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Lunch with a Dash of Eco-Friendly

Lunchbox is to child as statement jewelry is to women. It makes all the difference. What makes more of a difference though, especially to the environment, is what’s inside that lunchbox. From sandwiches to goldfish to grapes, it’s convenient to place everything in plastic baggies and call it a day. It’s even more convenient to dispose of them rather than deal with the clean-up. However, the environmental impact is great, and with just a teensy bit of extra care, you can truly make a difference.

Whether your bring your lunch to work, pack a lunchbox for your child, or use plastic baggies for snacks on the run, have you ever stopped to consider just how many of those plastic baggies you’ve used and disposed of over the years?

Plastic baggies may seem inexpensive, but they eventually add up-both in your bank account and in landfills.  Save your money and help save our planet. Choose reusable containers instead. For your little one, consider the Boon Snack Ball for a fun and eco-friendly spin on a snack container or the Bento Lunchbox 2.0, which comes with a lunchbox and multiple containers that fit snugly inside!

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