09/01/2010
These were the wort diaper ever! So rough on my babys skin, it was like putting a brown trash bag on him. Not only were these small diapers, they would not form well around my sons legs. The second he would pee, he would need a diaper change.
rating Submitted By: Bethany Farmer   Date: 08/22/2010
We have enjoyed these dippers for their environmental awareness. They do run small and skinny. My daughter grew out of size four at 8 months and she is in the %50 for weight.
rating Submitted By: Sarah from Portland   Date: 08/10/2010
This diapers are too wide and hard which ended up cutting my daughter's legs at the top of the leg openings. We used these when she was a size 2. I was really excited to try them out because they are more natural. Once she started getting more mobile, kicking her legs around like babies do, these just started digging into her legs and leaving raw marks and sometimes cuts. These diapers are awful, I would never recommend them to anyone.
rating Submitted By: Melissa from Wenonah, nj   Date: 07/29/2010
Excellent diaper, contoured between babys chubby lil thighs, secure properly and this diaper will not leak, cute green leaves & flowers, not characters! Good company, good diaper!
rating Submitted By: Corinne from Lake Forest, CA   Date: 05/21/2010
These diapers are great for Baby and the environment. They are as natural as you can get with no plastic, no chlorine, and no chemicals that cause diaper rash. Recently there was a news story about a major diaper brand using some kind of cheap material in their diapers that was causing painful diaper rashes in kids. These are great and I have never had a problem with my Baby. The hospital put him in Huggies when he was born and he immediately got a diaper rash. I put him in these diapers and he hasn't had a rash since. This company is based in Sweden and they are committed to eco-friendly diapers that won't sit in a landfill for 100 years. TIP - they run small!
rating Submitted By: Aimee   Date: 02/16/2010
My husband evaluates the sustainability of products for a living and we found no evidence that this product is any better for the environment than a conventional diaper - which is really too bad. We're in the market for a more responsibly produced diaper. A note of caution as well about any diapers promoting the fact that they are biodegradable. Biodregradable products have no business going in the trashcan (and then off to the landfill). So unless you’re planning on composting these diapers yourself, there isn't much advantage other than the creative packaging.
rating Submitted By: teri from hutto, tx   Date: 09/24/2009
i got a pack of these when our washer belt broke & we couldn't wash our cloth diapers for a few days. we were very happy with them. and the price is very reasonable!
rating Submitted By: Patricia from Kailua Kona, HI   Date: 08/01/2009
We use these diapers because of the environmental factor. For the most part, they are fine, but they do leak sometimes. I seems like they are not very wide, so they tend to leak out the side. The only other comparison we have is the G diapers, so I can’t tell you if they leak more than other diaper brands. Comparatively, the Nature Babycare diapers perform much better as far as leaks than G diapers. I would recommend these because they are biodegradable, considering how many you are going to use, it does alleviate some of the guilt!
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