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Product Reviews
UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller

UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller Reviews

by UPPAbaby
Average rating: rating (31 reviews)
2015 UPPAbaby VISTA Stroller!! An innovative, universal stroller system that truly grows with your child from birth into the toddler years. Stroller adapts with accessories to accommodate a second and third child. Bassinet: Suitable from birth to 6 monthsToddler Seat: Suitable from 3 months to 50 lbs. Features: Easy one-step fold—with or without the seat attached Welded and formed aircraft... read more »
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rating Submitted By: s Karni from LA, CA   Date: 05/02/2014
large wheels are awesome! Baby loves the padded bassinet. Easy to maneuver anywhere. Very high quality product. Although it is very heavy to lift in and out of SUV.
rating Submitted By: Alberto Araujo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil   Date: 04/29/2014
Great stroller for your son. Best! O material do carrinho é muito bom e não temos no Brasil nada tão bom.
rating Submitted By: Valery Dorshimer from Coral Gables, Florida   Date: 02/24/2014
Easy to navigate, Excellent delivery time! The process went above my expectations. The product is an excellent product with many usable features.
rating Submitted By: Terrence Ro from Monroe, NJ   Date: 01/30/2014
It was a little bit difficult to build up but after all it was nice to see the stroller work smoothly. A little bit big to load it in a car trunk though. The quality of the stroller is excellent. I would recommend it to anybody who needs baby stroller.
rating Submitted By: Domonique   Date: 10/07/2013
Amazing quality. Easy to change pieces and easy to collapse for storage. I'd definitely reccomend this stroller. It's worth every penny.
rating Submitted By: Cathy Dargento from Fair Lawn, NJ   Date: 07/29/2013
I bought one for my son three years ago for his growing family and they loved it. It is user friendly and steers so easily. Now I just bought one for my daughter who will soon have her baby. I know they will love it as much as my son has enjoyed theirs. Baby Earth is very dependable. After a problem with the shipment was called to their attention, they immediately sent me another.
rating Submitted By: Mischa   Date: 06/17/2013
We did a lot of research before buying, and are so glad we invested in this stroller. I love the huge basket and sun shade. The different seating arrangements are awesome, and it is a dream to push. Uppa Baby customer service is wonderful, too.
rating Submitted By: Emily from Walnut Creek, CA   Date: 04/17/2013
Very happy with the purchase. I was debating about getting a Bugaboo Bee or the Uppababy Cruz, but ended up going with the Vista. It has everything that I was looking for - bassinet, high quality materials, smooth ride, and good looking. It is a little big, if I still lived in SF I would have gotten the CRUZ, but now that I live in the suburbs this stroller is perfect.
rating Submitted By: Rebecca Kim from New York, NY   Date: 08/09/2012
I wish I had bought this stroller with my first child. I recently had my second child and ended up buying this with the rumble seat to turn it into a double stroller (in order to then have the option of later removing the rumble seat once I no longer need a double). I had a Bugaboo cameleon before this. It is slightly wide than the Bugaboo but is just as smooth. One of the buttons to collapse the Uppababy (there are two that need to be pressed together) is right on the handlebar, which is something I had to get used to, however, as it is something I have to remind myself not to press.
rating Submitted By: Amy from Saint Paul, MN   Date: 04/18/2012
This is the best stroller you could buy. We walk our dog every day and it was important to us to have a stroller that the baby could use from day one. the bassinet is beautiful and perfect for your newborn and the frame is easy to fold up when finished. I can't recommend this stroller enough, it is WELL worth the price if you are serious about getting out and about and using it a lot.
