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Product Reviews
RECARO Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seat

RECARO Performance RIDE Convertible Car Seat Reviews

Average rating: rating (9 reviews)
Introducing the RECARO Performance Series with the HERO harness system. HERO is a new, innovative safety feature that provides superior comfort and resists harness twisting while ensuring proper chest clip positioning. The Performance Series includes the RECARO Safety Stripe System, which is a racing-inspired white stripe that is clearly visible on the outside edge of the 5-point harness. This stripe... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Ming   Date: 01/03/2015
A sales lady at the store recommended this car seat than a comparable britax based on her own experience. We really glad that we took her suggestion. It isn't as bulky and very easy to use. Our son sits comfortably in it. We bought a cheaper car seat for traveling and we can really see the differences in terms of quality, functionality, ease of use, and comfortness for the child. We are very pleased with this car seat.
rating Submitted By: shannon   Date: 06/13/2013
Recently purchased 2 for my ford focus. My 3 year old loves the comfort and they fit my 1 yr old very well. Sit much higher than a typical convertible and have a heavy safer construction.
rating Submitted By: janielle   Date: 06/12/2013
We just bought a recaro seat to replace my daughters britax infant seat because she was outgrowing it. We have it in the forward facing way and she loves her new seat because its comfy and high up so she can see out the window. Me and my husband love it because it looks very safe, very well made seat and it was very easy for me to install which is a plus. I did a lot of research and I'm very glad I went with the recaro. I mean you can't go wrong putting your child in a seat that also makes race car seats! I was looking at getting another britax and so glad I didn't because I just heard two people tell me their headrest on the seat broke off not good at all. I have only noticed two minor things I don't like about the seat one is the little flap that goes in front of lower buckle always gets in way and comes off but that's an easy fix it comes right off and the other is to me the shoulder pads or as they say hero harness looks little bulky compared to older model but my daughter isn't bothered by it she falls asleep in there all the time which was rare for her in her prior seat! Oh and it wipes off very easily when little stains get on it which I love as well. Overall we love the seat and would recommend it to all our friends
rating Submitted By: Mema24 from Oak Hill, VA   Date: 12/10/2012
I am Mema to 4 and am getting ready to purchase the 6th Recaro car seat. This one is going to our youngest little grandson. All three of the older grand kids ride in the Recaros with great success. My youngest son has done some precision racing with his Miata and uses a Recaro seat in his car. Impressed by the safety constraints built into the adult seats, both he and his wife did a thorough check on the different car seats available for children. He was adamant that these were the seats that were right for the boys..we have purchased 4 for them so that both cars are outfitted. When #3 grandchild came along for our oldest son, so did a recaro in pink for the little princess. They are a navy family and now in Italy where it only reinforces the need for safety for the little ones in the car. Now the youngest little grandson is ready for his own recaro to join his sisters. This seat cleans well-which is fortunate as we have one who suffers from car sickness. It wipes up well, and even strips down for deeper cleaning. My DIL loves the ease of clean. My little ones like being able to see out of car windows..and how easy it is to get them settled and buckled in..even for those of us who don't normally do it! The belts adjust easily and are comfortable for the kids. I can only say that I certainly wouldn't be purchasing a 6th car seat if we didn't think this was the best thing we could use to keep our next generation safe and secure in the family car.
rating Submitted By: Nick Horvath from NY   Date: 12/01/2012
I love this car seat after using it for 6 months. I was originally just going to get a cheaper seat from Costco but after using one when we went to visit my mother in law and hating the buckles I decided to research more and get a good seat. The build quality on the recaro is excellent and the fabric keeps my daughter cool and is easy to clean. The buckles are easy to keep out of the way while getting her in with the little pockets, although they won't reach them with the straps tightened for a small baby until she grows a little. The strap height is very easy to adjust. Overall I am very happy with it and will be getting another recaro for my mom to take the baby around in.
rating Submitted By: Camille from Chicago   Date: 08/10/2012
Our daughter hated the infant car seat as soon as she learned to sit up. This one is still rear-facing, but she feels more upright for some reason and can look out the windows more. I highly recommend. And the envy green is spot on from the website.
