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Product Reviews
Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor

Snuza Hero Baby Movement Monitor Reviews

by Snuza
Average rating: rating (16 reviews)
What's more important to you: • Knowing when your baby is crying?• Knowing when your baby is not breathing? While it is good to know when your baby is awake, moving or wants attention, it's even more crucial to know when they are completely still. This is where Snuza can help. Snuza monitors your baby's movements. If there is no movement sensed for 15 seconds, Snuza will gently vibrate... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Joy Felix from APO, AP   Date: 05/10/2013
I ordered this because of the high level of allergens in our area, I wasn't sure how a new baby would do and wanted to monitor his breathing. I will say this: 1) It works well under a onesie if it is well attached to the diaper. 2) it gives a lot of false alarms on an active baby. Our little boy has a habit of kicking as he falls asleep. He is every squirmy and fights his sleep sack. Several times he has kicked himself onto his side and knocked off the monitor in the middle of the night, causing the alarms to go off falsely. He is only 5 weeks old, so this has been frustrating. I would say its great because it is portable etc, but very annoying with an active baby that knocks it off. His diapers are on correctly, he just moves a lot. So that would be something to consider in buying it.
rating Submitted By: Lacey   Date: 11/08/2012
Use this every night with the little one and I finally sleep better! Has gone off a few different times when it has come off her diaper or was put on to lose but I would rather be safe than sorry! Worth every penny and nice because it's mobil for whever she sleeps!
rating Submitted By: Jen   Date: 08/13/2012
Gives us p.o.mind but baby often falls asleep without it on, then we don't want to risk waking him to put it on.
rating Submitted By: "O" from Pf-ville   Date: 10/13/2011
Having had two pre-term babies, we spent seven weeks in the NICU with our babies hooked up to a monitor...ever watchful of the next apnea or brady episode. When the girls were ready to come home, we were trustful that the neonatologist was correct in his assessment, but it was still difficult to trust that there would be no further episodes. This device gave us piece of mind. It is expensive and not for everyone, but I would say that it is highly advanced and lives up to its price tag. It is hyper sensitive and accurate. We have not had any false alarms. It may be over kill...but if you are in a similar situation, I would recommend it. At the very least it will let you sleep easier, which ultimately impacts your babies care.
rating Submitted By: Cristina   Date: 06/08/2011
I can't say enough good things about the Snuza Halo. We without a doubt love it. We have had it fall off her diaper once or twice but that was our fault. It clearly states in the directions that it was have a snug fit. I found that using it with a onsie on makes it more secure. We didn't mind hearing the alarm go off. Knowing it went off b/c of our error gave us piece of mind that it does actually work. We did have it go off one other time when she was about 2 months old but we are unsure why. We just know it does give us piece of mind knowing we will know within seconds if she stops breathing. Our Baby Brooklyn is 6 months old now and still wears it at naps and at night without fail. Thank you Snuza for making this wonderful product.
rating Submitted By: Tyler from New Braunfels, TX   Date: 11/04/2010
Great product. In fact, I have told all my friends who are currently pregant about the Snuza. I even purchased one for my sister to use. I would definetly recommend this to everyone with an infant. Takes a little practice to get it to stay on just right, but once you do, it is worth every penny.
rating Submitted By: Julie from UK   Date: 02/22/2010
We bought the Snuza and it brought us great piece of mind, at last I could get a proper night's sleep. However, since she was 6 months and wearing Pampers size 4 nappies we keep getting false alarms. Even the vibration alert wakes me and I am no longer getting a good night's sleep (it went of five times last night). The Snuza is not coming off the nappy but I think it's coming away from her tummy due to the tickness of her nappy. That coupled with her moving more and her nappy gaping a bit more often. We stretch the nappy as much as possible and do it up tight but we are still getting problems. We don't know if it's going off because she is breathing very shallow, or because of the nappy or some other sinister event. I wrote to the company for advice and they just said to go and see my GP. As I said, fantastic for 6 months or so and now it's a bit of a nightmare and I'm contemplating putting it in the draw! It is making me paranoid and disturbing my sleep.
rating Submitted By: Lesley from Atlanta, GA   Date: 02/14/2010
We love the Snuza! We bought it for my son when he was about 4 weeks old. At first it was a little hard to use because my son was so small and he slept on his side. It would cause his diaper to gap open a bit, resulting in wet clothes. But once he got around 10 pounds no more problems. We have had a few false alarms, but all in all it has been wonderful. It really gives us a peace of mind that I would not have without it. My husband has fallen in love with it too. I really like that it fits on him, so it works in his bed, bassinet, and the pac in play. I could not imagine night time without it!
rating Submitted By: Laura from Texas   Date: 02/09/2010
This was our best purchase by far! I highly recommend the snuza. I have a two month old son, and I love how you can set it so that you can hear a subtle ticking noise for every breath the baby takes. When I wake up at night, I can hear the slight ticking through our video monitor and I am assured that everything is okay with our son. We have not had any problems with it falling off of his diaper at all. You have to make sure you have the diaper on very snug, so that it stays in place and picks up the stomach movement. Now that we have the Snuza, I am not constantly checking to make sure he is breathing.
