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Product Reviews
UPPAbaby G-Luxe

UPPAbaby G-Luxe Reviews

by UPPAbaby
Average rating: rating (39 reviews)
Great for those unexpectedly long trips when your little one would enjoy a nap.Updated for 2013 with a one-handed recline, the G-LUXE is one of the lightest reclining umbrella strollers on the market. The machine washable removable seat pad and StainDefend fabrics make keeping up with toddler spills and stains a breeze.Features: One-handed, 3-position actuated recline Adjustable footrest Updated hand-level... read more »
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rating Submitted By: Eva Hern├índez from NY   Date: 07/24/2014
I love this stroller, very light, easy to use, really good on the go. Finally my bb look so comfortable he can rest very well when he is sleeping.
rating Submitted By: Yiting Liu from West New York, NJ   Date: 02/28/2014
We compared many stroller before choosing this one. We are very happy with it. Not sure whether the extra feature is worth the premium over G-Lite though.
rating Submitted By: Claudia from California   Date: 02/07/2014
very easy to instructions, light , easy to fold and unfold. Grandparents love it too and baby seems to love it.
rating Submitted By: mimi from nyc   Date: 11/29/2013
I love this stroller. sunshage; it works well. my son didnt get tanned on his face last summer because of this shade. recline; he sleeps on this stroller with recline. my son sleeps well on a car too. so if your kid can sleep on a carseat. I recommned this stroller. only one con... easy get darty. my friend got blue one, she regrets. I recmmend dark color one.
rating Submitted By: Jessica Lanigan   Date: 02/25/2013
Love all the features of this stroller. Super easy to open and close. Basket is decent size. Love that it fully reclines. My only complaint is the wheels touch the canopy when folded. I got the orange colored seat with the light canopy. After 3 weeks of having the stroller, it's super dirty already. I DO NOT like that at all. Makes me sad.
rating Submitted By: Laurie from SF Bay Area, California   Date: 01/21/2013
My partner and I just got back from a trip where we used this stroller exclusively. The stroller is extremely easy to pack and fold and has features important to us. My partner is very tall (6'6") so finding a stroller with relatively tall handles was important. He didn't have any trouble reaching the handles. Getting it set up is simple - just unclick the lock and pull up on the handles. That's it. Folding it up isn't quite as simple, but simple enough. Unlock and pull up on the foot rest strap. We also like the recline feature. We used the stroller as a place for our son to rest when we were out at the beach, restaurants, etc. And we like the five point safety belt ensuring our little one won't fall out. We're happy to have a very lightweight, easy to use stroller for traveling which we can use until our son is walking.
rating Submitted By: renee from nyc   Date: 09/12/2012
I have vista and I love it! It's my Cadillac! I bought this for more convenience bc it's smaller and good for travel and it's so light so easy to open n close stands up on its own my son is 9m but he's the size of a yr old he's super long and he loves this stroller he's comfortable and enjoys it a lot ...my friend ssays her McLaren is better bc it's wider but I put her 1 1/2yr old in it and it was perfect... it's the best ever super light, cup holder, umbrella is extra long seat is soft easy to clean.
rating Submitted By: TMB from New York,   Date: 09/04/2012
bought this to replace my Maclaren Triumph. I love the features like the cupholder and the sun canopy. The full recline is great for napping.
rating Submitted By: Christine   Date: 07/31/2012
Only had this stroller for a few weeks, but so far it's been great. Super light and easy to fold/unfold, and I love that it reclines. Would definitely recommend!
rating Submitted By: J from Austin, TX   Date: 05/04/2012
We absolutely love our G-luxe. It is so light-weight, easy to fold or open. We love the comfortable handle positions, super low resistance steering and pushing. And most importantly, our little is extremely comfortable in it.
rating Submitted By: John   Date: 10/24/2011
We bought this stroller in July 2011 and since then the stroller has closed while our daughter was in even after hearing the "clicking sound" indicating it was locked. Uppababy has since notified all consumers that it will be replacing many of these affected strollers because of this issue. Their replacement program means we will be without a stroller for more than one week which is impossible for us living in New York city and needing to use public transportation for daily commuting. We have received the worst customer service which was surprising to us given their reputation for great customer service. We are very frustrated with the whole process and since we are stuck with a broken stroller we are in the market for a new stroller and will most likely purchasing a Maclaren stroller.
