Disney Sleep Hotline Offers Free Calls from Mickey

Bring a little Disney magic to your kids' bedtime routine with this special offer

For many parents, bedtime can be a struggle. Having a structured bedtime routine can make all the difference, but sometimes, the usual bedtime story isn't quite enough to convince your kiddos to go to sleep. 

Luckily, Disney is on your side! To promote their new line of sleepwear, Disney is offering a special bedtime message from Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, or Goofy. 

Parents can call 1-877-7-MICKEY and choose one of the Disney characters from the list above to say a goodnight message to their kids.  

Messages will only be available through today, so don't miss your chance to bring a little Disney magic to bedtime! 

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Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman

Liz Coffman has worked in the advertising industry for over 7 years and is passionate about connecting people to the world around them through her writing. Based in the Pacific Northwest, Liz is also a professional musician, avid rock climber, hiker and adventure seeker.

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