What do All Those Acronyms Mean On Facebook Parenting Groups?

Parents have come up with many acronyms in their social media forums.

A recent article by the Huffington Post revealed that Facebook parenting groups are filled with acronyms. A new parent walking into one of these forums would be bewildered. There are many different groups - some for buying and selling baby items, others for fertility support, or discussion forums focused on helping your child sleep.

So HuffPost compiled a glossary of acronyms to help a confused parent begin to understand. They even sorted the terms into their most likely categories: buying and selling fertility and pregnancy, terms for people, baby-wearing, and eating/sleeping/other normal activities.

For example, buying and selling groups use an extensive number of terms to categorize just how new or used an item is. NWT means "new with tags," while PC stands for "play condition" - aka some child clearly played with this toy. There's even a term (PPO) for some seller to leave an item on the porch so the buyer can drive by and snatch it: Porch Pickup Only.

Also, in case you weren't sure what "terms for people" meant earlier, parents in these forums use acronyms to refer to everyone from their ex-spouse to their mother-in-law. "FTM" stands for first-time mom, which makes sense; SAHM is "stay-at-home mom."

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It's a huge list of acronyms, and HuffPost claims it's not at all exhaustive. But this list can help a new parent venture into a Facebook group with a bit more confidence. Click here for the full list of terms.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

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