rating Submitted By: Rob Kassabian from Brooklyn, NY   Date: 08/10/2011
We have the G Luxe and a Vista are very happy with them both. There have been issues though. The G Luxe can be unstable given it's design especially when there is a diaper bag attached to the handles. This can cause unwanted tipping when your child is out of the stroller. There are also some sharp pieces of plastic on the latch that keeps the stroller locked closed. My 15 month old son scratched his cheek on it while trying to get a toy out of the (small) storage basket The rain cover on the G Luxe fell apart after 3 or 4 uses. It is really badly designed and does not fit well and tears easily. Also the protective plastic nubs on the end of the handles are not attached well and have fallen off which leaves a sharp metal edge.
rating Submitted By: MomMom from Fl   Date: 05/10/2011
My husband, mother, and I all love this stroller! It is very light and a cinch to fold even for my mother who is under 5' and has hip and joint problems. My husband is 6' and can push it comfortably w/o stooping. It reclines which is great and maneuvers easily thru crowded airports and stores. We have the larger Vista as well and love both!
rating Submitted By: Jessica from Depoe Bay, Oregon   Date: 05/09/2011
I just received this stroller off of my registry at my baby shower and I love it! Once I got it all figured out it was simple to fold and unfold. It is sooooo smooth and the material is nice and soft for baby. I still have 1 month before my due date but I am anxious to use the stroller. I think it is for 3months-50lbs so we will be able to use it for a while. It's much better than any stroller that we have looked at in stores I am happy we have it!
rating Submitted By: Maria from New York, NY   Date: 04/05/2011
I purchased this as a lightweight option for a trip to the beach. Overall, I am very pleased. I love that it's higher than most strollers in this category, it drives very smoothly (even with one hand), the sun canopy is excellent (sturdy and provides great coverage), it reclines to a very comfortable sleeping position, the seat fabric is smooth and breathable. My daughter (who is never very happy in her Orbit G2 at home, LOVED this!). I do have to stay that I had a tough time with the "one handed" fold, but maybe it just takes practice. I agree with other posts about the diaper bag tipping it over, but that comes with the umbrella stroller territory. My one complaint is the cup holder. It sticks out quite a bit and on the first trip, it already broke. I would suggest removing it and packing it separately.
rating Submitted By: Michelle from San Pedro, CA   Date: 02/07/2011
We just recived this stroller today. All I have to say is WOW! This is the Mercedes of lightweight strollers. It turns on a dime, nice size storage, and a smooth ride. I researched this stroller for 3 months before purchasing and was a but hesitant because alot of the reviews said that the handles were tall. I am 5'0 and find that they are a bit high but not uncomfortable. I would recomend this stroller to anyone. My child is 4 months old and we took it for a test drive and she was laughing the whole time! I am so happy about this purchase.
rating Submitted By: Eco-Mom   Date: 01/13/2011
This is our second UPPA baby stroller from Babyearth. (We also own the Vista in orange which I love and have received tons of compliments on!) We purchased this one about 7 months after our son was born when we were planning our first big trip with him and wanted a lighter stroller that was easier to travel with on a plane. It is extremely easy to fold and unfold ( I have often done it with one hand and one foot while holding my son) and is super light. It's also much easier for my mother to handle who is under 5' and cannot lift much weight but it is still very comfortable for my hushand who is 6' to push without stooping. I would absolutely recommend this stroller to everyone! The only warning is that like all umbrella strollers, if you have your diaper bag hanging across the handles and you take your child out- the stroller will tip backwards!
rating Submitted By: Lisa   Date: 01/06/2011
We have been happy with this umbrella stroller. I have been happy with the bigger sunshade, ample storage room underneath, and supportive back. We also have an all-terrain stroller for straight up stroller rides, but this stroller is super handy to have for traveling, wheeling her around crowded places, etc. Rides well also. Good purchase.
rating Submitted By: Oxana from San Bruno   Date: 11/22/2010
We purchased the red one for travel purposes. It's really light, easy to fold and open, reclines enough for a toddler to take a good nap, has a huge sunshade. It may look flimsy compared to Maclarens but it definitely has larger wheels and good shock absorption.
rating Submitted By: Megan from New York   Date: 11/09/2010
Don't misunderstand, the brakes work well but their design and placement are terrible. Every trip with a stroller involves stairs or curbs. The break levers stick out past the wheels in the back and make it impossible to "hop" down or back-up steps. Bummer.
rating Submitted By: Megan   Date: 10/17/2010
I've been using a borrowed Maclaren Quest for the past few weeks as I waited for my G-Luxe to arrive. Overall, I'm mostly pleased with the G-Luxe, despite having been really happy with the Maclaren. It handles well, although the handles seem high, the collapse / un-collapse are smooth, and it is much lighter weight than the Quest. My major complaint is that the "stands when folded" selling point does not seem to be true at all - mine constantly tips over, regardless of what surface I'm trying to stand it on. The general quality of the stroller seems cheaper, but at ~$100 less than the Maclaren, that seems reasonable.
