Simple Ways to Celebrate Dad on Father's Day

If your baby is coming soon, or your newborn recently arrived, here are some easy and meaningful ways to celebrate your hubby’s milestone.

If your baby is coming soon, or your newborn recently arrived, it’s time to celebrate your hubby’s milestone.  Why not honor him with a gift from baby that he’ll never forget?

Are you ready? The big day is just around the corner. That’s right.  Father’s Day is this weekend.  Your husband’s first Father’s Day is special because he is now officially a dad!  If your baby is coming soon, or your newborn recently arrived, it’s time to celebrate your hubby’s milestone. 

But you may be wondering, “What do I do for a new dad?”

I don’t know about you, but I was absolutely exhausted the last month of pregnancy and for several months after giving birth.  It took everything in me to adjust to living on very little sleep, nursing my baby every two hours around the clock, and figuring out when to shop, fix meals, and oh yeah - take a shower. 

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Needless to say, my husband’s first Father’s Day didn’t qualify as a Hallmark moment.  I honestly don’t recall how I honored him that year because Father’s Day fell during the same week our newborn arrived.  It’s all a blur. 

Creative writing, shopping for gifts, and throwing parties weren’t my strong suit after bringing my precious bundle home from the hospital.  If there’s a newborn baby in your house, and you’re feeling pressured by sentimental ads to deliver something over-the-top-extra-special, I feel ya.  Hopefully the ideas that follow will simplify your life and make your Father’s Day celebration a little easier.

Simple Ways to Celebrate A New Dad

Homemade Gifts for Dad

Sometimes the nicest gifts come in small packages wrapped in gratitude. Why not honor husband with a gift from baby that he’ll never forget? Design your own hand-written love note, or keep it simple (and free) with my Father’s Day Printable. Use the print as a card or frame it:

Surprise Dad

Want to spice things up with a fun element of surprise?  Hide your baby’s love note where your hubby is sure to find it Father’s Day morning. If he typically grabs for the orange juice when he wakes up, leave it in the refrigerator. Or in the kitchen cupboard with his favorite coffee cup.  Or how about in his suitcase if he happens to be traveling for business?

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Warning:  Cards from babies are known to increase the frequency with which your husband offers to take your precious bundle so that you can relax.

Outdoor Dad

Does your hubby enjoy outdoor activities?  Baby Earth has something special just for him. The Diono Carus Complete 4-in-1 Baby Carrying System with Detachable Backpack is a completely new baby carrier for urban adventures with your baby. The detachable pod for baby and the weatherproof backpack can be positioned in the front or back for total freedom to roam. 

Traveling Dad

Does your husband frequently travel?  Get him a Travel Smart compact luggage scale as a Father’s Day Gift.  It’s super handy. Why not combine it with a card from your baby that suggests a restful family vacation?  

Soon-to-Be Dad

For a soon-to-be dad, how about creating a budget-friendly Dad Emergency Kit for his car? Simply fill a tote with all the ‘must haves’ he’ll use after baby arrives. Adding a few humorous touches, like a nose plug and goggles for messy diaper changes, and a love note from baby, is a sweet way to celebrate your newborn’s dad or dad-to-be on his big day. The end result is sure to be a smile.

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So whatever you decide to do for dad this Father's Day, just make sure you take time to celebrate him in a way that lets him know you've been thinking of him.

Pam Vredevelt

Pam Vredevelt

Pam Vredevelt is a Professional Counselor and Coach, Best-selling author of Empty Arms, and the Empty Arms Journal. Jessie Vredevelt Schultz is a business consultant and transformation coach. They co-lead Healing Your Empty Arms: A transformation experience after the loss of your baby or child, for emotional healing, personal growth, and spiritual renewal.

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