rating Submitted By: Melissa S. from New Jersey   Date: 02/06/2010
So I bought this for my 6 month old twins. Yes it is costly but soooo worth it. Someone had once said "you spend hundreds of dollars on strollers, diaper bags and bedding, why not spend that one something that will ensure your child's safety?" I wish I had known about this sooner. I would of had a peace of mind. I've had a few false alarms from it slipping off their diapers since my boys are complete wiggle worms but by putting a onesie on them, that really helped. I did have one alarm where still to this day I am not sure if it was a false alarm or the real thing. He was on his belly (they keep flipping) so I don't see how it came loose. I didn't take the time to see if he was breathing, I just flipped him over and he took a deep startled breath in his sleep. Whether it was a false alarm or the real thing, thank god I had this....I hate to think of what would of happened had it been the real thing. I haven't had any yellow warning lights though. If you're unsure....just do it....you're child is worth the $130!!
rating Submitted By: Holly   Date: 11/14/2009
I didn't like that I had to undo her clothes, to get to her diaper, to turn the alarm off. I understand the idea of the alarm is to startle the baby to breath & alert me of the potential problem - but in a false alarm situation, it was frustrating not to have a remote turn-off button.... on the positive side, it did work great and it was a lot smaller in person than it looked online.
rating Submitted By: jessica from argyle, texas   Date: 10/27/2009
I got the snuza for my daughter so i could have the peice of mind when i sleep.. well it kinda defeats the purpose if it keeps falling off her diaper when she sleeps... I am going to contact the company and have them send a replacement.. if that one falls off i am going to get my money back.
rating Submitted By: Lineik L from APO AE   Date: 10/23/2009
My son was born a little early so when he was few weeks old he stopped breathing and was diagnosed with apnea of infancy. We have a medical grade home care monitor with electrodes witch has worked great for the past eight months (my son is 9 months now) But with him being so mobile now I am afraid of the wires and cords that come with the home monitor. I had bought AngelCare before my son was born witch I use in his crib. But my son loves to sleep in his pram & at friends houses so I cant use the AngelCare there but the Snuza I use there and let me tell you with the size and weight if it. I love it! Snuza there for pease of mind :) I Have not had any false alarms yet but I have quite a lot of experience with monitors so they are not frightening anymore. The best baby product that I have bought!
rating Submitted By: Gretchen from Poughkeepsie, New York   Date: 10/05/2009
..how much I LOVE my Snuza monitor. When I was pregnant for my son someone gave me the AngelCare moniter as a gift. When I set it up to test it, it didn't work for me. Now, I know some friends who swear by the AngelCare so I'm not here to discount it but in my particular case it was too sensitive. It picked up the movement of the ceiling fan on the lowest setting as well as vibrations from us walking in the hallway outside the nursery door. It makes for a great sound monitor to use with the Snuza. The Snuza is wonderful. It has never failed a test (I test it weekly to check the batteries) and it has given me such peace of mind. The few false alarms that I've had were when my son was eating (the probe was not touching his tummy) and once when my husband put him in a new diape and it popped off in the middle of the night, when I came running into the room to the sound of the alarm, it was in my son's pant leg. I love it, would never complain about it since I'm so grateful that I have it!!!
rating Submitted By: TXMomOf3plus1   Date: 09/14/2009
Being on our 4th, I really didn't think we needed this product, even when my husband suggested it. We never used anything like this with our other 3, though we tried the Angel Care with our first for less than one night. Anyway, I can honestly say it is by far my favorite baby product right now. It was given to us as a gift and I cannot say enough good things about it. I didn't even realize how much time I was spending listening (instead of sleeping) to baby's breathing and checking on him throughout the night. The peace of mind I have now is amazing and both my husband and I are sleeping so much better. The monitor is tiny and clips right onto baby's diaper under his clothes. It doesn't bother him at all. The sensor tip is in contact with his abdomen and every time it senses movement, a little green light flashes. If no movement is sensed for 15 seconds, it vibrates to stimulate him and if there is still no movement, an audible alarm goes off. We've had one false alarm (I know it was false because I was holding him at the time) because of his positioning but other than that, it's worked like a charm. It also has a setting where you can have a small beep every time the unit senses movement. I wasn't sure about that at first because I thought it might be bothersome but it's not at all and when I wake up at night, I listen for a beep and know he's ok. The other great thing is that since it attaches to his diaper, we can use it anywhere - cocoon, pack'n'play, swing, etc - it goes where he goes. Now I'm wishing this product had been around with my other 3 - I don't know how I lived (slept) without it!
rating Submitted By: R Miska   Date: 09/08/2009
Purchasing the Snuza for our newborn has helped me and my husband have a good nights rest. Being a new, first time mom I am constantly checking the baby and touching her to make sure she is still breathing. Which then she usually wakes up and then I face the task of getting her back to sleep. The Snuza has given both my husband and I some peace of mind when we all go to bed. I still listen for her breathing at night, but rest is much easier knowing she is wearing the Snuza. I recommend any new parent purchase it.
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