Easter is filled with thoughts of Easter eggs, bunnies, lilies, and a remembrance of Christ’s death and resurrection. However, if you have a spring baby on the way, you might also have all things baby, including baby names, on your mind.

If you haven’t decided on the perfect name for your child, why not choose an Easter-inspired name for your little boy or girl?

SheKnows created a list of 50 Easter-inspired names that will help parents struggling to give their spring baby boy or girl a perfect moniker.

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The site lists names in multiple categories, including flower names, spring-inspired names, spiritual Easter names, Easter names from around the world, and names with Easter-inspired meanings. Below we’ve included a small sample of some of their suggestions.

Flower Names

  • Daisy
  • Lily
  • Primrose

Spring-inspired Names

  • Finn
  • Forest
  • River

Spiritual Easter Names

  • Peter
  • Joanna
  • Mary

Easter Names from Around the World

  • If you’re looking for a more unique Easter name, SheKnows suggests using the word Easter in a different language such as Pascal and Pascale, which mean Easter in French, and Pasquale which means Easter in Italian.

Names with Easter-inspired Meanings

  • Caldwell: An English boy’s name that means “from the cold spring."
  • Lavernia: A French girl’s name that means “born in the spring.”
  • Tazia: An Italian girl’s name that means “one who will be reborn.”

Easter is a wondrous occasion and beautiful holiday and to bestow a child with a name inspired by it would be a perfect choice for any parent. 

Do you have a spring baby? Share their name below in the comments!

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