California Kids Only Have Two Drink Choices Now

Milk and water are the only drinks that belong on the children's menu.

Children in California now have limited drink options in restaurants: only milk and water. Though parents can request another drink, such as soda, this recent law strengthens the state government's influence over what children consume.

However, this attempt at healthier eating raises some problematic questions, as the Organic Prepper points out in their analysis of the new law. What about children who can't drink milk? Also, why is the state government trying to control the family's options, when perhaps addressing the soda companies themselves would at least target the real problem? 


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Though it seems to be only an annoyance or inconvenience, this new "nanny" law tries to control food, one of the most intimate things that families can share. Though soda can certainly contribute to childhood obesity, one night out won't completely cause it, the Prepper argues. Overall, this law just forbids something that parents and children can circumvent if they truly want - it doesn't successfully address obesity.

Should California use this method to decrease childhood obesity, or should they cease the "nanny" activity and allow parents to decide what their kids drink in restaurants? Click here for more analysis of California's new law.

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps

Jenna Phipps is a writer, editor, and dancer based in Nashville, Tennessee. She enjoys working with other people to improve their writing, taking long road trips, experimenting with choreography, and reading many novels.

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