In keeping with the saying, ""necessity is the mother of invention"", all bumGenius products have been designed out of a need for something different. The Cotton Babies One-Size Microfiber Insert happened one night when the founder of bumGenuis was sewing some inserts up for a customer. She had a snap press in her sewing room and late one night, totally on a whim, added a snap to the insert to make it shorter. This spontaneous design was met with resounding applause and the company was off and running. Voila! bumGenius! One-Size Cloth Diapers were born. Our bamboo fitteds and the all-in-one followed closely behind the one-size diaper... The bumGenius Bamboo Fitteds were designed for the family who wants great fit, fantastic absorbency and natural fibers against their baby's skin. The award winning bumGenius All-In-Ones appeal to the family who wants a simple, highly absorbent one-step system.