It was December of 1963, the month of Christmas and family warmth, when the first "London" was pushed around a yard of a workshop in Vicenza, Italy. It was created by Liviano Tomasi, inspired by the elegant carriages you could only see at the British court. From here the name “Inglesina” was chosen: which, in Italian, is feminine, like the word for “pram”, and stands for little English girl. Since then, with our “Inglesina” we entered the lives of many families, at a very special time. A moment when you feel joy, but also the responsibility of taking care of a new life. That is why we commit every day so that our products can offer total safety, protection and comfort for your baby, while being reliable and practical for parents. We achieve this through relentless research and selection of the finest materials, a constant study of the most innovative technical solutions and a strictly-controlled manufacturing process. Welcome to the Inglesina world.

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