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Product of the week: Oeuf Mini Library

Product of the week: Oeuf Mini Library

While expecting my second child we moved into a new house with an actual playroom and I set to work right away figuring out how to organize all our toys, books and other play items and decided to purchase a storage system from a well known conventional retailer.  I remember my excitement when the boxes started arriving and put my husband to work assembling our new storage system. However, my excitement quickly turned to disappointment and concern when I opened the boxes and was met with an intense toxic smell.  Initially, I assumed my reaction was prompted by an over-sensitive pregnant sense of smell, and that furthermore the furniture would “off gas” in a few days. However, months later, the furniture still smelled quite strongly, I came to learn that furniture made of compressed particle board can emit these toxic fumes for years.  I called the retailer, who to their credit, has an excellent customer service policy and agreed to pick up the furniture and refund our money.  

I decided not to mess around with my next storage system purchase and wanted only the safest products in my children’s play room.  After some research I decided on the Oeuf Mini Library, made with non-toxic finishes, to store our toys in along with breathable storage bins that fit nicely on the shelves.  This week the Oeuf Mini Library is our product of the week for the following reasons:

Reason #1.

Eco Friendly!  The Oeuf Mini Library is sustainably produced in Europe, made under European environment standards (quite sad our own country can’t regulate the way other countries have managed).  The Mini Library is made of Baltic birch plywood and eco-medium density fiberboard which is a recyclable panel product made of wood fibers, free from harmful binders you would find in traditional particle board. 

Reason #2.

Smart Design! The Mini Library is made with varying height shelves to accommodate different size toys and books along with two storage compartments with hinged doors perfect for quick clean up storing purposes.  

Reason #3.

Safe Finishes!  The Mini Library comes in two beautiful finishes, Walnut and Birch which are of course non toxic, water-based and free of VOC health hazards so your children will breathe easy, no toxic fumes here!


Are you familiar with the Oeuf line, please share with us some of your favorite products and why you chose Oeuf!

Bath Time Essentials

Bath Time Essentials

Bath time is one of my favorite times of the day, it’s the start of our wind down routine and my children just love taking a nice calming bath before bedtime.  I usually bathe my two older children in the tub together and have the baby in an infant tub close by so they can all entertain one another.  Here are some of my favorite bath products that help make this time easy!  

Infant Tub  

As I mentioned above I bathe Baby J in an infant tub, my tub of choice here is the Stokke Flexi Bath, its convenient foldable design allows for easy storage and it’s just the right size that it works for ages 0 to 4 years old.  It’s also easy to clean and a must for those living in tight spaces!

Bath Soap & Lotion

Last week I discussed in a post why California Baby is my go-to brand for skin care, not only is it a top rated product line according to the Environmental Working Group but California Baby offers such a wide variety of products from lotions to creams to massage oils, there is something for everyone.  From calming soaps to help with eczema to soothing calendula for sensitive skin you will be sure to find the right product for your child’s skin care needs.  During colder months I like to add a drop of lavender essential oil to my children’s bath along with a scoop of coconut oil, it really helps to hold moisture in during the dry winter season.

Bath Toys

My children have a few favorite bath time toys, they love using their imaginations and creating underwater sea villages with Boon’s Bath Tub Appliques as well as Skip*Hops Starfish Stacker and they go crazy for simple Green Toy Stacking Cups, they have a blast just measuring and pouring water all over themselves and each other.   All toys are of course BPA-Free and Phthalate-Free.

Hooded Towels/Wash Cloths

My favorite towels to use, especially for the babies, are Under the Nile organic hooded towels and washcloths.  They are fast drying, super soft and absorbent made of the finest 100% organic Egyptian cotton.


What are some of your favorite bath time rituals – we would love to hear!

Product of the week: Skip*Hop Zoo Pop-Up Hamper

The best way to encourage clean up time is with fun colorful zoo shaped storage containers like Skip*Hop’s Zoo Pop-Up Hampers.   This week the Skip*Hop Zoo Pop-Up Hamper is our product of the week.

Reason #1.

Variety! Skip*Hop’s Zoo Pop-Up Hampers come in a variety of zoo figures and colors, from adorable monkeys to sweet ladybugs you will be sure to find the right one for your little angels storage needs.

Reason #2.

Light weight and Collapsable!  Made with a light weight yet durable nylon fabric, these easily collapsable hampers make storage a snap.

Reason #3.

Multi Functional!  You can use the Zoo Pop-Up for any of your storage needs from dirty clothes to toys, Skip*Hop Hampers will make clean up time convenient and easy. 


Find your favorite Zoo Pop-Up Hamper here.  As always, you will find BabyEarth products like Skip*Hop Hampers for up to 10% lower than list pricing.