Flexi Bath Life Hack for Baby and Beyond

Everyone loves a baby product that they can use for multiple purposes. Flexi Bath by Stokke® delivers good clean fun!

Everyone loves a baby product that they can use for multiple purposes. The Flexi Bath by Stokke® is one of those great products that you can use for baby and beyond!

First let’s talk about the basic features of the Flexi Bath, Flexi Bath Bundle, and Flexi Bath XL. The original Flexi Bath is one of the first lightweight portable baby baths that folds flat. It has a no-slip base and heat sensitive plug that helps parents make sure that water temperatures aren’t too hot. It’s easy to hang up, dry off and be ready for the next bath time. The XL allows for more space for bigger children or a sibling, and the bundle comes with an award-winning infant support that helps bring baby’s head out of the water when they are unable to sit up.

Flexi Bath bundle with infant support

Now let’s talk about all the life-hacks and uses beyond just a bathtub!  For our family, we loved having it on every trip, it was small enough to pack in the suitcase and gave us a clean space to wash baby or our toddlers.  Where we found it invaluable was camping!  Below are our favorite uses while in the outdoors:

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  1. The Flexi Bath was a safe space at the edge of the lake or on the beach. When we didn’t want our sitters, crawlers, or walkers to wander from our site, we scooped up some lake water or ocean water and gave them their own private and safe water play area. While always keeping an eye on them, our kids were able to experience splashing and playing without the worry of the dangers of larger bodies of water.
  2. It’s a great place for older children and parents to keep their feet clean while they use an outdoor shower or try to clean up. While bigger bodies can’t submerse in the Flexi Bath, the XL size works well for “sand clean off” or as the base for our outdoor shower.
  3. Doing camping laundry. There is always one of the children or adults who either doesn’t pack enough clothes or is constantly dirty. We loved having a large space to wash clothes outside, hose them off, and then hang them on a line.
  4. Of course, we used it for a portable place to clean baby too!

When we traveled to friends and family houses it was great to have a smaller space to bathe baby, and it also became a safe place to “put baby down” without the worry of wander. We tossed a few teether toys in the tub and watched our barely-sitting-infant enjoy a little independent play.

Explore the many uses of Flexi Bath!

Beyond baby, the Flexi Bath became the largest and best sensory play area possible. Here’s some of our favorite uses:

  1. Once our babies could sit, we placed “ball-pit balls” in the Flexi Bath and let our littles be surrounded by the movement, texture, and fun of the dozens of balls around them. (Make sure you get a larger size ball so they are not a choking hazard. Plastic Easter eggs work well too).
  2. Water play! We filled up the Flexi Bath with water and grabbed their favorite floating toys and went outside for hours of fun play!
  3. Texture play! Since the tub is so easy to clean, we didn’t hesitate to fill up the bottom with spaghetti, shaving cream or even Jell-o to create squishy, fun playtime.
  4. Hide-and-Seek Treasure hunt! We filled up the tub with sand, shaving cream, or Legos and hid smaller toys inside. Our kids four and up loved this especially if they had a buddy to race against.
The Flexi Bath was one of the best multipurpose items that we purchased and seems to be at our house well beyond the kid’s toddler ages. We even used it as an ice bucket for beers at a BBQ (after a good cleaning, of course!).

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Molly Ryan

Molly Ryan

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