rating Submitted By: Jennifer from Chapel Hill, NC   Date: 10/19/2011
I looked at and tried many strollers before making this decision. Many people seem to choose this stroller because they are too for others, however, that is not why I chose this one. I am only 5'3". I chose it because: 1) The basket on the bottom is huge and very easy to access form the back and front of the stroller. One of the other high rated strollers only had a strange "purse" thing that sat at the bottom front of the stroller.I prefer the Uppababy large basket. 2)The sitting positions of the seat. The seat can go almost to a complete laying down position and a fully upright position. 3)The seat can look forwards and backwards. 4) Of course the INCLUDED bassinet! 5) Very eco friendly company. One thing they do not advertise is the wheels lock want them to. This is for stability when going over rough terrain. Our family loves going on hikes and being in the outdoors. So, I know this will come in handy! It was very easy to assemble. My 11, 8, and 6 year old kids did it while I read the directions. If you are looking for a VERY small compact stroller, you may want to get the g-lite or g-luxe version. Although this stroller does fold and unfold easily, it does have a little weight and some bulk to it. It is not an umbrella stroller. One thing I would recommend is researching the Uppababy Cruz before making a decision. They are similar, but different. I am very pleased with this purchased and know I bought the best stroller with the best options!
rating Submitted By: Ana Claudia from Washington, DC   Date: 09/14/2010
Very sturdy and nicely built. We were torn between the vista and the bugaboo cameleon. Glad we got this one. Other than the yuppy factor, I think the vista beats the cameleon on all fronts.
rating Submitted By: Rebecca Kenyon from KS   Date: 04/22/2010
Just received my Uppa Baby a few weeks ago and we really love it! My baby is 3 months old so she doesn't have the head control yet for the "big girl" seat so she's in the bassinet still which she loves! The stroller is very easy to use, you can tell it is very well made and it's so easy to take in and out of the car. That was a huge plus for me since we have a fairly small sedan and it fits in our trunk with no problems. We love it!
rating Submitted By: lulu   Date: 04/19/2010
This stroller is extremely well made. I love that it comes with the bassinet as well as a number of accessories and the improvements in the 2010 model are fantastic. It's a great investment.
rating Submitted By: Rhea   Date: 03/25/2010
Among the many choices of strollers out there, I picked this one because of the quality and the reasonable price. Why spend so much $$ on Bugaboo when this is very comparable if not better. The style and look is excellent. I would have given this a 5, however, the frame is very heavy ('welded aluminium alloy'), but-- it makes a steady frame, I guess it's a good thing. You definitely need alot of core and back strength to lift this in and out of your trunk! Also, one thing that I had so much trouble doing is closing/folding the stroller. Need a LOT of force to fold this bad boy! It doesn't help little tiny hands, petite size like I am to be holding/pressing down on one side of the frame (small button) with one hand, while simultaneously, the other hand on top handle of the frame pressing on the latch, AND pushing down to fold! A lot of work! Wish it would be as easy as push buttons. I had to practice folding it so many times but could not fold it for the life of me! My husband can do it w/ so much ease and there I was watching him w/c was making me frustrated. Both my hands were hurting. Then I thought, wear thick gloves to protect my hands and fingers, and it worked! I used those thick padded garden gloves and it sure gave me a better grip on the handles. I think UPPA could work on that better, making the frame easy to handle/manage for small moms like me!
rating Submitted By: Leah from Utah   Date: 03/12/2010
I have had this stroller for 5 months now and I love it!! It is quite bulky but I have a SUV and slides in and out really easily. My son loves it and is great for sunny days with the extra pull out on the visor you don't get on other ones. The bassinet was used a lot with us escpecially as he is a winter baby we could wrap him up in our Enfant 7am sleeping bag and stayed nice and warm. - we transitioned him into the seat at 5 months because he was sitting well and is more interested in the world around him so wants to see everything. We never needed the car seat attachment as the stroller worked for us without it. Service is also very good - I had a problem with the wheels making a funny noise and they replaced the frame and the wheels very easily.
rating Submitted By: LS from Houston, Texas   Date: 02/25/2010
I purchased the Vista Carlin for my expecting sister because I had read so many positive reviews about what an amazing stroller it is. And it's true! I assembled it myself in less than 5 minutes and was greatly impressed at how easily it maneuvered around the corners of my small condo. The wheels are a little wide as others have said but it didn't seem to be a big problem (However, I do realize I am not the one who will be using it in narrow shopping aisles). My 6'4 brother-in-law tried it out and he's now a fan! He says, "The strollers at Babies 'R Us have got nothin' on this!" He doesn't even kick the wheels with his long strides, which was a tiny concern when I made this investment. But all in all- Easy to fold, smooth ride, looks really chic, and more bang for your buck (it includes a bassinet, rain cover and bug shield)! I can't wait to see my niece/nephew in it!
