The Benefits of Swaddling Your Child

Swaddling your infant has been going on for years, but since the 1990s, it has become more popular, for several reasons, not least of which it will make them feel much happier and make you happy too! Most babies only need to be swaddled up until 3 months of age, but some babies may need it longer, up to 9 months old or when they begin to roll. Some of the great benefits of swaddling your baby are listed below.


Swaddling has been proven to reduce the chances of a baby having SIDS. Most pediatricians feel that swaddling will make it much harder for a baby to end up with their head or face covered against the bed and it lessens the ability for the baby to turn over on its stomach. Both of these incidents have been connected with SIDS being at an increased rate in new babies. (Even with the baby swaddled, you should never lie the child down on its stomach to sleep. Swaddling is only intended for babies who sleep on their backs).

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Swaddling has been proven to be very soothing and calming for a baby. When you first swaddle your baby, they may seem a bit upset and frustrated which may make you think the baby hates that position. That is not the case. Babies being swaddled will create a foundation of some great motions and noises for the baby.

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Improved Neuromuscular Development

Most new parents think their baby should have their arms and legs free to practice movement. The truth is that most of the movement you see in a smaller baby is random and not intended at all. Research has shown that by swaddling and immobilizing their arms and legs, they actually begin developing their motor skills at a faster rate.  Also, new swaddle designs – such as Woombie® baby swaddles – have a unique stretch design where the baby can move naturally and then the fabric conforms back to a snug-like cocoon.

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Studies have shown that babies who are swaddled have a 28% reduced crying time

Better Sleep

Swaddling can be very good for helping a baby to sleep better and cry less. Studies have shown that babies who are swaddled have a 28% reduced crying time. And by doing so, you too will see your baby sleeping longer and more soundly if they are swaddled. When the baby is swaddled, it cannot be startled or awaken by its own random leg and arm movements. This helps the baby sleep more continuously without awakening. A longer window of sleep time for a smaller baby is more beneficial to both mom and the baby.

Swaddling your infant has far more benefits than not trying it at all. Help your baby feel more secure and begin swaddling immediately after birth.

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