Steps You Can Take Right Now to Become More Eco-Friendly

Some of them are simpler than you would think.

Though climate change is overwhelming to think about, there are simple and straightforward ways to help protect the environment. You aren't going to be responsible for the world's untimely demise or anything of the sort if you haven't begun making eco-friendly lifestyle choices yet, Marie Claire writer Cady Drell insists. But there are habits you can implement.

First, Drell explains, you can simply eat more vegetables. Because meat processing contributes to large greenhouse gas emissions, eating less of it will help the environment. If that's hard to do, beef and lamb are the greatest polluters, so you can replace them with white meats instead.

Cutting back on disposables and purchasing fewer items overall also help the ecosystem. Disposable plastic items can actually be relatively easy to replace - using canteens, refillable razors, and tote bags at the grocery store. And start to think more about items you buy: do you really need that new thing in two days from Amazon Prime, and is it produced ethically?

Drell also recommends making responsible fashion choices, such as buying "from brands that aim for environmental responsibility." She also discusses the high carbon production for which the United States is responsible. If more people biked and walked places, and tried to cut down on driving and flying, less carbon would be emitted into the environment.

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Perhaps the simplest piece of advice is unplugging your devices when they aren't in use. When plugged in, they're still using energy, even if the computer or lamp isn't currently on. Unplugging these items can also reduce your utility bills.

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Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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