rating Submitted By: Laura Wright   Date: 09/22/2010
Not one single complaint. Only $159 AND it comes w/ recline, cup holder, and massive sunshade?! Just to name a few. I can open and close this bad boy while holding my baby on my hip. It does not get any easier nor more convienant than this stroller. There is no way this stroller could need any improvements.
rating Submitted By: Irene   Date: 08/03/2010
We love this stroller. I purchased this one instead of the G-Lite because of the recline. Recently took it on a trip to see family and everyone was impressed by how easy to use, light, and versatile this stroller is.The way it folds up and stands is impressive. We purchased the bag for the G-Lite and used it with this stroller with no problems.
rating Submitted By: Charlie from Stamford, CT   Date: 07/21/2010
The stroller is great to use, it is very light and the carrying strap is nice. The wheels roll very freely and the softer wheel material makes for a smooth ride. The recline feature is nice and the toggle works well and can be adjusted on the fly in the event the baby falls asleep upright. The canopy provides great protection and the cup/bottle holder (included) is nice touch as it is an add on for other strollers. It would be nice if it folded more compactly, it folds into a V shape when collapsed and the freestanding function only works on hard surfaces.
rating Submitted By: Peter from FL   Date: 07/21/2010
We purchased this stroller after trying many other lightweight strollers. It came down to this stroller, the Chicco C6 and the Maclaren Volo. We chose this stroller over the C6 because my husband at 6 ft tall kept kicking the back of the Chicco but the G-luxe had plenty of clearance behind the stroller. We liked the Volo but the deciding factor was the G-luxe's ability to recline. This stroller has a very easy fold and our 9 month old loves sitting in it. For a lightweight stroller it has great maneuverability and it is light enough to easily take everywhere. Finally compared to all other strollers in this class it has by far the biggest sunshade...a must have in Florida. We are very happy with our purchase!
rating Submitted By: Lisa from Brooklyn, NY   Date: 07/12/2010
I am very happy with this stroller. I have also tried the McClaren Volo which is great, but I prefer the Uppa for 2 reasons: 1) Once folded, it stands up on its own. This is a huge plus for me. It makes it easier to handle while I am holding my son. 2) the sun shade is huge. The shade covers almost all of my son when he is in the stroller. You can get a lighter stroller without a recline seat, but the recline was important to me, so my son can nap in the stroller.
rating Submitted By: Christine   Date: 02/16/2010
I really like this stroller. The only thing I don't like about it is that you need to recline the seat to fully fold it up. So every time my son gets out and I need to fold it up quickly, I have to recline it and the put it back up when I want to use it again. It's really no big deal, but you can't do it with one hand. It sits upright from tightening strings on the back of the seat. Other than that, it's great. The color is great, the steering is great and the cup holder is great. The seat looks pretty comfy too! My son really likes it.
rating Submitted By: Nathan Ranalli from Philadelphia, PA   Date: 01/27/2010
We purchased the Uppababy G-Luxe in black (Jake) for our 11-month old daughter when we needed a lightweight alternative to the Peg Perego Skate (which we've also been happy with) for a flight, and we couldn't be more pleased. The G-Luxe was basically ready to go right out of the box and the baby loved riding in it from the beginning. We looked at the Maclaren Volo but the recline feature, padded seating and large canopy of the G-Luxe sold us. It's very easy to open and close and fits in a nice corner of our small row house using the sturdy stand.
rating Submitted By: First Time Mom   Date: 01/21/2010
With the reclining feature, this is a great transition from the car seat stroller for us.
rating Submitted By: Berenice from Seattle, WA   Date: 12/01/2009
After considering a Maclaren, both new and used Quest and Triumph models seemed overpriced for an umbrella stroller. After the Maclaren recall we made up our minds for sure! The Gluxe looks great and is not as, shall we say, obnox...I mean ubiquitous as the Maclaren models. The price is right and we are so happy with our purchase. I recommend taking advantage of the free shipping and going ahead and getting the rain cover, I didn't and now regret it.
rating Submitted By: Monique from Bloomsburg, PA   Date: 10/05/2009
Great stroller. Needed to get something light weight because I have a bad back. Very light and well made. Would reccommend it to anyone! My 10 month old son loves it too! We also bought the rain cover for it too, which is another good investment.
rating Submitted By: A. Raphael   Date: 09/30/2009
We have the Bugaboo Chameleon and I chose this stroller to keep in the car because it is the lightest that reclines, it's easy to fold and it has a great sun cannopy. My only complaint is that the spring fell off the lever upon first use.
