Nursery Essentials

Nursery Essentials

Mommy's Helper

  • $14.52

  • Complete set of baby health and grooming essentials.
  • Includes convenient/storage case.
  • Health essentials include nasal aspirator, digital thermometer & more.
  • Grooming essentials include hair brush, nail clippers, emory boards & more.

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The Nursery Essentials Collection by Mommy's Helper is your complete set of baby health and grooming essentials!


  • Convenient Travel/Storage Case
  • Nasal Aspirator 
  • Infant Gum Massager 
  • Digital Thermometer 
  • Medicine Spoon 
  • Medicine Dropper 
  • Comb 
  • Hair Brush 
  • Finger Nail Clippers 
  • Emory Boards (5) 
  • Boo Boo Pack

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