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JPMA tips for safe playtime with baby

Keeping baby safe during playtime is easier with a little help from key baby products and these tips from the JPMA.

Playtime is a wonderful time of discovery, laughter, learning and bonding for baby and parents. Keeping baby safe during playtime is easier with a little help from key baby products. A clean washable play space for infants, a bouncer seat, a swing, a seating aid, and an activity center are all great toys that help parents keep baby safe while he/ she plays. Look for products that use safe or organic materials, quality hardware, easy to use components and is perfect for your baby’s age, height, weight. We love brands like Nook®, Baby Bjorn®, Hugaboo®, Stokke®, Under the Nile®, Plan Toys®, Haba®, and Chicco® for their commitment to creating safe products that both babies and parents love.

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No matter what product you choose, be sure to follow these JPMA guidelines to ensure you are using them safely:

  • NEVER leave a baby unattended. It is important to stay in the same room as baby while using any bouncer, swing, or activity center.
  • NEVER place entertainment products on beds, sofas, or other soft surfaces.
  • ALWAYS secure the restraining straps and never leave a baby when straps are loose or undone.
  • To avoid tip-over, only use infant swings, bouncers, and activity centers on flat, level surfaces.
  • NEVER place the infant swing, activity center or bouncer near windows, stairs, draperies, blinds, TV’s, plants, fireplaces or decorative accessories with long cords that baby could reach.
  • Be sure to follow manufacturer’s recommended age, weight, and height for infant swings, bouncers, and activity centers.
Discontinue use when your baby outgrows the manufacturers recommended age, height, weight or developmental limits. Read more great safety tips from the JPMA.

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