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Product Reviews
Puj Tub

Puj Tub Reviews

by Puj Baby
Average rating: rating (10 reviews)
Featured on the Rachel Ray Show, the Ellen DeGeneres Show, and in Pregnancy Magazine.Tired of messy bath times where you end up just as wet as your baby, fighting with giant plastic tubs that just don't fit in your sink? Introducing the Puj Tub! Made of soft, durable, foam, this tub easily folds into your sink to safely cradle baby. It's comfortable for baby and you! No more pain on your knees, neck... read more »
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rating Submitted By: cg from San Francisco, CA   Date: 12/17/2013
We have deep pedestal sinks and this actually didn't fit well in any of them but we ended up using it in our kitchen sink on top of a large soup pot and it worked perfectly. Cradles baby comfortably and supports her so she doesn't slide around and stays upright. Our newborn loves bath time as a result. Bought the pug sticky nobs so we could hang this up every night to dry in our bathroom. Dries quickly and stays clean....no residue left over. Love it.
rating Submitted By: Lindsey   Date: 09/03/2013
While the Puj didn't fit in our overly shallow bathroom sink nor the deep basin 1 1/2 sized kitchen sink, we quickly improvised and found that this tub is versatile and amazing. Although unconventional I placed an upside down cooking pot next to the Puj in our kitchen sink and it fit in perfectly. I also have used it in my lap in the bath a few times with my baby cradled in the Puj on top of my legs. Now that he is older, we actually leave the Puj unfolded and place it in the bath tub. The magnets attach to our metal tub. We put about 1 inch of water with some Burt's Bees soap and lay our guy down on the tub. It provides a soft and cozy spot for him and allows him to move his arms and kick his legs. He has the best time ever. I can also sit him up and he won't slide so that I can wash his back and wash his hair. I think that bath time is one of his new favorite times of the day and it is made a lot easier for me with the use of the Puj.
rating Submitted By: Deborah from NH   Date: 12/03/2011
We have two of these; one at my daughter's house and one here at Nana's. Bought on recommendation of a fellow grandma and pediatric nurse-practitioner. It's light, it's supportive, and allows for flow of water so baby stays warm. I especially like that I can hang it flat and out of the way on the back wall of the tub. Downside? Your sink needs to be big enough for it to fit, but not too big, because the magnets that hold it together aren't strong enough to hold its shape without support from the sink walls, and keep your baby safely cradled (at least once she/he weighs more than 11 lbs. or so. At 5 months, l/o is at the point where transitioning to an inflatable tub makes sense.
rating Submitted By: Laura from Bradley, CA   Date: 07/08/2011
I used the Puj Tub for my twin girls, they were just over 5 pounds and this was great in the bathroom sink. Once the babies reach a larger size the tub will want to buckle, but I had a C-section and it was easy for me to use this instead of trying to bend over the tub. If you expect to have a larger baby this might not be useful for more that a month.
rating Submitted By: mksnod80   Date: 03/28/2011
My baby isn't born yet, but we have this and I think it will be perfect for the 1st few months when baby is small- I am a first time mom and think this will make bath time easier- it fits in my pedestal sink and also my kitchen sink. I dont think I will worry as much those 1st few baths. I also have the Eurobath by Primo it runs $25 and again I havent used it- but on Amazon it has great reviews- it doesn't look like much but I think it will do the trick for him as he gets bigger. That was one thing everyone said about the Eurobath is that it fits big babies and as they grow.
rating Submitted By: Angel from Manhattan Beach , CA   Date: 10/29/2010
Awesome!! It fits in the sink perfectly and is easy to use. I would highly recommend this product to other soon to be parents.
rating Submitted By: AB from Brooklyn, NY   Date: 09/28/2010
I ordered this at the advice of a friend. Has many great features - lightweight, lays flat, etc. but the one thing I didn't realize is that when you fold it into it's shape, it comes to a bit of a point at the bottom. This means it needs to fit perfectly in your sink; it can't stand alone in a big sink (like our kitchen sink) or a bathtub. Unfortunately it was too big for our bathroom sink, so we had to return it. Looks like a great product- just recommend you be sure it will fit where you plan to use it!
