Our Favorite Disney Baby Names for Girls & Boys

Is a Disney-inspired baby name the right choice for you?

If you're about to be a parent (or a parent again) and you're also a Disney fan, choosing a Disney-inspired baby name might be something you're considering. 

To help inspire a name for the newest Disney fan about to join your family, Nameberry created a list of 85 Disney-inspired names that are sure to please even the most ardent Disney fanatics. 

Below are five of our favorite Disney-inspired boy names and five Disney-inspired girl names.

Our Favorite Disney Girl Names

1. Ariel -- Not only is naming your daughter after the Little Mermaid fun, but Ariel is also a beautiful name.

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2. Aurora -- Sleeping Beauty's rarely mentioned name is the perfect name for your little princess.

3. Belle -- Any parent would be proud to name their daughter after this special Disney character. She's smart, unique, and not afraid to speak her mind.

4. Daisy -- Donald's main squeeze's fun, cheerful name might be the perfect fit for your newest duckling.

5. Ella -- The name, which can be short for Cinderella, has been gaining popularity in recent years. It might just be a perfect choice for you.

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Our Favorite Disney Boy Names

1. Eric -- Who wouldn't want to name the newest addition to their family after a dashing, kind, handsome prince? 

2. Oliver -- This classic boys name might be a great fit for the family who loves both classic books and Disney characters.

3. Peter -- This traditional boys name evokes recollections of not only Disney characters but also tales of dragons and biblical stories.

4. Jacques -- This classic French name isn't as common in America, but it might be an option for a family wanting something with a European flair.

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5. John -- This traditional boys name has been a popular choice for families for a long time. 

To see a larger list of Disney-inspired names, check out Nameberry

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