Educational Apps & Websites You Can Use at Home

As we practice social distancing to slow the spread of the Coronavirus, you may find yourself seemingly trapped inside your house, with the kids home from school and running out of ideas to keep them otherwise entertained. Have no fear, we’ve found some help from our friends at Murphy Moroney compiled 36 great educational websites to pass the time wisely - young writers can create a digital book on their ipad, while those 6 and under can dive into brain-building activities, and others can play Mindcraft (Education Edition). Let the fun begin! Read her full article here.

36 Free Educational Apps and Websites on Popsugar


Here are few other great online resources for parents at home with kids:

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·        Busy Toddler: Great indoor activities, especially for young children.


·        Khan Academy: A valuable educational resource that has daily schedules and educational livestreams for kids who are off school.

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·        Ideas for Social Distancing: If you’re looking for ideas of how to pass the time with your kids, this is a great crowd-sourced list.

For adults, here are a couple of things that can help you stay occupied during long days at home:


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·        Parents Who Lead by Stew Friedman and Alyssa Westring ­– This is a new release that helps parents bring leadership lessons into their homes. The current situation is a perfect testing ground for these concepts.

While many people face high risk from the virus, a majority of us will only have to deal with major disruptions to our lives. At times like this, keeping perspective on our own situation and extending our help to those who really need it is crucial. Each of us has an opportunity to lead others by being clear, honest and empathetic in helping others adjust to this crisis.

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