rating Submitted By: Aya's Mom from Ohio   Date: 05/20/2010
This product is so simple, yet absolutely wonderful! I wish I had it for when my first was born. I had a very rough recovery and it would have made bath time much easier, because you don't have to strain and lean over a tub. Also, The baby is much more comfortable, and bathtime is less stressful for mom! It was great to be able to use both my hands when giving my baby a bath. Worth every penny!
rating Submitted By: julie from austin, tx   Date: 05/16/2010
it craddles our baby nicely and holds the perfect amount of water for her. it has draining holes so that you can keep the water running for the warmth + comfort of the baby. it's easy to fold and fits perfectly in our bathroom sink. highly recommend it!
rating Submitted By: SG from Rockville, MD   Date: 05/12/2010
I was very excited about the Puj Tub when I saw it introduced, complete with video, at the big baby show in Las Vegas on a blog. We liked it for about a month and a half though (not a full six as marketed, and never did we "love" it). It's nice that it's soft and opens flat to hang out of the way. My appreciation for it ends there. Main complaints: 1.) The origami-like fold that makes the flat foam piece become basin-shaped is held in place by internal magnets, which while sounding ingenious, proved not strong enough to hold the shape. So, as the magnets could not hold, a fault line opened up from beneath our daughter's bum extending out to her toes, as the basin unfolded itself, her lower half was sort of falling through, and at the same time, between her legs, large peaks of the unfolding basin pointed up like a pizza box that won't shut (it's hard to explain, but trust us, it was a royal pain). It's not that the material poked or harmed her, because it's soft (thank goodness), but that the whole basin wouldn't hold it's shape, so it wouldn't hold enough water to keep her sitting in a sufficient amount to either be kept warm or bath her. Not to mention, the awkward sitting position made her uncomfortable. 2.) Speaking of water, Puj says it fits ANY bathroom sink. Not only do we feel the opening of the basin shape mentioned above may point to not fitting our bathroom sink (a standard builder's sink), it definitely did not fit well under our faucet. It is not an unusual fixture either. We felt the orientation of the Puj Tub put baby too close to the faucet. The metal was cold. The cold and hot levers too close. 3.) Also speaking of water, who can really trust a running faucet directly over a newborn's chest, abdomen and genitals to remain a constant safe temperature?! The only way we felt safe using this tub was by running water in our second sink in to a cup and bringing it over the counter to the baby in the Puj Tub with the faucet over her kept safely off. (Even if we weren't the kind of people who rinse baby in fresh water after she is soaked and soaped, we would have to bring more water over to her, because, as we mentioned in point 1, the tub would unfold, so it would not hold water more than an inch deep.) If your bathroom doesn't happen to have two sinks, I don't see how you could safely even begin to use this tub. -- We did enjoy having baby up in the sink as a newborn where we could bath her standing comfortably, rather than in a larger hard plastic baby tub down in our bathtub that we would have had to bend down to, and would have been colder, harder and possibly more upsetting for her. In retrospect though, we could have achieved this with folded towels beneath her in the sink. I suppose the Puj did do a better job of supporting her head and neck than towels alone, though. We gave up when she was 10lbs. 22.25" (no where near the size of a six month old). She just couldn't fit any more and we could not bath her well in that contraption. We moved on to our hard plastic Euro Tub by Primo (which does actually have a newborn side, and not just the end for baby's who can sit up) and our daughter LOVES it. We realized we could actually fit it on our master bathroom counter between the two sinks safely while she'd still laying down in it (we NEVER step away when she's in the tub), so we don't have to put it down in the adult bathtub yet. It's super easy to fill with a large cup, and scoot a little so the drain hole is over a sink, and empty it out without ever having to lift a basin full of water. She loves it, fits well, isn't cold, is fully bathed easily, and we're comfortably standing doing it. (We'll gladly move it down in to the adult tub when she's sitting and it'll be too risky to have her up on the counter in a tub.) -- Puj Tub had a nice concept, but it doesn't translate to every household as promised. Just buy the Euro by Primo. Birth through toddlerhood. It's less expensive, too!
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