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Thanksgiving Craft Keepsake for Baby

Thanksgiving is essentially a day away. Soon enough the house will be filled with the warmth and intoxicating aromas that only a Thanksgiving meal and an overworked oven can produce.  The slow-roasted turkey, buttery oven-baked rolls, and bubbling pineapple-cranberry sauce (trust me, pineapple is key) will soon be accompanied by the faint sound of football in the background – and I can’t wait!

If you’re a new parent, it will also include the babbling and giggling of a precious little one experiencing his/her very first Thanksgiving.  To commemorate this joyous occasion, it seems only right to create a Thanksgiving craft that you can hold onto forever (and annoy your “little one” with when they aren’t so little anymore for Thanksgiving’s to come). ;)

With just a few simple materials, you can create a beautiful Thanksgiving keepsake.  In between the mad dash to prep for Thanksgiving, run out to your local craft store and pick up the following:

  A glazed ceramic plate

  Fall-colored gloss enamel paint (we used Americana Gloss Enamels)

  Paintbrushes/foam brushes

  Rubbing alcohol

  Spare newspaper to line your workspace

  Paper plate and/or plastic cups for the paint/paintbrushes

  Oh, and make sure your baby’s teeny little feet are clean and dry before you start.

Once all materials are in your possession, get to work!  Feel free to use our picture as a guide but don’t be shy to get creative!

  • Prep the plate by cleaning it with alcohol. Dry completely.
  • Paint the turkey feathers on the plate however you’d like, big, small, a lot, a little, multi-colored, one color, okay…you get the point. Allow the wings to dry a bit before the next step.
  • Then paint baby’s foot with paint and lightly place in between the wings. Make sure you have a pretty thick coat of paint (but not too much!) on baby’s foot so that it will show up nicely on the ceramic. I highly suggest using the newspaper/spare paper to do a few practice rounds before you make your one and only stamp on the plate.
  • Allow the footprint to dry as you wash away the paint on baby’s foot.
  • Then, paint on the face with a paintbrush.
  • To finish it off, simply grab a permanent marker and write whatever you would like to commemorate their first Thanksgiving! Our sample reads: “Thanksgiving 2012, [insert name here]“, but again, feel free to add your own personal touch.  You can write why you are thankful for them, something funny/memorable they did on their first Thanksgiving, or they can even add their own paint stokes/scribbles depending on their age!

*This can be done and displayed by Thanksgiving, but to permanently set the plate AND make it dishwasher safe (bonus!), you’ll need to do a few more steps…

  • Allow the plate to dry fully for four days. It does take awhile to dry completely, but it can still be displayed on Thanksgiving. (This can also be a great craft for all the kids on Thanksgiving Day if you are looking for craft ideas). Just make sure to keep it away from curious little fingers.
  • Without preheating the oven, “bake” the plate for 30 minutes at 325°F. Let cool with the oven door open.


*This craft was recently created by our awesome in-store participants. If you are unfamiliar, BabyEarth love’s to hold events at our Round Rock location just outside of Austin, Texas. We offer an array of workshops, classes, playtime, and crafts for parent and baby. If you are in the area, please check out our Events page for more information.

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