rating Submitted By: Stephanie from Austin, TX   Date: 02/04/2010
I bought this stroller to replace our Quinny Buzz. We loved the QB, but my son grew out of it. The 2010 Vista is the answer to my prayers. It has an extended toddler seat (height) and plenty of room to grow for your larger toddlers. It has MUCH more support than Bob, Bugaboo, etc., and has a huge basket. It was a cinch to assemble (under 5 mins), and it's easy to navigate with one hand. Easy to collapse + set up, and I love that I don't even have to consider the bassinet- t comes with it. We'll use that for baby # 2. I'm going to sell my lightweight plus stroller, because this one is light enough that I am choosing it every time (Inglesina Zippy). The wheels are great for the road (we walk a lot around here) and will never go flat b/c they are foam. The only thing it does not have is a snack tray, but I hear they are working on this. Also, I was contacted quickly by customer service when I registered it. I responded to them with some comments & questions and they got back to me immediately. LOVE the stroller and the company!
rating Submitted By: Sylvain from Los Angeles   Date: 01/20/2010
Light and convenient stroller with a bassinet (hard to find here in the US !). This stroller looks strong and is really easy to use.
rating Submitted By: Diane from Pasadena, CA   Date: 09/21/2009
We love our UPPABaby Stroller! I first purchased the Peg Perego UNO but my husband didn't like it when it arrived and he put it together. So we looked at others and found that the UPPABaby had everything we both wanted plus it wasn't as expensive as the Bugaboo. Wheels are smooth, assembly easy, we like how it easily folds down and accessories snap into place. The bassinet has been our baby's "bed" for now (she is 2.5 weeks old) and are able to wheel around the home and around the block with ease. The Peg infant seat adapter also snaps into place and the seat does too. Only slight con is that the wheel base width (as others have said) is a bit wide but it hasn't been a problem for us.
rating Submitted By: Suzanna   Date: 09/18/2009
Haven't use it yet, but seems sturdy. It's a bit on the heavier side compared to other strollers, but I guess that's what makes it sturdy. Love the blue color!
rating Submitted By: Veronika from NJ   Date: 08/17/2009
I just bought the Uppa Baby Vista on this site. The stroller is great! It's very easy to assemble - you just need to pop the wheels in. The canopy is huge and has a ventilated openning on the top that you can keep open or closed. However, the baby's feet are still staying in the sun. Well, it's hard to cover up 100%. It rides great - I was ablle to turn it with one hand, even though it's not th elightest stroller and the baby is around 28lbs (I also had groceries in the basket that added weight). Minor issue - the seat is not 100% vertical when upright and not too reclined at the most horisontal position. I wish it could have 2 more recline settings instead of 3 - to go flatter and more vertical. My biggest complain is that the seat is not very long. My baby is 11 months old and in 95th %. So his head is about 1 inch from the end of the back of the seat. I was told that from now on he will grow more in his legs and not the torso, so I hope to use the stroller for another year. I never used the bassinet, but the fabric inside looked very soft and nice. Not sure of the size - it did not look large as well, but may be it's because of my baby being so large by now making all newborn things looking too little. I also never seen other strollers' bassinets to compare.
rating Submitted By: peyton from wayne, pa   Date: 08/08/2009
The UPPAbaby Vista is the perfect stroller. Good price point, extras included, soft soy bassinet, eco-friendly, convertible, bottom storage, not too heavy, easy to assemble...
