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Product Reviews
Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier - Silicone

Razbaby Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier - Silicone Reviews

by Razbaby
Average rating: rating (25 reviews)
The Keep-it-Kleen Pacifier from Razbaby is the only pacifier with a special "stay clean" shield. When the pacifier is dropped, the shields automatically close to keep the nipple clean! The shields lock closed so the pacifier can be stored with confidence and better still, no more lost pacifier covers! Originally designed with 2 sizes, the Keep-it-Kleen pacifier now comes in one convenient... read more »
write review
rating Submitted By: Christina Freitas   Date: 10/17/2012
Not only the baby, but my friends loved them. Yes, I bought more than one and now I pretend buy others to give as a present.
rating Submitted By: Hallie   Date: 07/25/2011
When this pacifier is dropped the nipple still hits the ground before it closes. It also closes on the babies face sometimes. It doesn't hurt but they don't like it!
rating Submitted By: Kiki   Date: 07/18/2011
Very cute pacifier, my little one loves it. It closes up when falling on the ground.
rating Submitted By: coreena   Date: 07/18/2011
Cute design and works as it says--save me a lot of time picking up the pacifier and cleaning it!
rating Submitted By: coreena   Date: 06/02/2011
Works well for my little one. Thanks for the great product!
rating Submitted By: Jerri Baehl from Evansville, IN 47720   Date: 12/27/2010
Purchased two of these for my Niece's little baby. She loves them. It closes every time! She is recommending to other mothers.
rating Submitted By: rebecca   Date: 09/19/2010
The only not so covenient thing about this pacifier is that closes when my daughter spits it out and not necessarily when it falls. This frustrates her and me when I have to constantly open it. Its great though when you're out and you have no access to water to wash it after it has fallen.
rating Submitted By: Amanda from Parma, OH   Date: 12/26/2009
I got one of these pacifiers for my baby shower from a neighbor. My son loves it, and so do I! I took it with me to my son's 4 week checkup, and his pediatrician was so impressed with the design, she asked where I had gotten it so she could recommend it to her other patients. These are awesome and I HIGHLY recommend them for any outing. Throw one in the diaper bag, your pocket, your purse, and in the car. You'll be pleased!
rating Submitted By: Concerned Mom   Date: 12/17/2009
I thought this product would be great for my 14 month old when I saw another mom had it, so I went out and bougght 5 of them with high hopes. However, within 3 hours my son got injured in his lip when he fell with the Keep-It-Kleen pacifier and began to bleed rapidly with a pool of blood beside him. It was very scary!!! I almosty went to the emergency room, but managed to get the blleding to stop after ten minutes or so... Your child will likely fall down and some point while walking, etc. and if they have the pacifier in their mouth it may cause some extensive damage to the upper, lower lip internally or externally. I contacted the company and they were suppose to send me some information in the mail and to no avail have I received anything from them. Not impressed with the level of concern and curious how many other children will be injured and tramatized from this... Regards, Concerned Mom
rating Submitted By: Lianne from round rock, Tx   Date: 11/01/2009
Very intelligently designed, worked exactly as billed, love it!
rating Submitted By: sherry   Date: 06/30/2009
good idea; bad design! would not waste money on this one.
rating Submitted By: Stacy from Arlington, TX   Date: 04/17/2009
Well I love the design and features of this paci but my DD won't take pacifiers any longer and so once I got this we never really got to use it!
rating Submitted By: HB mammy   Date: 04/10/2009
Babies always drop something. This is very useful. It really worked! I recommend to use this with keeper.
rating Submitted By: Keli from Yukon, OK   Date: 03/29/2009
This is a great product, I would highly recommend it! My son loves it & I love that when it drops that it closes. People are amazed at the idea, I wonder why anyone would have a regular pacifier again!!
rating Submitted By: Patty from Lees Summit , Mo   Date: 02/17/2009
Gave as a gift at a baby shower, it seemed to be a big hit with everyone wanting one for thier child.
rating Submitted By: Leslie from Phoenix, Arizona   Date: 01/27/2009
These are the best pacifiers ever made. I have used them for almost 2 years now. I wish the made them with my 1st child. My 1 1/2 year old can take it out and throw it and it doesn't get dirty and you can hear it drop so you don't lose it. I love them. Leslie Mother of 2
rating Submitted By: Alisha from Olathe, Colorado   Date: 12/01/2008
These pacifiers are wonderful and I would completly recommend these to anyone who hates disinfecting pacifiers 25 times a day. These are the only pacifiers we use. When you drop this pacifier it does actually close and my daughter likes because it's easier to keep in her mouth. Great product.
rating Submitted By: Tito   Date: 05/29/2008
My son loves it! If it hits the ground it closes to protect from dirt and it fits perfectly in his mouth and very cute to boot!
rating Submitted By: Laura V from San Diego   Date: 05/06/2008
I love it and so does my daughter! Not only do I not have to worry about when she drops it out in public but she gets a big kick out of being able to open it herself!
rating Submitted By: Natalie Go   Date: 09/16/2007
The concept is good, but the product itself seems only semi-functional. I tested it myself and I ended up pinching the tip of my upper lip, but that probably wouldn't happen on a regular basis with babies. It actually does close when you drop it, so that's good. It's probably better to just have several pacifiers in a ziplock back. This seems more like a novelty item.
rating Submitted By: Jenise Gato   Date: 07/02/2007
I love these pacifiers!! They're the greatest invention. Every time my daughter drops her paci & it closes people have to ask where I got it. It's great way to keep the germs away and not have to wash it after every fall. However, as a warning, the little shields do end up breaking after a while; which is understanable after falling over a hundred times. Highly recommended.
rating Submitted By: Tanya Cook   Date: 06/05/2007
As a follow-up to my review below: I received my replacement pacifier and it is wonderful. My daughter really likes it and it closes when she drops it, just like it is supposed to. The company's customer service was great. The person that responded to my emails was friendly and prompt.
rating Submitted By: Tanya Cook   Date: 05/03/2007
This product does not work well. I dropped it to see how it works and it didn't even close. Sometimes only one side of it closes and sometimes it closes after it bounces. I contacted the company to find out if the one I received is defective.
rating Submitted By: Andrea Ratermann   Date: 04/12/2007
I love this product! We have 2 of them and they are great for outings. Can't wait to get more to have on hand for gifts.
rating Submitted By: Priscilla Nieves   Date: 03/22/2007
I will love to see this work. When will thay all come out ?Can you send me a email when?
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