rating Submitted By: Commuting Mommy of One from SF, California   Date: 09/29/2009
I bought this stroller because I needed something to commute with my son in, on the subway/train. After two weekends of errands and such plus 2 days of commuting, I am pleased with my purchase. The first day it came out of the box, my 15 month old crawled over to it and climbed right in. It is nice and light (i can lift one handed no problem). Turns on a dime. Pretty smooth ride on concrete. A little bumpy on carpet and tall grass. Handle bars are a nice height, works for me and my 6 ft tall husband. Basket is handy. Carry strap great for hanging on the wall (stroller storage closet at daycare). The reclining option is nice, although I wish I could do raise it one handed like i could with our chicco travel system and I wish it was a full recline. Cup holder is so-so. I'm a little worried about the stand. I'm pretty rough with my gear and it may not handle all the in and out of the car, closet, etc. everyday. Also, it is pretty easy to open/close, but the opening part could be a little easier AND it would be fabulous if it was one-handed. Less expensive than MacLaren - more attractive too, in my opinion. So far, so good. I would be happier if I'd paid closer to $100 for it than $160+
rating Submitted By: anh   Date: 07/15/2009
After all the research I did I ended up purchasing the Uppa Baby G-Luxe. It was between this or the Maclaren. What led me to purchase the Uppa one was the Sun Canopy...the color..the cost and the easy fold. I tought the Maclaren was more difficult to fold and though their reclining system is a lil easier to do than the Uppa felt the Uppa reclined more. It's a toss. Maybe next time I would get the Macclaren but for now...I'm very happy with the G-Luxe, it's very lightweight, has a strap for to carry on the shoulder AND customer service is excellent and very responsive.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer   Date: 05/26/2009
All in all, the stroller works pretty good. There has been an issue with the front tire that comes up every once in awhile. Other than that it is lightweight and easy to open. My daughter loves to ride in it. I would recommend it.
rating Submitted By: happymama from Madison, WI   Date: 03/12/2009
This stroller is simply perfect! It folds easily, it's lightweight and still padded with recline. I love the fabric and overall material, it's such a high quality item. We compared it to Chicco and Maclaren, after test driving the first two in stores. The features on this one are simply better, so we felt confident buying it online without having seen it. In comparison to others, it folds easier, drives smoother, and the clips are so much better, it's a breeze to handle and put your baby in and out, and overall feels like a dream of a stroller. Perfectly happy customer!
rating Submitted By: Jodi from Louisville, KY   Date: 02/26/2009
I could not be happier with this wonderful stroller. When picking out a new stroller for my one-year-old, here are the main things I was looking for: LIGHT weight, good canopy, rolls nicely, good recline, comfortable tall handles for me, easy to fold, big basket, and nice looking. The G-Luxe is all of these things and more. When I heard the stroller only weighs 11 lbs (the same weight as my MacLaren Easy Traveler frame for infant carseats), I was ecstatic. I spend a significant amount of time carrying my stroller-resistant baby while pushing the stroller, so it was crucial to have something light and easy to push. The handles are so tall that I don't have to bend down to reach them while I'm holding her. HUGE plus! I LOVE that the release to fold the stroller up is at the handles, too. I can easily fold up the stroller and put it in the trunk while holding the baby, simply by leaning the wheels against the car while folding. To me, it folds so much more easily and logically than MacLarens and I love not having to use my foot to do it. Oh, and there's a great carrying strap. The sun shade is outstanding. Completely adjustable and huge. The recline feature is well-done. The cup holder is fabulous and actually holds regular sized cups (unlike some of my friends' strollers w/tiny cupholders such as Combi). It's a smooth ride and my daughter seems happy when she's actually riding it. Plus, it holds all my stuff! On top of all that, it is modern and pretty. I have the Jake (black with silver). I would buy this stroller again in a heartbeat. Worth every penny.
rating Submitted By: Debbie from Chicago, IL   Date: 11/25/2008
I had the Maclaren Triumph and my baby was not comfortable in it at all. She is 10 months old and on the small side and I always felt she was swimming in that stroller. I also hated the way it opened up - the G-Luxe is so easy to open and close. It also feels sturdy for what it is. I would recommend it to anyone!
rating Submitted By: tracy   Date: 11/18/2008
I like this stroller very much. It compares well to the MacLauren Triumph. It is lightweight and has decently tall handles (my husband and I are tall) and handles well. The fold mechanism is a little awkward at first and the recline feature (which uses string and a toggle like a jacket to tighten and loosen) works well to recline fully, but is hard to adjust back up to an upright position with the child in it. On the plus side, the recline is infinitely adjustable. If the seat is in recline, there is no way to put anything in the basket. Overall, we are quite pleased.
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