rating Submitted By: Melissa from Lake Stevens, WA   Date: 07/18/2012
We originally bought some Graco convertible carseats which seemed fine enough. To make them level in the car though, given our slight recline in the backseats, we had to roll up some towels, which is suggested in the manual and also recommended by the fire department who does the free safety checks. I didn't like how when the babies (twins) fell asleep, their little heads went straight forward. Also, in the Graco seats, getting the straps tight enough really required a little muscle on the pull strap. We decided to try a "better" seat and bought two of these Recaro seats---my husband thought given the companies success in making race seats, they'd make good carseats. After reading all the reviews, we purchased---the 'blaze' color for our son and the 'rylee' (lavender) for our daughter. These seats are impressive! They are very stylish looking, not that it matters too much, but I love the colors! These carseats are much bigger than the Graco, which isn't great for me as a driver and does make it hard to reach back and offer a binkie while driving---which I shouldn't be doing anyway---but the fact that it IS big makes me feel more confident about their protection. It sits on a base of sorts, no rolled towels needed here! (that didn't seem right) Because its so much bigger, it is a little tougher to get the babies in and out of the car, but the seat is so cushiony and EASY to strap them tight---no muscle needed! When they fall asleep, their little heads just lean to the side on the little cusions and they look so comfortable! The seats to keep them really warm, we've had a few warm days and their little backs are a bit sweaty when I take them out but they don't seem to mind. They sit much higher in the car and can easily see out the windows. I LOVE these seats and would recommend them to anyone, I'm VERY happy with my purchase, well worth the higher price---I feel better knowing how secure and safe the babies are while we ride!
rating Submitted By: JMR from Texas   Date: 01/30/2011
This car seat is hands down the best that we researched! We first purchased the Safety First Complete Air Convertible Car Seat which was awful to install and had a very cheap, flimsy feeling. I am so glad that we chose the Recaro ProRide, it has the most padding I have seen in any convertible car seat out there which hugs the body of our baby very well and very comfortably. You can tell how safe your baby will be in there the second you put your baby in it! It is very easy to install and very sturdy and strong! We have used it both rear-facing when we first purchased it which did require us to use a rolled-up towel underneath it to get it at the right angle because the back of it does sit very tall. However, when it was time to turn it forward, no towel required and amazing! The "rolled-up towel idea" is in the manual and shows you exactly how to do it. (It actually says you can use a towel or a swimming pool noodle.)Our baby loves riding in her carseat! There is never a fight to put her in it! Parents out there who want the best in safety,comfort, and durability, need to check this car seat out for sure!!!
rating Submitted By: Susanna from Alexandria, VA   Date: 10/08/2010
We just received our Recaro a week ago. Right now it is installed in the rear facing mode for our 22lb 12month old. This seat was purchased to replace our expired, 6yr old Britax Roundabout. This new recaro will also expire in 6 years according to the sticker on the side of the seat. There are other seats that now offer longer life spans (the new Britax and the Sunshine kids Radians). I really liked the Britax seats, and was impressed with the improvements they made in this new years models, however, I did not like that there seemed to be less padding in the back of the new Britax seats (which stopped my kids from getting sores on their backs from cheaper seats we'd tried before). So I kept looking...I was torn between the Radian and the Recaro seat, but chose recaro, because some said the radian covers were very hard to remove and clean. I really liked the cleanability of the Old Britax seat covers, but the need for more padding is more important. Yes, the Recaro is very plush and has consistent padding along the entire length of the seated body. This is a big plus for us! I've not had to clean it yet, but the cover unclips from around the seat and looks like it shouldn't be too difficult to remove when the time comes. I had to place a folded sheet under the seat to get the correct angle for the install. There is a guide line that needs to be paralel with the ground. With the old Britax seats I could knee the seats and then tighten both latch straps at the same time. For whatever reason, that trick wasn't working with this Recaro seat when I put the sheet under it. So I found that I had to tighten the latch straps one at a time by pressing the seat down on the side and then pulling on the strap. But now it's in very evenly and is very solidly secure. My daughter has fallen asleep in this seat each time we've gotten in the car this week. I take that as a sign that it's very comfortable. I'm so pleased with this seat that I went ahead and ordered the ProSport Harness/booster to replace our expired Marathon, for my 5 year old.
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