rating Submitted By: Bonnie   Date: 07/14/2009
People advised me to try strollers out in a store before buying one, but upon looking at various strollers in the stores in my area, I couldn't really find one that fit our needs. I began to research strollers online and read about the Uppa Vista. The reviews seem to indicate all the features I was looking for so I went ahead and ordered the stroller. So far I am very happy with the stroller. I am 9mths pregnant and was able to easily assemble the stroller on my own. It wheels and turns so beautifully. The quality is really wonderful and I like that it comes in a large range of colors. I was able to easily snap the carriage and stroller attachments in and out of the frame. There is plenty of room for packages underneath. The stroller is designed so that even with a long walking stride you won't kick the back of the carriage. I like the adjustability of the handlebars, seat etc... I'm really happy that I went ahead and ordered it online.
rating Submitted By: Emily from Texas   Date: 03/25/2009
I am extremely happy with the VISTA Stroller that I purchased from Baby Earth. I think it is more functional that the Bugaboo and was about $200 less. My favorite part is that is it easy to use and folds with the toddler seat attached. The large storage underneath is also a huge plus! My husband was a bit weary about spending so much on a stroller but once we got it he realized the value of it. It is very easy to push, very easy to assemble and perfect in my opinion. I would strongly suggest the VISTA stroller to anyone.
rating Submitted By: Cathy from San Francisco, CA   Date: 03/13/2009
i wanted to get the bugaboo cameleon however the hefty price tag made me look around that's similar but less expensive. i'm very happy i found uppa baby vista, not only it's very similar to the bugaboo, its hundreds of dollars cheaper. it comes with a ton of accessories so you dont have to buy additional attachments and other fabrics. uppa baby has tons of pros, the only con i can think of is the weight (when you fold it and load into car).
rating Submitted By: Katherine from Phoenix, Arizona   Date: 01/13/2009
I had a hard time making a decision about a stroller because of the cost, so I waited until my baby was three months old before I got the UPPAbaby Vista. My only regret is that I waited so long, so I won't have as long to enjoy the pram. My baby loves it and sleeps in it like a dream. It is so soft and comfortable. The stroller looks great as well. We are constantly getting compliments on the beautiful color (red) as well as the quality of the of the construction and fabrics. My other concern was that I drive a small car, but it folds up very compactly and is easy to put in and out of the trunk. It is also easy to maneuver with one hand and great for jogging as well as walking.
rating Submitted By: Krissie from Ft. Lauderdale, FL   Date: 10/06/2008
So far, so great! The UPPAbaby Vista (which my husband and I got in the green color - very nice, btw) is light weight and seems very durable. I looked for a while to find a rear facing, adjustable handle, somewhat rugged yet light weight and compact stroller and found all that I was looking for and then some in the UPPAbaby Vista. I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for the same things I was in search of for months. It also comes with just about everything you can think of. It collapses easily, folds up compactly with the added benefit of being able to remove the rear wheels for better storage if needs be; It turns on a dime and is light weight enough for even me to carry upstairs. If you were on the fence about this stroller, I'd say "leap off and get yourself an UPPAbaby".
rating Submitted By: stlmommy from Massachusetts   Date: 10/02/2008
I am tough on items, and this stroller stands up to everything. You get everything for hundreds cheaper than the Bugaboo. And unlike the Bugaboo you do not need to take it apart to put it in your car. It turns and pushes like a breeze! It also has a higher weight capacity than some more expensive, less durable strollers out there. The Uppa Baby customer service is also stupendous.
rating Submitted By: Kevin Fairchild   Date: 05/29/2008
People who tend to buy strollers like this do so because they like quality craftsmanship, comfort details and ease-of-use. My wife & I bought this stroller for our new baby and we truly think it is the best one money can buy. We looked at the Orbit and the bugaboo, but liked the UPPA baby the best. The color coated indicators, aircraft alluminum materials, foam tires and sleek dimensions really sold us. The color options are also nice for people who don't want blue for a boy and pink for a girl.
rating Submitted By: KEJ   Date: 04/15/2008
The Uppa Baby stroller has met every expectation. It is attractive and easy to put together . It will serve our baby from infancy through toddler years . The fact that all pieces (pram and seat attachements, bug and rain shades) are included is a HUGE bonus. I wouldn't buy any other stroller!
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