Pregnancy Week 19: Your Weekly Pregnancy Guide

At 19 weeks pregnant, your baby is having a growth spurt.

You made it to pregnancy week 19! I don’t know about you, but this fifth month of pregnancy has been such a joy compared to the initial months of sickness and fatigue. Don’t misunderstand me, there are still annoyances but, as my excitement grows, I find them manageable.

Pregnancy Week 19 Guide

In this week’s pregnancy guide, we’ll check in on your growing baby, spend some time reviewing symptoms Mom's often experience, and look at a few tips for creating the perfect baby registry.

How Your Baby is Growing at 19 Weeks Pregnant

At 19 weeks pregnant your baby continues to grow stronger (and bigger) every day. This week, babies are about 6 inches long and weigh almost 8.5 ounces, which is about the size of a mango or heirloom tomato. This is almost a two ounce gain from last week and, before you know it, your little one will be tipping the scales at one pound!


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Perhaps the biggest (and strangest) thing to note at pregnancy week 19 is that your baby is now covered in a protective coating called vernix caseosa. This white substance, which looks a bit like cheese, helps to regulate his body temperature and protect his skin from a nine-month bath in amniotic fluid. Don’t worry though, most babies shed this strange coating before they’re born.

Internally, your baby’s brain is developing distinct areas for regulation of her five senses. Her kidneys are also functioning (and producing urine).

If you’ve had your mid-pregnancy ultrasound, you’ll notice that baby is much more proportional and even getting his own, distinct, look. It can be fun to imagine if that mouth or nose is most like yours, your partners, or your family member’s.

How Your Body is Changing at 19 Weeks Pregnant

By 19 weeks pregnant your newest family member is really showing. After so many pregnancies, my own baby belly is quite distinct and I’ve transitioned almost entirely over to maternity clothes.

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My growing belly means I’m having more aches and pains, specifically round ligament pain, which has taken me by surprise a few times during my daily workouts. While not concerning, round ligament pain is a swift reminder to move carefully (and take a bit of a break).

Here are some other symptoms you may be having this week:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Backache
  • Dizziness when standing too quickly
  • Hip pain
  • Leg cramps.

A general rule of thumb, for all these symptoms, is to make sure you’re hydrated, move carefully (especially when changing positions), and listen to your body. If you’re feeling aches and pains, use them as a reminder to slow down and plan some extra rest into your daily schedule.

Creating the Perfect Baby Registry

By 19 weeks pregnant, I find the addition of a new family member becoming more real. All of a sudden I’m beginning to think through what essentials we’ll need and how to organize the perfect space for baby.

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Creating a baby registry can be a fun activity. Before you choose the cutest looking baby gear, you’ll want to keep these essentials in mind:

  • Think through your house layout, what room will be baby’s nursery, what furniture will fit into the space, and how your want to decorate it. Looking for a color scheme or theme to follow will help narrow down the choices of baby gear.
  • Survey your close friends and family about their favorite baby items, especially the things they deemed essential for a new baby.
  • Think beyond the newborn stage and look for items that are able to be transformed for older babies and can be used long-term.
  • Check with your local Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) about what car seat will best fit your needs and your vehicle. Use the CPST search to find your local technician.

A Dad’s Perspective on Pregnancy Week 19

There's shopping, and then there's serious shopping.

When I look for baby gear it gets the same intense workup as a new computer purchase. Will it hold up to years of pounding? Is it light and compact? Does it have a dozen useful clips and pockets?

When it comes to the baby registry I find I have very little to offer in the realm of color scheme and decoration. Instead I tend to focus on functionality and durability so that together, my wife and I, make a pretty decent team.

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Pregnancy Week 19 Wrap-Up

It seems like I’ve blinked and pregnancy week 19 is already passing us by. Next week brings us halfway through the pregnancy; I hope you’ll join my husband and I on this journey as we await the arrival of our sixth child.

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger

Jess Wartinger resides in rural New York with her husband and five children. Formerly an early elementary teacher, Jess currently spends her time loving her kids and holding down the fort at home.

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